Thursday, May 29, 2003

dale is gone on his trip with our friend gary, his brother Mike and mikes friend. They left last nite around 5pm and should have made it to Michigan last night. havent been able to reach him on the cellphone yet, oh well.

today I went to westwood to swim this morning, which was nice, now im kind of achy, which is not nice because im busy at work (home).

tonight for dinner going into milwaukee to go to Oakland Trattoria with vanessa. Yum, then plan on coming home and going to plans for tomorrow night, maybe get a pizza and rent a dvd or watch one of my own, maybe simpsons season 2? who knows....saturday we have mechwarrior in the am, nothing at nite...sunday gaming over here? with Jeff and co....hopefully dale comes home by then...

Monday, May 26, 2003

happy memorial day.

today we plan on hitting the gym (pool), heading down to mikeys pond for the annual dan and mike happy birthday/memorial day BBQ (looking forward to my cheddar brats), vanessa is coming over with josh around 2:30 (i think) to drop off my candles, see the cat, see the house...then dale wants to mow the lawn before he leaves for his trip to PA.

yesterday we did yard work. i edged the new flower beds, dale trimmed all the bushes (we now have a pile of branches all over the place.), and we decided to grill out BBQ chicken on our new miniweber grill (yummy and BBQ-y). repainted one of the new dressers and attached knobs, planning on painting the 2nd one today. watched the mavs lose to the spurs (which should make the pedens happy), went to bed.

back hurts a lot and dale says i am walking like a pregnant lady, which i think means i waddle.

we have girls names picked out, which is cool...i am almost done making the baby blanket, next thing to work on, bibs.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

:) today i went to the doctor, have gained 20 lbs...interesting.. the babies are girls and we have picked names which are a secret....shhhh you cant know!.

kids are doing fine. we have finished the nursery (mostly) and are working on finishing the rest of the dad in law said we may get new siding for free (yea!) and we get a new roof soon too (yea!).

Friday, May 09, 2003

im lazy and huge. i have no energy. im hungry. i find out the sex of the babies on tuesday the 13th. more then