Tuesday, May 26, 2009

jon n kate plus 8

If anyone gets mothering tips from Kate Gosselin they seriously need to look elsewhere. Kate Gosselin uses her sharp controlling tongue towards whomever enters her path, the children see and learn this is ok behavior. If you want your children to learn it is alright to disrespect your husband follow Kate Gosselin. If you want your children to learn material things are more important than someones feelings follow Kate Gosselin. If you want your children to be self centered and selfish follow Kate Gosselin. If you want your children to complain about everything follow Kate Gosselin. If you want your children to have no friends follow Kate Gosselin. If you want your children to ban family members from their life follow Kate Gosselin.

Last night, Kate seemed to try to back track by mentioning her harshness with fans and “maybe” she has been hard on Jon. Seems someone has been reading viewer mail is trying to change the negative perceptions of some fans of the show.

Several of the children already exhibit Kate’s bad attitude. Mady, Collin, Hannah, Leah. They are described by Kate Gosselin as stubborn, wants to be in charge, screams to get their point across, complain. Uh Kate sounds like you.

Kate Gosselin will never get the help her family needs. It is all about her and what she wants. In the name, of doing this for my children baloney. In years to come the children will look back and know which parent was there for them, which parent nurtured them, listened to them, let them play like children, took the time to explain things to them. It won’t be the one flying all over the country touting what a great parent she is.

Jon wants this circus to stop for the sake of the children. Kate
Gosselin wants this circus to continue in spite of the children.
Kate Gosselin pride goes before the fall.

My two cents is that when Jon says he did'nt sign up for all this (media attention, quitting his job to stay at home and be jon and kate plus 8 etc...) yes, yes you did. Are you new? Have you ever seen a reality show on TV before? You did sign up for all THIS you signed up to whore out your family life for the cameras and to be judged and to be stalked by cameras and to have tabloids written about you etc...

and Kate, when you say this is all for your family? Really? Your 8 kids need TONS and TONS of free shit, trips to Colorado, and Hawaii fully paid for, their youth and all their tantrums etc..captured on camera FOREVER, and a 1.2 million dollar house on 40 acres to be happy kids? Really? Cause you know my kids live in a mostly crappy 130k house, the only free shit they got was when the twins were born and we sent out their birth certificates and got like some formula and diapers and we generally don't video tape their meltdowns and bad days and show them to 9.8 million people....and they seem to be happy and healthy and loved.

If any parent cared at all for their kids you would NEVER ever put them on camera for the world to see, at least until they can decide for themselves if they WANT to be on camera.

and..when Kate says none of this effects her children....did she watch one of the girls hug Jon and say "I wish you would come home."? Kids who are 5 do know whats going on, do understand when a parent isnt there and are effected by all "this." If dale just didnt come home how long to you think my kids would just accept he is gone? From experience, about 3 minutes. If dale leaves at night after they are in bed it takes about 3 minutes for Mya to ask "when is daddy coming home."

Every single one of these families who pimp their kids and their relationships out on TLC are engaging in nothing more than child abuse and are just whoring out the kids...it doesnt matter if you are one of the crazy quivverfull parents and your 18 kids or Little People, Big World...just accept and admit you are pimping the kids out for cash...is it somehow acceptable to pimp your kids for cash if you can justify that their college is paid for, they get to experience all this stuff "normal" people don't, etc...? Really? Just because you are not pimping for sex, doesn't make it any more acceptable.

I really fucking hate jon and kate plus 8, they give all us multiple moms a bad name.
Those two are just fucktards.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

today: aqui!

Mail me!

today jena picked me up at 8:30 and we drove down to schaumberg to go to ikea. i love ikea, i wish to live there. i spent 15 bucks on some random things..we had lunch at california pizza kitchen (very tasty salad) and went to woodfield mall where i was overjoyed to find a kiehl's store and an urban outfitters. we got stuck in random useless traffic on the way home and i am exausted but happy since jena and i had a great time. jena kicks ass if anyone is interested.


Ca pizza kitchen