Friday, April 04, 2008

sorry lori

for not writing much of late
i have been busy

some things of note. i got a bonus bonus (besides my ot bonus) for helping the new guy (who shall be called dave, because his name is dave) transition here. i have no idea how much it is...lets hope its alot.

dale leaves for Indy next week wed for his trade show.

dr biebel called about 10 min ago. we did a stool study for owen ( the kid has had dirahea for the last 3 years, i kid you not) turns out he has a reducing substances positive result.

what does this mean you ask?

well it means that he has a problem digesting carbohydrates or your "oses"
lactose, fructose, glucose etc...

he has to call the head GI guy at childrens to see if there is a test and what kind of test they can do to try and isolate which carb (sugar) he is having problems with absorbing and how to fix that.

it may be as simple as eliminating that "ose" from his diet or as not simple as scoping his pooper.

tonite is battlestar galactica and i am almost pissing myself im so jazzed.

off to watch starbuck

love you lori, this ones for you


(OH and we got a pair of my bosses brewers season tickets, 1st row, 3rd base side, on the aisle behind the visiting teams dugout. so awesome)

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