Thursday, March 31, 2005

Earache, my eye.

If you get the subtle Cheech and Chong reference, a cookie for you. I have a scorching case of pink eye in my eyes. I am red and puffy, dripping this horrible yellow discharge. On the plus side the pink eye has made my eyes green vs their normal hazel. I also have an ear infection?! Apparantly my right ear is "red". Now my ear doesnt hurt and I feel I guess everyone in the family has an ear infection (dale owen, me, maybe the girls, but who knows!) what the hell? According to my Dr. the reason I am not drying up is the type of BC pills I'm taking, great. Its been 2 weeks of no nursing and I see no difference other than being in horrible pain. He also says the combination of those hormones (that cause you to produce milk) and the BC hormones have made me a raving hormonal maniac (my terminology) so as soon as I stop with one or quit making milk I should be better, yippie.

I fell asleep on the couch last night at 7pm...woke up with Owen at 10:30pm, Dale went to bed. I guess he thinks there are little housecleaning fairies in our house that wash the bottles, make the formula and make up owens bottles for daycare the next day & load the dishwasher, do the laundry and make sure I get a shower at night.

Oddly enough when he let me sleep these little fairies must have taken the night off because, none of that got done while I was asleep-odd?

All of that got done at 11pm last night and then Mya woke up and screamed herself to sleep for an hour and half after diaper change and 30 min of cuddling with mommy.

Owen however is not poopy anymore and was very happy when we woke up this morning at 5am. Grandma has the girls today. I have to return my breast pump to WMH after work and pick up Owen.

My parents should be in florida by now with the band, Good Luck at Disney!

IPOD tunes of the day: Hands Down-Dashboard Confessional, I will Love you-Fisher, Pink Moon-Nick Drake, & Roses-Outkast.
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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I'm lost as to what day it is....I'm reasonably sure I have pink eye. Lucky me. Eyes were all itchy and crusty yesterday, woke up this morning with a lot of yellowish crustyness. I went and bought some visine-A which has helped the itchy and redness part, but I'm still sore and crusty and puffy and wreteched. I have a dr. appt. at 4 today.

Owen has seemed to turn the corner (?) with the poop, he's still runny, but we havent had to change his outfit overnight which is good-whoo hoo. Although he did projectile vomit on me last night.

Dale got his new computer built and working. Its a super duper small case and everything is tiny. If you ever saw his old case (like 18 feet tall) this one is about 24 inches by 6inches (maybe) and black. I finally caved and updated from Win 95 to Win 2000, I've been fighting dale on that for years, Im reasonably sure that 95 has been on my box since Lemarbre built the thing, but i could be wrong....I think Dale is running XP with the service pack already in it. He's super happy with the thing, I'm a bit bummed as I had to remove by Zip Drive, but I got a CD burner so thats good, I can always plug in the external zip If i need it.

Watched "Alfie" last night. Jude Law is silly hot. The movie was pretty "eh" (the org. Alfie was better) but I pretty much zoned out on the movie and just watched Jude Law with Owen. Jude Law makes owen vomit.

Tonight I have "Closer" on dvd and Im pretty sure Disc 6 of deadwood is coming in the mail.

I-Tunes of the day: Copacabana, Barry Manilow, Vulnerable-Juanes, & Sorta Fairytale-Tori Amos.
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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I-Pod Songs of the Day

The depressing Trifecta: "A long December"-Counting Crows, "Thought I Knew You"-Matthew Sweet, & "Mercy Street"-Peter Gabriel

Downloads of the day: "Cantaloop" -US3, "The First Cut is the Deepest" -Cat Stevens, & "London Calling" The Clash
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a goofy looking grandma and a very sick and sad Owen...oooo :) Posted by Hello

Eggs and Fish-yum. Posted by Hello

Lets show grandma and owen our eggs! Posted by Hello

Flowers for Mommy and Owen Posted by Hello

Mya also is a drumming fool Posted by Hello

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Malinda and Mya go "night night." Posted by Hello

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Lets see what did I do this weekend. Thursday night I cant remember, Im pretty sure I watched ER. Friday dale had off for Good Friday so we took the kids to Denny's as a treat for breakfast, they did well. I always feel bad taking the whole gang out as I'm sure the waitstaff fight over who doesnt get to serve us, but the kids were pretty clean and well behaved. I left like a 25% tip so I'm sure that was covered karma wise. Friday afternoon we went to Toni's, we took pictures of Owen at Mayfair (very cute) and then went home late---early saturday morning around 2am Dale noticed Owens eye was all red....thus starts my disease saga.....

