Thursday, May 31, 2007


so today I am sitting at work, minding my own business working my ass off on a project, and "watching" (which means im listening to the music since its a musical) covergirl on my ipod...our fat ass, ugly ass, dumb ass, snotty ass, i-am-so-importante-because-i-order-the-staples receptionist brings her stinky ass self over into my personal space, sticks her slimy ass head over my shoulder, looks at my ipod makes some dismissive snort and walks away....i'm all like "what the fuck?"

about 5-10 min later I walk over to my boss to ask him something about the project I am working on and he answers my question and he says look at this:
its an email from fatassbitches boss to kurt, the senior partners of the firm and the executive director of the firm saying "mary is watching her ipod at her desk and unless she is on break that is a very bad example to be setting for other employees."

well my boss & I go ballistic (he does ask me do i watch my ipod...the answer is yes i listen to it/watch it while im working its called multifuckingtasking) and he fires back to all involved (bCC me)
"maybe if your employees would spend a little more time working on all the diary codes and things that are so far behind and a little less worrying about mary who is always at her desk and always gets her work done, things would be much better around here."

and then he tells me "you may want to lay off the video part for a few days.."

ok whatever

i hate the receptionist, she is now officially a bus person (meaning if a bus hit her head on and she died i would say "wow, i hope the bus is ok.")

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