Monday, January 30, 2006


I still am pissed off at daycare. Yes, we gave your kid food that we had no business giving your kid, yes we fucked up and told you not to bring your kid in when she could have come in…but as of yet, no one willing to refund me money for their error.

In related news, we paid exactly $24,248.80 to this daycare last year. I think they can afford to float me the daily fee. I am also depressed at this amount.

This weekend we had pictures at Penny’s (nice), lunch at the mall (spilled milk on Mya, no sippy cup for Owen)-Sunday I took the girls to Madison to see Robin and Jason and their cats. The girls liked Robin’s house and the cats. We had lunch at The Great Dane, the buffet was $15.00 per person, kids under 2 free, so its like we all ate for $5.00 each. Cool (and yummy!)

Went to the mall, hit the sales racks at Gymboree (good deals)-The kids were outta control so we went home. Had to stop 3 times on the way home. 1st time, Malinda threw up on herself, had to change her clothes on the side of the road. 2nd time, had to stop at the rest stop as Mya had a fit in the backseat. 3rd time, Mommy was stressed and stopped at the outlet mall, hit the Gap (a few good PJ deals), Bath and Body Works (an EXCELLENT DEAL) for soap, plus $15.00 got $65 worth of samples and a $15 free lotion and coupons, and Old Navy (two tees for the girls, shirt for owen and a few things (at $3.00 each!) for mommy-new yoga pants, a silk top, and a cashmere sweater!

The girls REFUSED to go to sleep last night, they were up till around 9pm-and SURPRISE they were tired and cranky this morning! We had little sympathy for them…I also left a note at daycare, don’t let them sleep more than 90 min today or else it negates the whole process…!

Tonight is Yoga, also I plan on cleaning house a bit (we have been lax on putting laundry away and cleaning bathrooms!). Tomorrow, Gilmore Girls, Wed-Veronica Mars!

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Friday, January 27, 2006


I am mad at my daycare!!

Yesterday I get home from the gym (around 4:30ish) and there is a message on my cell phone from 4:18pm. Its daycare saying Malinda threw up in the sink a “couple times” and I need to pick her up right away and by the way, she can’t come back to school tomorrow due to flu like symptoms. OK. So I’m running around trying to find someone to watch her tomorrow (my mom), I have no time to make dinner (like I had planned) and I have to worry about a sick kid.

I go into school, pick her up (she looks fine, doesn’t have a fever and isn’t puking) and Mya and Owen-and we head home.

I start asking Malinda questions about her puking-“How many times did you throw up?” “Three times, in the sink!” “Did you eat something that made your tummy hurt?” “Spenser’s mommy brought in pup-cakes and I ate one!”- AH-ha!

As has been well documented here, Malinda eating frosting=Malinda pukes.

I had to tramatise the twins by letting one sleep at our house and one sleep at my moms place, I had to ask her to watch them on her day off, I had to lose a day of daycare because they said I couldn’t bring her back….

Dale was pretty pissed about the whole thing-You can tell he was actually mad as he…..wait for it….called and talked to daycare (if you know Dale at all you know he is very phone phobic, hates to use it, wont even call for his oil change appointment.) and asked basically WTF? The center director (she is new) said, there isn’t a rule about puking=24 out of school. The only rule is if they have a high fever you have to wait 24 hours (unless you have a dr.’s excuse (which I always have when that happens). Then she tells Dale, “Well you can bring her in today if you want.” Ok lady, its 10am, my husband works 45 min away and only works till noon, won’t be back in town till 1pmish, then you want him to drop her off for me to turn around and pick her up 2 hours later??

Then Dale asked about the cupcake issue, and informed her that when Malinda gets frosting, Malinda pukes & why are you giving our kid treats outside of the normal daily posted menu? The center director said she would note on the kids file not to give them treats…WHAT THE HELL?

I said to Dale, so does that mean if Hannah’s mom brings in a 2 ltr bottle of Jolt cola for the kids, if I don’t have it noted on my sheet, the kids get soda?

My biggest thing is that I want to know why I was told not to bring her back today and why I now am short daycare money because I didn’t bring her in, and why since it is their fault (giving my kid treats and telling me not to bring her back) I need to pay for services I am not getting?

I’ll have dale f/u on that Monday.

Work is pretty depressing…people are leaving, they keep firing people for not hitting goals, they change things around with 3 days left in the month, it nets us no money, then they hell at everyone for missing goal.