Saturday his eye looks like hell, 100% red, no whites, and we call the dr and get him in, we see Dr. Ostendorf (who is not our Dr.) and start our "Reynolds Visit" (and kristie when you read this know I mean this in the best way possible, I just felt like you do when you dont get to see dr biebel!) with dr. o. 1st off he has a double ear infection which just started so we get antibiotics for that, as for his eye "dont worry about it, if it doesnt go away by monday come back, no i dont know what that is." "Youll need to send him to an eye dr." OK.

We get his antibiotics and dose him up, then saturday afternoon all hell breaks loose (literally) as Owen just starts "peeing out his bum" as it were, we have been dealing with explosive watery messy diarehha since saturday afternoon, I mean its every 30 min, soaks 2 diapers and his clothes, and the bouncy chair and the pillows and his parents...WTF? Also the eye is not better....

Sunday is Easter and Owen spent the whole day, THE WHOLE DAY, crying and eating every 30 min and pooping like mad. If I had 2 hours of sleep I think that was lucky? The girls had fun hunting for easter eggs, then dumping out the eggs, then hunting for them again....Owen cried and pooped, and pooped, and drank formula and pedialyte and pooped. I think I got a 30 min nap during one of the BB games, I dont really remember.

Ate Ham. No one called me a fucking cunt (unlike shannons eventful easter!)

So Dale and I decide we cant take owen to daycare pooping with this huge red eye, so I stay home yesterday to take him back to the dr.

2nd Dr. Visit this time with dr biebel. Looks at his ears, yes has ear infection but its not very bad so we caught it in time...On Saturday he weighed 12 lbs 6 oz now he weighs 11 lbs 15.5 oz, so he lost weight. The eye is....wait for it, wait for it...."so do the girls like to touch owen's eyes?" me-"they like to touch everything on him, we are pretty careful about them poking him, why?" dr b-"oh thats just a suboccular hematoma (laymans speak-someone poked him in the eye and hes bruised) it will clear up in 2-3 weeks, no biggie"

Now why the fuck would dr ostendorf tell me i need an eye dr and my regular doctor says, no biggie its ok.. I fucking hate all dr's who are not dr biebel--this seems to happen to the reynolds' when they cant see dr biebel...the man is god.

as for the poop, Owen is really lactose intolerant and the poops are the lactose not "binding" and just shooting through his system-we switched formula and it should clear up. Although it hasnt yet, and he crapped all over Rachel at daycare, as she said "it just came shooting out!"

Monday I also dropped 150.00 to fix the garage door. Nice. Yoga Monday night, fucked up my neck-swell. This morning everyone peed or pooped through their diapers. Parenthood is craptacular, I highly recommend it.

I am taking myself to Borders this afternoon and buying myself a book, I earned here I am 78 diapers later, with a sore neck and the potential for a new book. Yea Me.

Hi Robin.
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Sunday, March 27, 2005

A very poopy easter..

owen is very sick and the dr. doesnt know whats wong. Im taking him to a specialist tomorrow...No time to write, hes peeing out his bum with poo and is super sad and sick. happy easter!
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Saturday, March 26, 2005

A heartfelt mea culpa goes out to someone in the Baumersphere. You know who you are, and you know how much I fucked up the last time we talked....I can't even justify that one away.

That being said, if you are out there today hopefully you know how badly I feel about the whole lousy situation and he can forgive my actions....I'm totally 150% in the wrong and I feel more horrible than I did when we talked the 1st time the other day-Hopefully things work out for the best in the end and I totally understand you being sad and upset about it all.

