Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Lets see, last night I killed myself trying to get to another state of conciousness doing Yoga. (this is a joke) I was working on downward facing dog with my parter Laura. Terri (the teacher) was also working with me to try and get my hands and my butt into the correct position so my wrists dont feel like they are snapping off. I do much better when someone holds my hands down and pushes my tailbone UP. Eventually this should be the most comfortable position you can be in, right now, I'm not feeling that!

Tonight I'll be heading to Westwood after I head home and get my stuff. I forgot my stuff for the Gym, I forgot my lunch (on the roof of my car, so God knows where the beet stew ended up) and I'm sure I forgot something else but I cant remember what it would be!

Picture day at daycare tomorrow!
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