Monday, July 31, 2006

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Ipod Dominos
Twins dancing-1

More kids

feeling hot! hot! HOT!

Well you know today is going to be a hot one when its 80 degrees with
100% humidity at 6am…ugg…! Right now at 9:39 am its 86 degrees and
since it's a Monday the A/C was off all weekend so it's abysmal in
here. This week I guess plans are dependant on the heat…obviously we
can't hang outside when its over 90 with the kids…This week I get to
run around errands…Picking up Market Day tomorrow, picking up a
Stampin' Up Catalogue Thursday, hitting B&N on Thurday…Gym today and
Tuesday also Thursday AM.

Friday we are going to Wendy's house to
see the new place & to visit with her and the kids…Saturday Oil
Changes in the AM, Gage is coming over to play in the AM and no plans
in the PM. And Sunday our Twins Club turns 50 years old and we are
having a summer party down the block at the park!

Today I'm
listening to the Podcasts on my Ipod. I am listening to THE SLATE's
spoiler specials…right now they are slamming on Ryan's favorite movie
of the year, "Lady in the Water." The two critics are pretty much
going to town on M. Night. Generally their complaints are pretty much
talking about how absurd this movie's plot was and bitching about the
fact that there is no "twist" to the movie (like his other movies) and
the best thing they say is that "the movie is courageous in its
insanity." Funny

I am in the process of uploading videos from my
computer of the kids to youtube….Hopefully you can start to view the
kiddies in all their moronic and silly glory…Right now I only have
them swimming up…it takes a hell of a long time to upload a min of
footage even on a cable line! Depending on how this works, I may take
more videos of the kids with the camera than I have before…

week I start a new book, The Sunday Philosophers Club by Alexander
McCall Smith. He writes a series that both Robin and I like….so I am
anxious to see if this series is as good.

Thanks and praise goes
out to Lorraine who drove down to White Castle for us all this
morning, my belly is full of sliders and onion rings…yummy!
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Twins dancing

The girls, Aug 2005
Dancing Baby
Kids Swimming, Part II

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Kids Swimming

Here are the kids swimming!

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This weekend we went to my in laws to swim and celebrate my FIL's 58th birthday..I finally met Dale's Aunt Tracy (who looks like my MIL)...saw Dale's grandma Ginny...Malinda jumped in the pool, sans water wings (thankfully she somehow treaded water and her head was above the water and grandpa pulled her out) and we also saw Jason, Robin, and Robin's friend Nicole and her son Leo.

my parents kept the kids Sat nite and dale and I saw Clerks II-easily the best movie I have seen in years. Today, Shopped at the store...DVD player was fried in the storm, bought new DVD player, and mowed the lawn (sweated bullets and mowed over red ants..)

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Official Clerks II Trailer

Best movie I have seen all year-hands down

Friday, July 28, 2006



Today there was a huge rainstorm and (so I have heard) a tornado
touched down about a mile away from our house… Downtown Waukesha was
flooded (and they closed it down!) and I guess some houses in our
neighborhood and my moms lost trees. We just have one branch down, but
our neighbor lost the entire top of his pine tree. And we lost power.
The funny news is at Kindercare they had a tornado warning and all
the kids had to go in the bathrooms… Malinda told Dale this and he
said "do you know why?" She said "yes, because there was a canado
outside." Kids..
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Monday, July 24, 2006

Today it is raining like crazy outside?! This morning the sky was
kind of that orange-y-green before a storm, I ran back in the house to
grab the kids and left the door open…and BAM! Downpour! The girls
are yelling "its raining, I'm wet!" and Dale is trying to chuck them
in the car and close the doors and trunk…hilarity.

We are
recovered from yesterday…I have tan lines (ha!) and no headache…the
girls were mental last night and didn't sleep till at least 8:30…they
were less than cooperative when we woke them up this morning.

Last night, I didn't watch either of the movies we have (Carnival
Season I Disc's 1 & 2 & Aeon Flux…the movie..) and just played Diablo
a bit with Dale and took a shower….speaking of which…..

I am done
with the sand texture in the bathroom!!! I just need to let it cure
for 2 weeks then I can start to prime the walls….then the walls can be
yellow! Whoopee! What a large sense of accomplishment for lil ole
me…!!! My mom also stripped my, well I guess you could call in our
downstairs railing/shelf, while we were out…I think the intentions is
to sand and stain asap…

Today I have a Dr's appt. @ 3pm….a
children's program at daycare tomorrow night (mr. billy), and NOTHING
planned for Thursday! Whoopee!
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Sunday, July 23, 2006

too much sun

Today we were outside in the sun sooo long that Dale is now upstairs sleeping off a migraine...everyone else is sunburned...and I am pretty pooped myself. We went to Wyn Stang's 1st birthday party out in Eagle...somewhere..Ryan and his wife Marnie live on a compound (his words..not mine...) his sister in law lives up the hill and they have a beaut of a house downhill....the SIL has a pool, hot tub, kick ass deck which we hung out on....the kids swam A LOT and we got some sun (hey I'm TAn for the 1st time in at least 5 years...)

The downside is that since this was a "out of the norm" activity, they are out of control now (well the girls anyways) and tomorrow will be hell at daycare..Owen was also going mental before we left the Stang's and was close to a biting spree...We also saw (in addition to Ryan S) Ryan Kastner (sp?) who also went to HS with Dale and also has a newborn (boy, I think?) and Ryan' S's Mom and Dad....

Right now I'm hiding out down here trying to avoid the headache that Dale already has...I figure he's already Ill and I dont want to be ill, so its better for him to round up the kids...very selfish and I suck..

This morning I got to see what its like to raise only ONE parents took Owen and Malinda to church and Mya and I scrapbooked for an hour.. (she markers, paste and paper bazzill basics and brads) it was very nice to just have ONE person to handle...crap i think dale is killing the kids or vice versa...
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Happy birthday wyn

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