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Thursday, March 24, 2005


I am addicted to my I-Pod. Todays songs: Perfect Drug-NIN, Somday Someway-marshall crenshaw (why wasnt i aware of this until a few years ago when its from like 1987 i have no idea?), Losers Love Song-The gufs (can not wait for goran and heathers wedding this sept in chicago!!), get down make love-NIN (im on a fix), 50 cent doing "in da club" (its a guilty pleasure), and as a way to remember the worst blind date ever (to the barry manilow concert in 94', "Copacabana."
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I am addicted to my I-Pod. Todays songs: Perfect Drug-NIN, Somday Someway-marshall crenshaw (why wasnt i aware of this until a few years ago when its from like 1987 i have no idea?), Losers Love Song-The gufs (can not wait for goran and heathers wedding this sept in chicago!!), get down make love-NIN (im on a fix), 50 cent doing "in da club" (its a guilty pleasure), and as a way to remember the worst blind date ever (to the barry manilow concert in 94', "Copacabana."
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More discussions with mark

We've been debating journalistic integrity/responsibility vs personal integrity/responsibility for the last hour. I guess where I come down on, after an afternoon of ranting, raving, sobbing, feeling alternating guilt and justification feelings I'm going to go with mark on the fact that if you consider my blog as a news reporting source (albet all the news is about/by/from me) than I have the right (and he got all 1st ammendmenty...whatever mark!) to spout off about whatever I wish-that being said, I have to deal with the fallout personally, whereas Dan Rather or your friendly neighborhood newspaper reporter or radio guy has an editor or a president or a station manager to run interference for them, whereas I, do not.

the best way I can apologise is to quote Shakespere, "A midsummer nights dream" Act V

PUCK: If we shadows have offended,Think but this, and all is mended,That you have but slumber'd hereWhile these visions did appear.And this weak and idle theme,No more yielding but a dream,Gentles, do not reprehend:if you pardon, we will mend:And, as I am an honest Puck,If we have unearned luckNow to 'scape the serpent's tongue,We will make amends ere long;Else the Puck a liar call;So, good night unto you all.Give me your hands, if we be friends,And Robin shall restore amends.
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To Mark for his "freedom of the press"/free speech email. Although I appreciate the sentiment Im not sure it applies 100%. The blog is news as I see it but the question is what news can't be/should'nt be shared or do you verbally diahhrea ad nauseum?
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I'm finding lately that the main problem with a weblog is the access you give to the world that maybe you don't really want to give to the world. Blogger allows for blogs to be kept private, with only certain people having access to your blog...I've always thought that was kind of elitest and silly, I mean how many people do I know and who would care about what I think, right?

I guess thats not entirely true as I've found out in the last month or so. I guess people I never even thought that either A: Knew how to use a computer, B: Knew my blog existed or C: Gave a rats ass about my life anymore since they are so wrapped up in their own- are logging on and reading the blog. Apparantly this can cause problems in my life and other people's lives if they don't approve of, like, or agree with the content of the blog-or if I say something offensive (which I almost always seem to do, motherhood has not tempered this)

I mean how should I know or even guess that someone from Middle school who I knew like 15 years ago is reading the blog and a comment I made on here pissed them off? Or I upset someone close to me with an offhand remark that I made without thinking it through? Can you even predict those kinds of situations, should you have to? And yes, I can hear the argument out in the air "you should have known better or you should have used your head, that lump 3 feet above your ass," I find my greatest fault is that I do not know better and I never seem to use the lump 3 feet above my ass when I should.

I do have a very very private and embedded blog on I rarely post to it and it is not published in the bloggisphere at large. I'm honesly considering transfering this blog to that archtype giving access only to Shannon, Julie F-M, Kristie, Laura, Vanessa, & maybe one other person (ok and you too Minik)...I'm reasonably sure that those people won't be pissed off or hurt by anything I say here and I don't have to 1: Edit myself (I find that impossible, I dont think I got that "gene" from either of my parents) 2: Second guess myself (a thing I do way too much, and usually the 2nd guess is the wrong guess) and 3: sit up nights worrying about what I just posted or feeling bad when i failed to do #1 & #2.

My main bitch about today- is that people who I know in my heart of hearts don't care about me & mine anymore (if they ever did) get to read my inner thoughts unfettered and with no restrictions on their access. You can know who you are; if you are someone reading this who hasnt spoken to me via phone, email, snail mail, smoke signals, through an intermediary, or in person in the last, I dunno, 6 weeks-This means you generally ARE NOT WELCOME HERE

If you are reading the donkeyblog because you do care about me and mine, that's a different story, I guess I'm happy you're here (those people would include, but not be limited to: all members of my immediate and extended family, those people named above, and Kristilynn (who only ever visits when I tell her to look at a picture of the kids)) and the comments above are not directed at you.

