Sunday, December 31, 2006

Saturday, December 30, 2006


this am...scrambled eggs, coloring with the kids, gym (1/2 hour on cardio, my mom behind me on the treadmill, my dad walking laps in front of me, my husband shooting baskets below me, my kids in kids club with my brother downstairs...) lunch at Wendys (mmmm potato) and now, off to use the wireless controler on FF....tonite, bake birthday cake for Owen, ship kids off to church tomorrow am (whilst parents go back to bed-heathens though we are) and watch the Lord Football at night. Happy Freakin New Year
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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I am done

with Christmas finally. NO more Christmas for at least another 300+ days. I have about 8000000 things to return to Kohls as soon as the return rush dies down and I can not stress this enough people for the sake of yourselves and all living things, do not deviate from the list! I can't tell you how many people today at work complaining about "my husband got me a blender, and i told my kids grandpa not to get the purple power ranger" etc....I think I agree with Andrea, get everyone you know a gift card and save the hassle. Its also possible that after 4 christmases i am all happied out and feel drained.

We have a ROOM full of stuff down here that I dont have room for yet (kids stuff + Laundry) and have to somehow figure out where to put everything...we have an abundance of new socks and underwear (for the kids) and I think my mom feels sorry for me because this is 2 years running where she gets me new washcloths...which means I now own 300 washcloths, a majority of them scummy from endless wiping of dirty hands/faces/tables and kitty puke.

I guess I am just tired which makes this whole rant sound bitchy in the x-treme...blah...we did have the best time yesterday at Toni's house...Mya went mental over her spiderman and has talked of nothing since...

I am also sad because I didnt get to spend as much time with Ryan as I had hoped (damn that flu!), and that pony I wanted for the past 30 christmases did not arrive under the tree, I shake my fist at you santa...!

If you are wondering what this lovely picture is #1 in "where is laura" recap...she is on Lamu Island in Africa..its beautiful.

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas #3

I survived Christmas #3, and got in a nap, and got some excellent presents from my in laws and sister in law and brother in law & talked to Dan (HI DAN) and apparantly Dylan is in Texas (call me you bastard), and made a lunch date with Ryan (anywhere but applebees...i am thinking Oscars?) and now off to play FF and let my mind rot.
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Christmas #1

Christmas #2

Christmas #3

Sunday, December 24, 2006


It blows my mind that the Pedens are not in San Antonio..wonderful...and Dylan is somewhere in San Diego?? sigh...its almost impossible to keep up with everything in Dylan's life...specially since he is like the wind...god knows where it is, god knows when it will show up again, and god knows its da bomb when its around...also I'm adding this pic of Ryan and Andrea:because Andrea looks durn cute (and Ryan has hair?!)...

The Christmas recap: Christmas #2 is over with (Vitucci/Poytinger/Anderson Christmas) kids went wacko..i got to see all my cousins (except Peter...he doesnt do crowds) and my cousin Matt (happy birthday..not to be confused with my brother matt) is getting married (sometime in 2008) uncle Mike and cousin mike (not to be confused with my dad mike) got a new black lab puppy and they (and lisa and marina) couldnt stay long, had to get back to IL to let him/her/it? out of its kennel to peepee..

My Aunt Colleen's grandma had a stroke about 3 min before they left Cedarburg for our house so she wasnt there...hope grandma is OK Colleen!

Tomorrow is Christmas #3...Baumer Christmas...around 1pm...I am hoping the kids arent too wako from lack of nap tomorrow...

Today we took kids to their 1st (well for the girls techinically 2nd, but at 8 weeks old I dont think they remember Intolerable Cruelty quite well) movie...we all saw Charlotte's Web...that effing movie always makes me cry...try explaining to your 2 year old why "momma sad?" and you are blubbering about the spider dying etc...oh hell...they were very well behaved and we had no problems...maybe we take the kids know once we win the lottery since I think it was like 23$ for all of us...

Also today was a bit sad as seeing my Grandma (my last living Grandparent) was hard...Grandma is about 1 step away from assisted living since I think her Altzheimers is about at the tipping point...I guess she wasnt showering, or changing her clothes and she forgot to tell my aunt she had no toilet paper (at least this is what I gleaned from overhearing my aunt and mom talk)...its very sad since all her living brothers and sisters are just the same, or worse as I said to my favorite aunt, and goddess mother...Thi s is what i have to look forward too huh?