I don’t want to quit the job after 4 months but the atmosphere is so bad around here it’s like I have no incentive to NOT start looking-again…

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

We are almost recovered from the 2nd birthday party at Chuck E Cheese’s on Tuesday. The mom of the birthday girl (who turned 3) invited the whole class-I think there were 12 kids there (including the girls). The party started at 6pm, however the mom didn’t have the food brought out till 7pm-result, 12 very hungry kids and about the same number of hungry adults. My kids were pretty good, running around, putting tokens in everything, getting tickets….but by about 7:15 they were getting cranky.

Malinda had a potty accident and wet her pants, got dale full of pee-had to change her clothes and his! I wanted to leave then, but the mom placed cake (chocolate) in front of the kids…so we had to let them eat it (thus amping them up). After all this she wanted to open the GIFTS (and its like 7:45!). I said we really had to leave, its ok if we don’t sit there an watch a overtired 3 year old open gifts!

The kids were cranked up to the hilt on sugar so didn’t want to go to bed. It was about 9:15 before I think they actually fell asleep.

The next morning we woke them up at 5:30 like normal, Mya said, “I am very very tired!”

Owen slept @ my folks house, my dad and brother didn’t see the need to change his diaper at all before bed, so he woke up in a diaper he had been in since maybe 4pm the day before, and soaking wet.

He learned a new skill, he knows how to wave “bye bye.” He weighs 22 ½ lbs and is in the 50% for weight. For height he is in the 95%, and Dr. Biebel thinks he will be very tall. (He is only about ½ inch shorter than the girls.)

Last night was my late nite. I came home to watch Veronica Mars (ok ep.) and go to sleep. Today I plan on hitting the gym, making dinner, watching ER, and going to bed.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My weekend wrap up (a few days overdue).

Friday I had to take Owen down to his ENT Dr. to check his tubes. One of his tubes was blocked so she had to open it up (basically a long needle thing, pop the tube open and suction out the ear junk. The Dr. was shocked that he didn’t squirm or cry while she was doing this. I said he is a mellow kid.

While we were in Oconomowoc, it started to snow. This was heavy, wet, and FAST snow! Owen thought it was funny that he was cold. Silly kid. We picked up Brueggers for dinner for the kids…and drove home. The kids were pretty tired and actually went to sleep on time and with little fuss!

Saturday was a “live and learn” experience for me. We got a free ticket to a “Family Fun” thing @ the Expo Center. It was $8.50 for each of us and then they had some dinky rides and games but you had to pay to ride those….It was pretty crappy…The kids liked seeing the animals (tigers, monkeys, lemurs, zebra, cows, kangaroos etc…

We paid $4.00 to throw darts at balloons to get the kids a stuffed bear and a plastic trumpet. The girls had fun watching this dance company perform “Peter and The Wolf” and a few cool interpretive dance thingys. They liked watching that.

We went to lunch at McDonalds, the kids ate good and played on the playset inside for awhile-Mya climbed way up in the thing, over and through the tunnel, it was a bit scary for mom. The kids refused to nap (Owen did) and so by 4pm were a screaming, crabby mess. They wouldn’t go to sleep, wouldn’t stay in bed and spent most of the next two hours after we put them down, climbing into each others beds, playing with blocks, playing with books, and singing.

Sunday was Owen’s birthday party @ Chuck E Cheese. The kids did well, Gage got sick and couldn’t go, however my kids, the Abts kids and The Reynolds’ plus Carol’s mom, and Auntie Robin/Uncle Jason and Uncle Matt were there! Owen liked his pizza, loved the cake and had fun playing wack-a-shark. The kids once again refused their nap (less the 15 min they got in the car) and were again raving crabby crappy kids.

My mom boycotted the party (for reasons unknown to me, she was “busy”, but according to my brother was at home doing nothing)-but we saw her later.

I steam cleaned the basement carpet (our washer flooded last week and soaked the carpet along the laundry room wal!) since it totally smelled like, wet dog & cat piss. (I think because the previous owner had a big ass black lab, and the kitty box is in the laundry room….) Either way, the house really stunk. My mom brought over pine sol and I put some of that in the carpet cleaning thing. It totally helped the house and carpet smelled great (and pine-y!)!

Last night without football, TV was crap, crap, craptacular. I was so disillusioned with TV I ended up putting in “Bridget Jones-Edge of Reason” and watching the extras. Then I scrapbooked for an hour, and went to bed.

Today is Owen’s 1yr check up (and shots), he is staying at my parents during the birthday party (once again at Chuck E Cheese) tonight. I don’t plan on staying much longer than an hour. The kids have enough problems getting to sleep-I don’t need 2 hours of crazy to make them even more unable to sleep!