If you are pissed off by a comment I've made here, I'd appreciate that you don't call/email my husband bitching about it, don't call a 3rd party and have them call me complaining-you can just email me direct or post a comment on here or call me yourself. Its not anyone's job to defend me to you(s), its mine. Hell this blog even allows for anon. posting as long as you register with blogger, you dont even have to put your name. If a member of my family can call me on the phone and take me to task on my postings, you can find the balls to do the same and not send someone else to do it, and you don't have to hurt someones feelings by making them upset at a post they may or may not have seen today, you can come hurt mine.

The yoga homework for the week was taking stock of things we regret and letting them go (to expand consiousness and bring love into the world or whatever-yadda yadda new age crap)-however I did do the home work and realized I only have a handfull of regrets: 1. I regret the period from November 94-May 05. It was way uncalled for and I shouldnt have acted in the mannor that I did.

2. I regret paying the stupid NY J.A.P girls their 800.00 security deposit for the Apt. on Langdon because their lawyer daddy decided not to give it back, even though the "damage" was not done by us. I should have just stopped payment on the check.

3. I regret bringing up an unfounded concern that hurt the feelings' of someone in my family.

4. I regret hurting the feelings and unintentionally betraying the confidence of another person by assuming something I should not have assumed, I did make an ass out of U and ME both.

5. I also regret taking the wrong side in a dispute between two friends. I picked the wrong person to support, I should have backed you up and you were totally right, and usually you were always right. How was I to know you were a modern day Cassandra?

6. Latin Fieldtrip, Madison, WI 1993.

7. Intentionally left blank, its way too personal to type.

If you'd like to comment on the eventual privatization of the donkeyblog you may email me or make a comment, but thats the way I'm leaning.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

YEA! Good news! laura is coming for a visit! Shes up in Mpls for a conference the end of april and will make a drive down here! Oddly enough we both have to be in Beloit that Saturday, so maybe we can carpool down???? Thats very rad.

Congrats to Kristie who has a new job (which pays less, is far away, and works her more, but it pays more than not being employed at all!)

I am in massive pain today from the "cold turkey" ending of breastfeeding. The lactation nazis said I can pump "a little" to releve pressure, thats not really working...Ive got my breast cold packs here at work in the freezer, so Ill take a break later and sit with those on, I'm taking DayQuill and Benedryl as they both have active ingredients to "dry up" your milk, I guess?

Today I am cold at work as people here keep turning on the AC so its like 69 degrees in here and its like 40 degrees outside, which means, yes of course we should turn on the AC... arg.Mail me!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Lets see, last night I killed myself trying to get to another state of conciousness doing Yoga. (this is a joke) I was working on downward facing dog with my parter Laura. Terri (the teacher) was also working with me to try and get my hands and my butt into the correct position so my wrists dont feel like they are snapping off. I do much better when someone holds my hands down and pushes my tailbone UP. Eventually this should be the most comfortable position you can be in, right now, I'm not feeling that!

Tonight I'll be heading to Westwood after I head home and get my stuff. I forgot my stuff for the Gym, I forgot my lunch (on the roof of my car, so God knows where the beet stew ended up) and I'm sure I forgot something else but I cant remember what it would be!

Picture day at daycare tomorrow!
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Thursday, March 17, 2005

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY. The most useless holiday since sweetest day.. Why do we celebrate this holiday? I'm reasonably sure the majority of the US population isnt Irish? Do we really need a national day to celebrate beer? The drunky drunks were already out this morning at the bars on water street to get their drink on.

Last night my parents took Owen to his 1st band concert, Mya didnt want to sleep and screamed for an hour and Dale and I had to rock her for an hour after that, then she woke up at 2am and cried for an hour...needless to say with me taking the 1st Owen shift and Mya I didnt sleep much.

