Tuesday, May 29, 2007

el purple nerple

I really hate the small of lilacs. We had a big lilac bush at the house where i grew up, my parents have this wierd chineese lilac bush at their place,I can't stand the smell of that either..and the girls have a huge one outside their window. To me, lilacs always smell like they are one step away from rotting if they arent already. Lilacs just smell like death. My mom had a vase of them in her kitchen over the weekend and I couldnt stand to be in the same room with them.. I have no idea where this aversion comes from, I never had a particularly bad experience with them or anything I just can not stand them....at certain times during the spring I can't open the bedroom window because I dont want the house to smell like lilacs...no idea why i decided to tell you about my lilac aversion...it may be that i remembered having a flower discussion with a teacher 15 years ago...i think it came up that wouldnt it be nice if someone just sent you a dozen roses for no reason and that i hate red roses and much prefer white ones......she said that she always wanted some secret admirer to send her a dozen white tulips as those were her favorite flower...I think i dreamt about that last night and had one of those afternoon specials endings where i secretly sent her a dozen white tulips and she was all happy that someone cared....wait, i think that was a simpson's episode.....

today I watched Good Will Hunting for the 1st time..I didnt realize that so many Elliott Smith songs that I really like make up the soundtrack....It actually is a great film...I guess I never had much interest before...Also queued up to watch this week at work: Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremecy, Cover Girl, Ella Enchanted, Devil Wears Prada, farce of the Penguins, Finding Neverland, Half Nelson & Twin peaks season 2

i heard something so incredibly insensitive today i almost stopped and looked at the person saying it in disbelief...i took the girls to the dr (malinda ear infection + rash) and as we walked in there was this OLD (like 80s...90s?) lady sitting in her wheelchair and a nurse was standing next to her and talking, all i heard her say was "well it hurts in my side....you know like when you are running and your side hurts?" she paused like waiting for her patient to agree with her...i couldnt believe it...HELLO! LADY IN THE WHEELCHAIR, HALF DEAD, CANT WALK? unreal....i wonder if this is what they tach you in med school...will have to email andrea and ask....my god. nice heh?

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