Friday, August 29, 2003

it is very possible I will go into labor this weekend. Wish me quickness

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

went to doctor yesterday, 2cm dialated etc...nurse asked about inducing labor and was supposed to talk to the doctor about that and call me, she didnt call so im guessing we just sit and wait, bah. going down to HT tonite if i feel good enough...

Monday, August 25, 2003

still pregnant, babies now spend most of their time kicking me in the ribs, colon, gut, ribs, stomach, and pretty much everywhere else. they also do not like hearing the word "out" as in "when do you want to come out?" as that provokes much rib kicking. they also seem to get a kick out of having the hicupps at the same time.

Happy Birthdays this week to matt and breezy, Happy anniversary to my in-laws, happy late birthday to my mom and robin and happy early birthday on the 2nd to Alan. Only 4 more days of Jim being employed at GE, i could plotz.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

I realized tonite as Dale and I were eating Hamburger Helper that a place I havent visited in eons but should is The Prime Quarter. man i could use a grill my own steak, more texas toast than I know what to do with and unlimited potatoes and salad. I doubt in my huge and crabby condition I should go to PQ.
still pregnant. just wanted to keep you in the loop.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

according to the dr, no babies expected this week, and most likely no babies expected next week. the kids are 5lbs each (est).
I am mechwarrioring tonite.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

ok lets see what ive done mom is 75% done with the painting and the wood stripping upstairs, it looks nice. it was 93 or so yesterday so I didnt venture out much. we did go out to dinner at PF Changs with Robin Mum and fred and Jason...Robin and Jason are moving in together (4 cats!)....went out for Mack's custard (yum) and watched the football game on TV. Today is gym and gaming (here) plus dale is mowing the lawn, its already 80 out and its only 10am....

cool news is laura is coming from texas for a visit in October, she was emailing my old address and thought i was ignoring her! We got that all worked out...Ill have to try to get everyone together from the wedding to say hello, i believe shes here the 5th and 6th which is neat. i should stil be on leave...!

Thursday, August 14, 2003

well after todays dr appt i learned that i am 1 cm dialated and the dr can poke my babies in their heads. when she does that they do what is called "floating up" which means they dont like being poked in the head and move up out of my pelvis. the good news is theres no bleeding or anything which means im not going into labor. which is nice. TODAY IS ROBINS BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBIN!

Saturday we are going out to eat at PF Changs for her birthday. i have never eaten there but it is supposedly very tasty or something.

also major superbestest goodest news today, the lame ass boss at work, Jim, resigned as of Sept 1 to pursue opportunities elsewhere (vp at an associated bank branch) i will now be taking my money out of that bank and placing it elsewhere, the man could fuck up anything, he reminds me of all those saturday nite live skits where they play jeopardy, if you asked him to name a letter he would prob. tell you "f". the company only spent prob. 800-900k on this loser and its amazing he didnt get fired months ago. as i said to alan "krusty has come to save us and we are going to tiajunana" (had to be there), its quite possibly the best news I have had in months. now what am i going to bitch about?

Today is dr's appt 987 for the week, or something. Im losing track. Im also increasingly unpleasant at the hospital. I can't tell you how annoying it is to answer the following questions 7000 times a day:
1. How are you? "Im fine."
2. Is the daddy to be excited about the babies? "yes, hes thrilled"
3. And are we having any problems? "no more problems than the ones i had two days ago?"
4. And do we know the sex of the babies? "yes girls"
5. And what names do you have picked out? "i cant tell you?"
6. Why? "because we arent telling anyone"
7. Does this hurt? "no it feels FANTASTIC"
8. Aren't you happy to be doing this test? "no, i hate having to come up here every other day and sit to get monitored when there is absolutely nothing wrong with the kids, plus it hurts to walk and I have to trudge halfway through the hospital to get here to be tested when there is nothing wrong."
9. But dont you just LOVE being reassured about their wellbeing? "i love being able to sit at home and relax and sleep vs getting all 3 of us stressed out by walking in here."
10. And do you know which way the babies are facing? "yes head down. theyve always been head down"
11. Are you doing to deliver vaginally "no, i plan on pushing them out through my ears."

Honestly to you it may seem silly that all that pisses me off, but imagine that everytime you go somewhere you have to answer the same 15 questions to a new person and then repeat the process with coworkers, the checkout girl at the sentry store, that guy over there. Its enough to make me plotz. The only one that doesnt bother me with questions is my cat, all she does is sleep all day. Lucky cat.

Saturday, August 09, 2003

YEA! The a/c is fixed at a low low cost of $200.00 for a part that costs $45.00. a/c repairmen are bitches. Spent today trying to clean the a/c filter outside, replaced a/c filter inside with a hepa filter (was the old one grrrrrross!) and vacuumed the air ducts (fun and messy). Had hamburgers at Murffs with the parents, had pasta at Pepinos with the inlaws, finished my baby blanket cross stitch (only took like 6 months) and worked on a bib. I also had an ebay buyer call me an evil seller because i sent them a great item quickly? ok...? dale is now #1 in the state again in Mechwarrior, i guess he has 13 straight wins...

Friday, August 08, 2003

i am now officially tired of being pregnant. Our air conditioner has a part broken so we cant use it (because it gets so hot that the grill on the unit melted, i kid you not) so i sit in the house and am hot and unhappy, at least our basement type area is cooler than upstairs at at least it looks like rain today. I now have to go to the hospital 3x a week, once for a dr's appt and 2x for Non Stress tests which means i sit for 30 min with monitors on the kids measureing contractions and heartbeats. fantastic, so now i can barely walk without pain, but i have to walk to the drs office 3 times a week, in pain-lovely. the good news is I should deliver in august vs sept so count down the days folks!

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Hung out with Caitlin and Breezy last nite to show them the house and catch up on whats been up. I guess Doc and Nancy have redone the whole house (B said you wouldnt even recognize it!) and backyard! Breezy said Nancy thinks we need to come over and visit, I agree-can't remember the last time I was over there! I think Ill wait till the kiddies born and bring them over to say hello. Dale thinks we need to make sure when we do that we dress the girls alike, I betcha Nancy will get a kick out of that, and we may wind up not being able to take them home (Nancy lovvvvves babies).

Dale said his bosses boss Dirk (from Germany) has OK'd him getting set up to work from home if he needs to when the kids are born or if his Vertigo comes back. I think thats cool.

Had last (I hope) U/S yesterday. babies weigh 3 lbs 13oz each and are fine. We have a neat U/S picture of Baby #2's face, shes sucking her fingers/thumb..say it with me, awwww.

Friday, August 01, 2003

dale was out of work all week (ex for wed which was a mistake) and i got up early this am to drive him to work, i guess driving for him is like driving drunk, but he can sit up and work. we are having fun watching him take 80.00 worth of pills that may or may not clear up the vertigo (yech)

My children spend most of their time kicking me, the doctor estimates that they are between 4-5 lbs each, plus placentas and fluid which would account for most of the 42.5lbs I have gained. I'm spending most of my time damning my skin to hell as (some of my female breeder friends will find out) strech marks when they keep streching because you dont have any more skin left to stretch feel like sunburned scabbs that are being streched and pulled. it is the most painfully uncomfortable thing ever, and there is nothing i can do about it. Ill take morning sickness over this crap.

no big plans for this weekend, dale wants to play at lost worlds of wonders on saturday afternoon, my mom is coming over to paint, i will most likely sleep as thats all i do lately, or play diablo 2 with the 1.10 beta test patch. check it out here! and gaming on sunday of course, we now argue over 3.5....