Malinda now says Mya's name. She runs around saying "Mya, Mya" and then poking her sister. She can also say "DEBBIE, TONI, MATT & LILLY" (lilly is the other girl at daycare, she bit Mya on Tuesday)

I am trying to get to westwood tonight if I can...

I managed to upload another 20 songs onto my IPOD and I purchased a live version of Ben Folds doing "brick." I now have 78 songs on the pod and like space for 400+ more (I think). I am pretty sure I am addicted to my new toy.

Well wished go out to Laura who is helping to care for her sick granddad (get well soon granddad!), Breezy who is getting pumped for spring break this weekend, My sister in law who may or may not make it out to see us next week (we told the girls you might come visit and Malinda clapped..), Auntie V for the cute picture of Owen (thanks for being his godmom), and Shannon who started her workout program at westwood (go Shannon!)
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Mothers, stand proud - your breasts are worth $2.2 billion dollars a year to Australia. A new NSW Health study of breastfeeding says mothers are food producers, like farmers, and breast pumps should be GST-free, just as cow-milking equipment is.

The report, which will form the basis of a new statewide breastfeeding policy, lists the health, environmental and economic benefits of breastfeeding. It recommends mothers feed infants only breast milk to the age of six months, and promotes partial breastfeeding until 12 months, one year less than World Health Organisation guidelines.

"Looking at the economics helps support the argument of why we need to encourage and support (breastfeeding)," said Liz Develin, manager of nutrition and physical activity at NSW Health. "It's incredibly expensive to feed babies formula. Then there's the cost of healthcare services that breastfeeding prevents."

Breastfeeding has been proven to protect against illnesses, from ear infections to diabetes and obesity, she said. For mothers, breastfeeding reduces the risk of certain cancers and the long-term risk of hip fractures.

The breastfeeding report relies on economic analyses by Australian National University-based Dr Julie Smith, who calculated Australian mothers produce about 34 million litres of breast milk a year. The milk was then costed based on its market value in "milk banks" in Europe.

Dr Smith estimates the "capital stock value" - the entire present and future worth - of breastfeeding to be $37 billion. If Australian women breastfed according to WHO standards, that value would increase to $100 billion, Dr Smith said.

"Economics is about the efficient use of resources," she said. "At the moment we're wasting resources on producing (formula) milk, and on pediatricians looking after babies made sick by not being breastfed."

Dr Smith said the economic evaluation was a way of demonstrating mothers' work mattered. "We all recognise that breastfeeding is about more than the milk, it's about the transfer of love. But that language doesn't speak to some people."

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Yesterday I was able to hit the Gym and it was form day at westwood, I got my form checked and got a free tee shirt! Yippie! I also managed to download another 30+ songs into my I-POD so I was rocking out on my way to work this am. I bought 6 songs yesterday off I-Tunes, only one of which I will admit to buying which was "nada" by Juanez...which yes, was sad because I own the CD but it has gone AWOL. Its the saddest video you will ever see, but unless you have MTV-S you will never see it....

I watched the last disc of Penn and Teller's bullshit season 2 disc 3, and 1/2 of episode 3 of deadwood; which answered a lifelong question I have, can you say cocksucker more than 20 times in less than 3 minutes, apparantly on HBO, you can.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

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auntie v and the baby and uncle matt and me Posted by Hello
Yoga class last night. My homework for the week, besides my breathing is to buy myself fresh flowers or a plant. My question to Trish (the teacher) was, "are my wrists supposed to feel like they are breaking when I am in Downward Facing Dog?" Yes. They are. According to Trish when you balance on your hands and feet (DFD looks like a push up, except you are bent upward sort of like a "v" shape) most people don't distribute the weight into their whole hand/palm, and instead bend their thumbs slightly inward, causing the wrist breaking feeling. It gets better according to Trish. The class blew by really fast.

Went home and messed on my computer restalled windows sunday and all my email settings etc.. are GONE and my email doesnt I have to call dias tonight.

I have 20 songs on my Ipod and I was rocking out to Snake River Conspiracy and Dixie Chicks while I pumped this morning. Westwood Cardio and strength workout tonight after work/
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Monday, March 14, 2005

Busy arse weekend!! Saturday we took the kids to the Jelly Belly Factory in Pleasant Prairie, WI. The kids saw the Easter Bunny, ate some candy and went to Culvers for lunch. The kids had a good time and werent too scared of the Easter Bunny, Mya sat on my lap and Malinda sat on the bunny's lap! A good time was had by all (and I got a BUKO cheep Jelly Beans!)

