Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Yoga class last night. My homework for the week, besides my breathing is to buy myself fresh flowers or a plant. My question to Trish (the teacher) was, "are my wrists supposed to feel like they are breaking when I am in Downward Facing Dog?" Yes. They are. According to Trish when you balance on your hands and feet (DFD looks like a push up, except you are bent upward sort of like a "v" shape) most people don't distribute the weight into their whole hand/palm, and instead bend their thumbs slightly inward, causing the wrist breaking feeling. It gets better according to Trish. The class blew by really fast.

Went home and messed on my computer restalled windows sunday and all my email settings etc.. are GONE and my email doesnt work....so I have to call dias tonight.

I have 20 songs on my Ipod and I was rocking out to Snake River Conspiracy and Dixie Chicks while I pumped this morning. Westwood Cardio and strength workout tonight after work/
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