Funny Christmas mom is redoing her small bathroom and has taken up all the mirrors, light fixtures, and floor cousin Marina went in to use the bathroom..the floor vent is on the right hand side as you sit on the potty about ehhh 1 foot away from your cousin managed to drop her motorola razr down the floor mother is fishing this phone out with a plastic spoon and her arm as about 1/2 a dozen relatives look on..priceless..why didnt i grab the camera?
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oh well what the hell

SO since its Christmas I was doing my calls out to Texas to say hi to Dan...I called his girlfriend (ex) Beth and she called back, informed me Dylan and her not together, Dylan living...somewhere...his parents moved to Dallas? and god knows what else?!?
04-19-2006 Print Press Release Printable Version

Univision Promotes Paula Peden to Senior Vice President - Central Region for Univision and Telefutura

New York, NY -- Univision Communications Inc., the leading Spanish-language media company in the United States, today announced that Paula Peden has been promoted to Senior Vice President – Central Region for Univision and TeleFutura National Sales. Peden previously served as Vice President of National Sales for Univision and TeleFutura in San Antonio. She will report to Mike Reid, Senior Vice President/Director of Sales, and will be based in Dallas, Texas.

“Paula is an exceptional media sales professional and experienced leader who has successfully managed our San Antonio office to unprecedented growth,” said Reid. “We are thrilled about Paula’s promotion and know that her leadership and management abilities will be a driving force for sales in Univision’s Central Region.”
With nearly 30 years of experience, Peden is a seasoned media sales veteran. She opened Univision’s San Antonio office 11 years ago and has a strong track record of success. Her previous national spot sales experience includes positions at CBS, Petry Television and Blair Television. She has also held various management positions, including Vice President of New Business for Petry Television and Hearst Television Group, Vice President for Torbet Radio Chicago and National Sales Manager for KSAT in San Antonio.

Peden is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh where she completed a double major in English and speech communication. She earned a masters degree from Pennsylvania State University and has taught broadcasting courses at both Penn State and Indiana State universities.

Peden and her husband Art have two sons, Dylan and Daniel.

Univision Communications Inc. is the premier Spanish-language media company in the United States. Its operations include Univision Network, the most-watched Spanish-language broadcast television network in the U.S. reaching 98% of U.S. Hispanic Households; TeleFutura Network, a general-interest Spanish-language broadcast television network, which was launched in 2002 and now reaches 86% of U.S. Hispanic Households; GalavisiĆ³n, the country’s leading Spanish-language cable network; Univision Television Group, which owns and operates 62 television stations in major U.S. Hispanic markets and Puerto Rico; Univision Radio, the leading Spanish-language radio group which owns and/or operates 69 radio stations in 16 of the top 25 U.S. Hispanic markets and 4 stations in Puerto Rico; Univision Music Group, which includes Univision Records, Fonovisa Records, La Calle Records and a 50% interest in Mexico-based Disa Records labels as well as Fonomusic and America Musical Publishing companies; and Univision Online, the premier Spanish-language Internet destination in the U.S. located at Univision Communications also has a 50% interest in TuTv, a joint venture formed to broadcast Televisa’s pay television channels in the U.S., and a non-voting 14.9% interest in Entravision Communications Corporation, a public Spanish-language media company. Univision Communications is headquartered in Los Angeles with television network operations in Miami and television and radio stations and sales offices in major cities throughout the United States.
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Ryan made me do it!

Find me on MySpace and be my friend!
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Friday, December 22, 2006


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Merry (*&^*%@! Christmas

So plans for tonight changed, Ryan is in town with the flu and we are not going out, I am so bummed I am divorcing you as my ex-work husband...blah (j/k-make sure you put up pictures of annoying guy for me to see). So since we have all xmas presents wrapped and stuff, I think tonight will be a FF night for me (PLUS) making dale bring in my new bookshelf.

Today is fancy pants day at work. Everyone is all spiffed up for the party this afternoon, I am wearing my kick ass/uncomfortable as hell shoes and my new red xmas shirt with my velvet blazer..Its a nice day at work because i am only working till 11am, but its sort of sad as well since I just found out a coworker has breast cancer. The good news is its very small and they caught it early, bad news is, its right before xmas and about a year ago her dad died of good thoughts out to her..


And if Shannon or Kristie checks in, we have xmas presents for Gage and Keira (i didnt know what you needed for the new havent gotten anything yet!) so maybe call me and see if we can gettogether.

In case I'm too busy to blog, HAVE A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS!
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Thursday, December 21, 2006


Tonight finished the dollhouse which is now hiding in the Daleroom with large easter bunny and abundant presents..still have some to wrap (hiding in Owens closet)...Today Owen was with Grandma (he was good) the girls at school (it didnt burn down), me at work (i didnt do anything interesting, but we did have a food day!), Dale (home on vacation, did laundry, dishes, and played about 6 hours of FF)..

Tomorrow is Xmas Party at Westmoor, something? at night with Ryan (I'm leaning for dinner out and drinks...somewhere?-look at me I have no effing clue what is going on...

ALSO HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY LAURA (a day early)..she is somewhere in Africa.
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wed...(sure it isnt thursday yet?)

