Friday, October 31, 2008

weird + random=whatever so today i had lunch with an old friend (and together we decided to be pals again and in secret friends here) and we caught up with "people we used to know." found out a group of people who are firmly in the "used to know" camp are no longer friends with my husband because he married me.

nice. stay classy guys.
after my lunch (which was excellent by the way...I recommend stir crazy in brookfield) i called dale and apologized..."hey im sorry we havent spoken to these people in 4 years....and its all my fault."

my husband "that's ok...they all kind of suck anyways...i havent missed anything."

yea dale.

so upon reflecting on those people we used to know...we know way cooler people now..besides my ryan (mr bear to the kids), we have awesome neighbors (chris and dave and their 2 kids), i have a lot of women in my twins club who i like...shannon, my owen clothes hook up (and who needs to call me pronto!)
i work with awesome my lunch date jena (who always pays and won't let of these days I am buying her lunch!!!) and my coworker Mike (who kicks ass)...why should i be sad that I don't speak to people stuck in the same rut they have been in for the past 15 years? as damon said "its not that they arent grown up, its just that they are not growing" (or something profound like that...i dunno, we both had wine at lunch) what would i do with them today? get drunk at some bar and play video games? i think not...i would rather hang out with people who don't suck.

people who don't suck...that's who I like.

I like talking to the people i talk to from high school, some more now than i ever did in the 90s...i miss a few people i met in college...some more than others...i like to believe i miss a certain person more than i think i actually do...(especially after hearing what he's up to now...)

meh....anyways, i am full on s'mores (thanks chris and dave) and i have 800 lbs of candy upstairs (mini butterfinger and ind. skittles packages call to me, and i will resist the call)

night all friends, happy Samhain and Halloween folks.
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Monday, October 27, 2008


is now snowing out. I have not yet trick or treated. I am also sick. If things do not get better, I am not going to work tomorrow.
I have a busy arse week, running around to like 487 places doing 56327 things. I am finishing listening to Eclipse on ipod, reading "Lost" still listening to tons of Ben Harper and Joshua Radin and we finally watched Zohan last night: Dale's assessment, "that chick is really hot."
Happy Halloween
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

catch ya up

i have a cold. it is a horrible cold and i feel like i havent written much lately. I am at dunn brothers now and fortified with a large skim white choc. mocha i will try to catch you all up...

this week has been the slowest week for "stuff" in the last month (stuff being defined as outside work and school stuff that i have to schedule, do, run around for etc...) Thankfully I can breathe at the end of the day instead of wondering what/where i have to go.

this weekend is busy. i have two birthday parties, one playdate, and i really should clean up the house and finish painting my hallway. we shall see how this cold takes me down.

work has been a bit busy, nothing special, nothing interesting. at least i have wonderful bosses who rock. it could be worse. I just celebrated my 1 yr anniversary with the company last month.

whatcha reading/watching/listening to?:

reading: Lost by gregory mcguire and the fellowship of the ring by JRR Tolkien.
watching: pushing daisies (last night), ugly betty and the office (tonight), xfiles season 3 disc 3 & dont mess with the zohan (friday nite i think)
listening to: a lot of ben harper/ben harper and the innocent criminals, billy joel, and I am listening to eclipse on my ipod (3rd book in the twilight series)
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Monday, October 20, 2008

ive had a long day off. somehow my vacation day turned into running errands, painting, painting the wrong color which will necessitate more painting, fixing a costume that malinda tore 5 min after she put it on and then going to bed.
im really tired.
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New haircut

Saturday, October 04, 2008

we wont get fooled again!

the brewers slugged one out and we are on to game 4...way to go guys. i couldnt watch the game, i watched "forgetting sarah marshall." i cant remember seeing that much male full frontal nudity since the last time i had to watch wasnt a bad movie, russel brand is pretty awesome...the outtakes with russell brand and with paul rudd were money.

dale has some sort of mysterious cold/virus/thing which means he is as useless to me as tits on a bull...thankfully MIL took the kids today and i was able to clean the house, dust the ceiling fans (joy and fun and sneezing) and head to ben franklin in oconomowoc...i needed some linen and dmc floss and mill hill beads/ yes this means i finished a cross stitch and am starting another one. had to place special order for more linnen and hand dyed threads lucky me.

tomorrow is the pumpkin farm, depending on dale feeling up to it...its in ixonia and is a great farm.

thats about it...good luck to the west band as they head up north for the weekend...

my cat is having sex with a cardboard box and im going to go pour water on her....

night all

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