Sunday was the Baptism, Owen did great, no crying-My brother stood in for Dylan as godfather. We had a nice party afterwards, I will post pictures as soon as possible!

Random Musings: #1: What the FUCK is up with people going on shooting rampages in the last week! The shooting in brookfield was at the hotel right by The mall for pete's sake (note to all, he was a GE employee, what does that tell you?) #2: I got the dirt on the person at GE who was going to hire me to be a collector, I guess SHE got fired for integ. reasons. She took a kickback from an outside collection agency and had the funds directed to her. SO against the rules. I guess between my ex-boss who was "politely asked to leave" and her I feel very very vindicated that what goes around, comes around. #3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GAGE MESSICK (note to Gage's mommy, something should be on your doorstep today for him!) #4 Get well soon Kristie Reynolds (Keira's mommy got Keira's disease-bah!) #5 Thanks to the Reynolds for the Windows 2000 disc, I can now use my BRAND NEW IPOD MINI-WHOOO HOO! #6 Yoga tonight! #7...Shannon, want to workout together this week Wed or Friday? I can show you how to use the Eliptical Machine, it burns the most calories in the least amount of time (vs the treatmill or bike!)
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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

i was on hold with a customer for awhile this AM and decided to amuse myself by looking up relatives on WI Circut Court Access. Man! Some of my relatives have been in way too much legal trouble.
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I had my first Yoga class last night, it was pretty interesting. Mostly a lecture and getting to know everyone. We did the 1st Sun stance which is pretty much downward facing dog. Let me tell you, downward facing dog is hard! My wrists were on fire! The teacher is very nice. She can bend herself completely in half which is very interesting to see. She used to have a high powered computer software company head job making a billion dollars a year and working 80 hour weeks. She quit to teach yoga full time. Wow. There are about 15 people in the class, 14 women and one guy who is taking it with his wife, aww. One pregnant lady and one girl who is almost as flexible as the teacher. I have homework which is breathing properly (most people reverse breathe) and what is basically isometrics (squeezing your thighs, buns, pushing your tailbone down, and doing a kegel all at once ) all while breathing properly.

Malinda doesnt have pink eye, but she does have eye drops just in case. Mya is fine as well. Malinda weighs 21 lbs 13 oz and Mya weighs 21 lbs 0 oz.

Owen rolled over at daycare yesterday and he only slept an hour or so. I guess he really likes to be awake at school, and thats fine.

Keira doesnt have ear infections, RSV or the flu, but she's still under the weather..Get well soon Keira (and Gage!!)

This weekend we are going down to Pleasant Prairie on Saturday to the Jelly Belly factory to see the easter bunny and have a fun easter day!
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Monday, March 07, 2005

NEW YORK (AP) - Flight attendant Ellen Simonetti and former Google employee Mark Jen have more in common than their love of blogging: They both got fired over it.

Simonetti had posted suggestive photographs of herself in uniform, while Jen speculated online about his employer's finances. In neither case were their bosses happy when they found out.

Though many companies have Internet guidelines that prohibit visiting porn sites or forwarding racist jokes, few of the policies directly cover blogs, or Web journals, particularly those written outside of work hours.

"There needs to be a dialogue going on between employers and employees," said Heather Armstrong, a Web designer fired for commenting on her blog about goings on at work. "There's this power of personal publishing, and there needs to be rules about what you can or cannot say about the workplace."

On blogs, which are by their very nature public forums, people often muse about their likes and dislikes - of family, of friends, of co-workers.

Currently, some 27 percent of online U.S. adults read blogs, and 7 percent pen them, according to The Pew Internet and American Life Project.

With search engines making it easy to find virtually anything anyone says in a blog these days, companies are taking notice - and taking action.

"Because it's less formal, you're more likely to say something that would offend your boss," said Lewis Maltby, president of the National Workrights Institute, a workers' rights group.

Armstrong, who wouldn't name the company that fired her in 2002, said some of her bosses took issue with such posts as "Comments Heard In, Around, and Consequent to the Company Christmas Party Last Evening."