Hey good news is that I have some antibiotics for me...looks like I have a sinus infection, bronchitis, and possibly a strep infection...which is to say, that since some of the kids have had strep, and everyone at daycare has strep the likelyhood of me having strep as well is good so might as well try to knock that out as well.. Last night I took my 1st dose and also managed to scrounge up some cough syrup...this morning I felt about 6 million times better and as an added bonus, I could breathe through my nose...This right there is an improvement.

I also had a PT checked while I was there...I'm good at 2.0, the antibiotics tend to interact with the cumadin (causing me to have to monkey with my dosages...) so a baseline is always good...

Today (wed) Dale has an interview with one of the other companies within his parent company...I guess the word on the street is that they wanted to hire him but the company he is currently with pulled and got him to come there...The new place would be in Germantown (vs Sussex) so a bit father to drive but still the same company and benefits etc...

This week he is only working today and then off the rest of the week so I am creating a nice big honeydo list for him! He has to play Santa and put a huge dollhouse together for the girls..that should be fun for him (watching any engineer use instructions to put things together that he didnt design is a hoot...usually degenerates into him complaining how poorly written they are, bang bang bang...slam, throw hammer)

I have some stuff to do this week myself..tomorrow is a preChristmas food day, I have to pick up Owen's Pictures after 5pm...Friday is our company Xmas party in the afternoon, hanging with Ryan in the PM...Saturday back to the dentist with Owen for his 1st cleaning and its very possible that SANTA may be coming after the kids nap!

Sunday is my parents, Monday is Toni's, Tuesday is back to my parents for family Christmas (and pick up my comic book) and at some point I will sleep this weekend.

Ipod heavy rotation for this week: They Might Be Giants "Hey Mr. DJ..," "Holding on to the Earth" Sam Phillips, and pretty much Travis the whole of "The Man Who."

Books for the week "The City of Falling Angels" John Berendt which is about the buring of the Fenice Opera House in Venice...the same guy wrote "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." I also have like 3 other new books at home waiting for me to get done with this one, but Non Fiction for me reads slower than Fiction...

Today ran into Target for a big bow for the dollhouse, wasnt as crazy as i expected...could have been worse, old ladies fighting over the wrapping paper...
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Monday, December 18, 2006

Owen Turns 2

In t-minus 14 days....what a big boy you are!
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Congrats to Jen and to Mark M who graduated from college this past weekend...yea for you...also congrats to Ben Miles (my brothers college roomie and currently the guy whooping dale in our ff playoffs) for making the front page of the local paper...Ben is a kindergarden teacher in waukesha and got his mug on page 1 for being a rare breed of low grade level male teachers...whoopie ben!

I am expected to get 2 crowns on my 2 back teeth and or a root canal, I have to see a specialist..bah...and my cold is getting no better...Happy Christmas I guess...

Speaking of that my dentist tried to spin my teeth hurting as "Christmas Stress" I tend to clench my teeth when i sleep and she said "well could it be the stress of the holidays?" I am sure i havent worn down the enamel of my teeth in the last, lets say month to cause this much pain....which I have had for months...crap, at least she didnt try the "could you be pregnant?" track...another doctor fallback, you are either stressed or hormonal.
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Sunday, December 17, 2006

This afternoon

as you can see from below, Owen and I went to brunch with Auntie Vanessa at our favorite vegitarian restaruant, Beans and Barley (yum)...Had the Black Bean Quesadillas, Owen had organic Animal Crackers, and a soy yogurt smoothie....Auntie V had a bloody mary and eggs benedict...did some shopping at the groc store, had some alterra and came back home...I still feel randomly crappy, but hoping tomorrow will be better, made chili tonite for dinner tomorrow.
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Does she look sick to you?

Nope, malinda didnt look sick to me either...until we got home, took naps and Malinda proceeded to puke up applesauce, canned fruit, and milk all over herself, Dale, and my couch..thus necessitating a complete laundry load of puke things, me tearing apart the couch to clean it all up and giving the kid with puke in her hair, a bath...

Then 3 hours later right before bed, Malinda puked all in her bed, on her arms, which then meant another load of laundry, clean up, and de-puking of the bedroom...She seems OK today...Depending on what happens here in the next 2 hours or so, either Owen and I will be going somewhere with his Auntie Vanessa or she may be coming over here to play with everyone...

I think I have an ear infection and strep, but since I need to fix my ouchie tooth tomorrow, Dr appt may have to wait till Tuesday!
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Snow Leopard (he is also never out!)

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The elusive Red Panda (he is always sleeping)

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Wow, my kids turned into giraffes

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Wolf was out

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Kids at Zoo

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Bird at the zoo...(cant believe I got this close!)

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Guess where we went yesterday?