I have to tape Gilmore Girls tonight (if it is new) and do dishes after the kids are asleep.
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Friday, January 20, 2006


This has been a very long week worth of dealing with (as my coworker Niakia calls ‘um) SSP’s (or) “Special, Special, People.” SSP’s are just people that are really Human Garbage/Waste of Space people. The biggest morons we deal with daily are the SSP’s.

It makes for some very long and frustrating days listening to people give excuses why its totally not their fault they ran up a 10k credit card debt and “haven’t had the money to pay-for 4 years.”

Mya and Malinda decided to get up at 3:30 AM yesterday for Grandma and didn’t want to sleep. Mya and Malinda passed out in the car on the way home. Then they were really mad when I woke them up to go to Grandma’s house for the night. Then Mya realized where she was and spent time running after my dad outside and riding their bikes.

Last Nite watched “Sky High” from Netflix (very good.)

Today found out that I only have a total of 13 hours of vacation, for the year! And I have used 8 hours. I emailed my boss asking WTF as I can not survive on 5 hours for the next 11 months. No way. I can’t work this job if that’s the only vacation I get.

Hope you feel better Gage!
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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

sad news :(

We got some sad news last night, Dale’s grandma (his dad’s mom) has lesions on her brain (which is not good at all) and they have to move her to hospice care pretty much immediately. Its not really clear right now how long she will have but the aunts and uncles are getting the wheels in motion, so needless to say, It was pretty sad at the house last night.

I also watched “Being John Malkovich,” last night. That is one crazy movie!

I guess when I booked the birthday party for Owen somehow it got screwed up and it’s booked for today? The store called me asking where I was. The manager said I could change it online, of course, I can’t now I’m stuck in voice mail hell trying to get a live person on the line. This is great, I don’t need this hell today, I really don’t have the patience. I said kids birthday parties make me way too stressed out. They may end up chanrging for the party today, I will be disputing that charge.

Carrie won the trip to the superbowl ? I still get $750.00 and a small trip.
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Monday, January 16, 2006

This weekend we changed the girls cribs into their “toddler beds.” The girls were doing acrobatics getting in and out of the cribs. It was a bad day for napping as they refused in the beds, and ended up falling asleep downstairs like 3:30 (very late for them). This threw the whole day out of wack, but they went to bed without argument at 7pm. Owen didn’t do so well, he is cranky and crabby and still has a cold.

Saturday we went to Grandma’s house, Malinda ate a green crayon.

Friday nite I had my twins meeting, chatted with Erin etc….

The girls slept all nite in their big girl beds, and only woke up when we came in to get them, Owen slept till 5:15. I finished reading a trilogy by Anne Perry “Daughter of the blood” etc…, it was super good.

Today I have Yoga, cleaning the kitchen, possibly vacuuming the laundry room (it flooded on Saturday)-we have the dehumidifier running to pull all the moisture out of the walls…
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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Thursday, January 12, 2006



I’m back from Mexico. I plan on posting pictures as soon as I get time. Robin had a nice wedding, it stopped raining long enough for them to get hitched : )

The weather wasn’t too hot, it was actually quite cool a few days…wish I would have brought another sweater!

The best part was snorkeling (which I had never done) in the Ocean. Our guide Jesus, was amazing. I got some pictures, sadly they are with a disposable and I don’t have them back or on CD…

We also cave dived, and did a cenote (or sinkhole). That was very nice.

Dale and I did shopping in Playa del Carmen, and did a bit of lounging around the pool in hammocks. Thankfully I got a bit of a tan/sunburn on my face so I didn’t have to wear any make up for the wedding.

I’m a bit sick digestive wise, although I didn’t drink the idea where I got this from. We didn’t get to any of the ruins, it was a very long bus ride to get there for any of them (although we could have gone to Tulum, which is the only Mayan ruin on the seashore, but there just wasn’t time!).

Now that we are back I spent Wed doing Laundry in the morning before work, unpacking, buying milk and cleaning up a bit. The house suddenly seems infested with cat hair so I need to vac the house as soon as I can get to it, most likely Friday.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


We have quite a bit to do between now and Friday to get ready to leave. I got a suitcase from my mom last night, I have to dig out my other suitcase for dale from the closet under the stairs. I have already laid out some stuff I need to take (the wedding garb and such) and some shorts and whatnot. I have to find a bunch of paperwork so I can cross the border. I also have to pack up a weeks worth of clothes, cups, food, etc.. for the kids so they can survive at my moms.

I changed my late nite to Wed, so tomorrow is my day to sleep in a bit and do housework. Whoo hoo.!

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Monday, January 02, 2006

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