Soon after she was sacked, sympathizers coined the term "dooced," meaning "to have lost one's job because of one's Web site," in her case

In 2003, a Microsoft Corp. contractor was fired after posting photographs of computers from rival Apple Computer Inc. at a loading dock. Because Michael Hanscom had described a building in his posting, Microsoft said he had violated security, he said.

Last fall, Simonetti posted photographs of herself posing in a Delta Air Lines uniform inside a company airplane, her bra partly revealed in one. She was fired weeks later.

And in January, Jen was fired by Google over a blog that discussed life at the company, even though he said "it's all publicly available information and my personal thoughts and experiences."

Upon reflection, Jen said, he understood Google's concerns, given readers' tendencies to read between the lines and draw conclusions based on "random comments I made."

He said he hoped his case would prompt workers to "talk to their managers at length about blogging before they begin."

Simonetti said she still doesn't know what she did wrong, saying that plenty of employee Web sites and dating profiles identify Delta and include photos in uniform.

"If there is a policy against this, why weren't all these people punished before?" she said.

Delta and Google officials would only say that Simonetti and Jen no longer worked for them.

In 1997, blogging pioneer Cameron Barrett lost a job at a small marketing firm in Michigan after co-workers stumbled upon "experimental" short stories from his creative writing class on his site. Now, he's much more cautious, and he suspended his blog while campaigning for Wesley Clark during the Democratic presidential primaries.

"I knew that everything I wrote would be scrutinized at (a) microscope level by the other campaigns and their supporters," Barrett wrote in an e-mail.

Annalee Newitz, a policy analyst at the civil liberties group Electronic Frontier Foundation, said employees often "don't realize the First Amendment doesn't protect their job."

The First Amendment only restricts government control of speech. So private employers are free to fire at will in most states, as long as it's not discriminatory or in retaliation for whistle-blowing or union organizing, labor experts say.

A few companies actually do encourage personal, unofficial blogs and have policies defining do's and don'ts for employees who post online. They recognize that there can be value in engaging customers through thoughtful blogs.

"There's always a risk, but you always have that risk anytime you put an employee on the phone," Forrester Research analyst Charlene Li said.

Sun Microsystems Inc. encourages blogging, offering server space for personal blogs but warning bloggers not to reveal secrets or make financial disclosures that might violate securities law. Sun also offers advice on how to keep blogs interesting.

Only in rare cases are employees "unofficially asked to soften some wording," said Tim Bray, the Sun policy's chief architect. Rather, he said, the policy creates a structure for discussions between employees and their managers.

Jeff Seul, general counsel at Groove Networks Inc., said the policy he wrote for his company aims to tolerate dissent but not disrespect.

Microsoft refused to comment on Hanscom's case, but pointed out that it encourages blogging and has more than 1,500 unofficial bloggers - the bulk on Microsoft's official Web sites.

Christopher Cobey, an employment lawyer at the Littler Mendelson law firm's Silicon Valley office, said publicity over recent blog-related firings has prompted increased inquiries from companies about developing policies.

But some experts question whether a separate blogging policy is needed at all, given more general employment guidelines and common sense.

Anil Dash, vice president at blog software developer Six Apart Ltd., said publicized firings have been generally not over blogging but over other violations that happened to be done through blogging.

Mark Dichter, chairman of labor and employment at the law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, said policies can tie the hands of employers.

"It requires you to anticipate and draw lines," he said, "and once you set policies then you get into litigation into which side of the line it fell."

That being said, I LIKE my boss. She is flexible and fun and has kids so she understands my needs with the kids. Yea Kristin! :)
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Thursday, March 03, 2005


I was reading the JK Rowling site (because I am taking a break at work) and she was discussing the Celtic tradition of assigning certain woods to people based on the day of their birth. Owen was born on 12/31/2004 and based on that date his wood is Birch: December 24 - January 20 = Birch. Now if you can follow: Owen was named for my favorite book, "A Prayer for Owen Meany" by John Irving. The book was turned into a movie called "Simon Birch." Can you see the odd cowinkydink here...very creepy-ooooo oooo. Im a reed and Dale' is an elder just in case you wondered. The girls are Ivy.
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