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Xmas Tree

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This is really for kristie....finished the santa...he's handing for xmas!
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More remodeling

Changed this wall a much less cluttered.
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Unexpected Windfall

So I may have mentioned that my favorite scrapbook store closed (officially) about an hour ago...They were selling EVERYTHING in their store (fixtures, shelving etc...) I scored 2 oak bookshelves, 6 feet high, 48 inches long and 12 inches deep.. for $45.00 each...and they are on wheels... With a coat of paint (left over from painting the room it now occupies...) it looks stellar!

I am also posting a few pics from my reorganization of the living room as the shelf took up well..the demensions are I had to get my dad to agree to store 2 dining room chairs and a shelf in their basement (not really a hard sell), but now at least i have storage for the scrapbooks, and they all fit in the shelves! whoopie!..


Sunday, December 10, 2006


I am not loving the new blogger beta..due to a wierd fluke the 1st blogger account i made is now linked with my email account, so i have to do this backdoor thing to get in here and its a pain! I can't use hello or picasa to blog things, which is weak, so i am going the LONG route to do my pictures...

Below is Malinda and this face she drea on her doodle pad! For a 3 year old I find it highly impressive...she is well on her way to drawing crap on napkins and paying for dinner with them!
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Saturday, December 09, 2006


Today was "erin" saturday (just say it to yourself, it makes sense then..) we did shopping and eating snack in Oconomowoc at Pick n Save, saw Santa, ate food, shopped, ate food, went to Brueggers for lunch...drove back to town, went to Sentry for their instore bonanza (ate again ugg) signed up for endless drawings, bought vodka (have had craving for vodka cranberry for weeks), came watching Noggin and we are now about to draw xmas trees for xmas...

Many thanks to Shannon, Tommy, Mr. Reuss and angie and bill for the holiday cards....shannon, the girls went BONKERS over Gage... "Thats Gage, I love him!" funny...we have xmas presents for him, should we try to have a weekend playdate/movie date over here?
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Friday, December 08, 2006

Your Thought for the Day

You can't escape fro anything until there's somewhere good to go.
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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Middle Ground---

Anyways today it was like 16 degrees out or 11 degrees, one of the two, regardless effing cold. Yesterday we got some kewl news, but I have been advised to keep it on the DL for anyway, at some point that will be revealed....

First week in the new job, very odd...I am about as busy as I want to be (as I explained to my boss, I'm Steady), I feel like Mikey, I show up when I want, leave when I'm done and that's about that...Its refreshing yet was explained to be by Niakia, once you get off the floor you find that the stresses and whatnot just...slip away...v.v. nice.

This week the kids have a total of 3-5 ear infections, 2 sinus infections, 1 strep infection (on our bum) and 3 runny noses...Its been pleasant...we also got to observe the stellar doctoring of Doctor Biebel as he used the elephant ear irragator to flush Mya's ear of a humungus chunk of wax (ewwww.) which after he extracted this made complete sense that Mya woke up the night previous telling me "my ear is not loud enough." (kids)

Have to give shouts out to Laura who is almost done in Kenya with her program (send many postcards!), Robin who I somehow keep trading Voice Mails with (girl we gotta figure out christmas one of these days hey?), Vanessa who I love (call me, lets set a night to have you visit us, we miss you auntie V!) more than anything because she is amazing, Carrie who I will CRUSH-MF-ING-CRUSH next week when I CRUSH her in fantasy playoffs (CRUSHHHH), and of course my man Ryan down there in chilly (58 degrees-you ass) Atlanta...for you my man the inside joke song(s) of the day (which incientially have been in rotation on my ipod:) Where Eagles Dare-The Misfits, I've got a minature secret camera & strange kind of love both by Peter Murphy....all the more to help you in your Peter Murphy kinda day......hope tomorrow brings you a day with no family pets being put to sleep...just lots of puppys and kittens and happy crap like that...see you in 2 weeks eh? (BTW our xmas party is the afternoon of the 22nd, Sally wants you to fly in and come out drinking with the work krew.)
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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

new job

the new job is OK...kinda feel like I'm putting upon my coworker to give me work....note to self buy tom coffee.....also shout out to Ryan...hope all is well...sending down a CD your music=happy. **Good Luck to laura as she gets over Malaria and ends her year in Kenya....she now is a lady who travels the globe as she begins her backback across Africa...In my next life I would like to come back as her, or a of the two... Song of the day "Eyes" Rogue Wave
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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mya and Daddy Posted by Picasa

Pouty Owen Posted by Picasa

Goofy Owen Posted by Picasa

Either Peyton or Madison (i cant tell which) Posted by Picasa

Daddy and Mya Posted by Picasa

Mya at the Party Posted by Picasa

700 lbs of snot

All 3 kids have a cold, which means the amount of snot going out of various childsize holes is unreal...owen has snot out of his eyes and ears..lovely!
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Friday, December 01, 2006