Wednesday, March 16, 2011

this was written by my dad.

Dear State Senator Lazich;

According to your article in the Waukesha Freeman, Governor Walker's
budget bill really will not make much of a difference to state employees
in the area fair treatment in the work place. If that is so, why was it
necessary to take away the state workers union rights? Yes, I know you
will tell me that having a union is a privilege, not a right. We could
argue that point all day, but the bottom line is that Governor Walker
did not campaign on a union busting platform, our public schools are
losing millions in funding as well as the City of Waukesha.

We have been told that the current budget bill is the only solution.
That is simply not true. There are always other solutions. What is true
is that if you want to bust state worker unions, hamstring the public
education system and dump the budget problem the state has on local
municipalities, then maybe it is the only solution.

Please understand the the frustration you have seen in the capitol and
on the streets of our state is representative of real concern. What you
should be praying for is that Governor Walker is right, because if he
isn't both he and you will be looking for different work come the next
election. My email box has been flooded with information on recall
votes for both Democrats and Republicans alike. Perhaps it is time to
clean house and seek different answers for our states problems.

Please convey my thanks to the Governor for diminishing my grand
childrens future education.

Michael Poytinger
Waukesha, Wisconsin

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