Wednesday, August 31, 2005


The Twins are 2 today. Happy Birthday Girls.

Owen is also 8 months old today, yippie for him!
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Happy Birthday

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

covenant sequencer album "flux"

no haven keeps you safeno harbor will embrace youyour comrades will desert youno tower reaches heavenno fortress stands to lastyour desires make you weakno science will be masteredno truth is absoluteyour children won't lament youno wisdom can be trustedno glory lasts foreveryour wishes won't be grantedlike torches in the aon floweven suns flicker and dieforgotten as the ages groweternity is not for you

damn you finco its been stuck in my head for 4 years.
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I have a lunchtime interview today upstairs on the 14th floor. Its for a paralegal job, that wouldnt at all stink. Mya had a fit all day yesterday because she wanted Grandma. She really likes Grandmas...shes having a big separation anxiety over grandmas.....shes pretty happy that tonight is Todee night.

Last night we went to a Kindermusic thing @ White House of Music, the girls had fun. A girl I went to MS and HS with was there but she didnt recognize me so I didnt go through the motions.

Watched some MNF, did some computer things, cross stitched a fairy, went to bed, read a bit of "The Devil Wears Prada."
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Monday, August 29, 2005

Another one of Vanessa's Flowers....

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Vanessa's Flowers!

My friend Vanessa is a professional photographer, here is one of her flowers!
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Ice Cream Kids

Cold Kid

My weekend---pictures below.

I had two interviews on Friday. One in the AM which would be a Management job or a collections job (If I am willing to work one PM shift and one weekend shift (4hrs each) per month, which I said I wasn’t really willing). Its about 10 min from here on Hwy 100 and National.

The 2nd job is in Glendale doing just a collectors job, but making double my salary. Its actually one I am really looking forward to getting an offer for!

The 1st interview said they are going to call this week for a 2nd interview, and the other job said they would let me know this week, but I felt very good about both interviews and I got the “show around” from the 2nd place. My feeling is always if you get the “show around” they are pretty sure they want to hire you, why else would they waste 15 min to show you were everything is (including the bathrooms?)

Saturday we went to Betty Brinn Children`s Museum with the kids, then went to Grandmas for swimming, then went home. Dale had his draft and I was with the kids, My parents came over to help for bedtime, Dale got home late and I watched 2 movies

After the Sunset” with Pierce Bronson and Selma Hayek & “The Pacifier” with Vin Diesel. Neither one sucked as much as I thought it would.

Sunday was the church party at Good Times; we took the kids swimming, ate lunch, had ice cream and went home.

Owen puked all over the rug (again) and that was pretty much the end of the weekend. I cleaned a bit last night, vac’d the place, did about 86 loads of wash, cleaned the kitchen and took out the kitty litter and garbage. I also went through clothes and took out the ones that do not fit and found a new huge bin for the clothes…now I can get rid of Owen’s bassinet. L

This week I have an interview on Tuesday (upstairs from where I currently work! How odd is that!), tonight we have Kindermusik at White House of Music, Wed the girls TURN 2!!! And its dinner @ denny’s and their Dr, appt (for everyone!) and Friday I am sure I will schedule my interviews.
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Thursday, August 25, 2005


The worst part of blood thinners is when I bleed, I BLEED. I scrapped by thumb fixing our fucking awful fax machine here (which jams an average of 9000 times a week). The cut is maybe 2 cm across or less and Im on band-aid number 4 since 7am (its now 8am). I just wont stop bleeding. arg,
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The worst part of blood thinners is when I bleed, I BLEED. I scrapped by thumb fixing our fucking awful fax machine here (which jams an average of 9000 times a week). The cut is maybe 2 cm across or less and Im on band-aid number 4 since 7am (its now 8am). I just wont stop bleeding. arg,
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


It's mya

are you sick???


are you sick? Did you attend the kids birthday party this weekend? If you answered "yes" to these 2 questions you can blame Owen

To date, my in laws, me, dale, Owen, Malinda, Robin and Jason, Vanessa, and My Mom all came down with a flu-like bug (with varing degrees of "coming out both ends") after the party on Saturday!

I leared from daycare that there is a flu going around which all the teachers and most of the kids have had in the past week! Thanks for sharing that BEFORE the party!

So Owen had the pukey pukes 1st, and so we blame him, but he's super cute so how can you be mad??
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Dale is home sick today. He's achy.

Last night watched the football, did some reading (the latest MIchael Connely, started the 2nd Phillip Pullman novel, scrapbooked a page (or 2), fed the Owen, went to bed. Im feeling that no wonder everyone gains weight after going off weight watchers, all you can basically eat for no points would be salad, which is boring. After two days of salad I am ready to eat my own hand. It doesnt help you lose weight if you are hungry, plus I'm finding it hard to believe that salad and veggies will give you a bunch of energy. I need milk.
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Monday, August 22, 2005

happy Birthday weekend

Happy Birthday to my Mom (20th).

Friday cleaned everything, party planned with my mom, cleaned some more, collapsed into bed.

Saturday, party day, early am, cleaned more, picked up castle bounce, obessessed that it would rain on the party (it didnt), picked up balloons, cake, rolls, crap @ Sentry, cleaned kids, cleaned myself, made husband wash himself and the shindig started at noon. The girls had way way too much fun with Gage (sorry he had to leave early he missed the pinata!) and the Pechanach Twins (who had a bad day as they were crabby)

we opened presents after everyone left and the girls got MUCH elmo!

That night we had a problem that dshow up till the next am.....

So I go to get Malinda up and I walk in and her room smells like hell. Looks like sometime during the night she puked EVERYWHERE in her bed, on the floor, on her animals, on her blankets and then she slept in it so she had dried puke in her hair etc...

I said "Malinda, why didnt you call Mommy when you puked?" She said "pukey sleepy Mommy." I take that as "I puked in my sleep."

She had way too much cake, and crap at the party.

Sunday we returned the bouncy and went to the art fair in the afternoon, bought another Charlotte Fung Miller for Owen and the girls did some coloring.

They watched one of their elmo videos like 8 times in a row and headed off to bed around 6:30.

we watched Sin City Sat night, I watched Keeping the Faith on Friday night, last night I did Cross Stitch and I have no idea what was on TV.

My protime is where it should be (whoopie) and Erin convinced me to do Weight Watchers with her and after reading the booklet and going through this whole points thing, it seems like the most retarded weight loss plan ever.
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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Hurricane Milwaukee

I got rained on today when I was walking to and from lunch with Erin. It was like a hurricane out there with the rain coming in sideways and the wind changing direction. I broke my umbrella. The Rain has stopped now, but it looks like its humid as all get out outside, glad I’ve got a tee-shirt under my sweater.

For this weekend we have the girls party on Saturday (bring your swimsuits and jumping socks for the bouncy!) Friday is birthday pictures at Picture People. I think I may bring them myself as it seems Mya always gets distracted by something or someone. We have about 500,000 things to clean or organize tonight and Friday.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bloody Lips

I bit through my lip last night during dinner. I had a cavity filled and my lip was numb. My dentist warned me about biting through my lip and cheek! I was eating my samwhich when I figured out I was eating way more than my samwhich. I now have this red welt on my lower lip, doesn’t really hurt, but it looks bad! Stupid novacaine.
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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Stupid Lazer 103

Lazer is now known as The Hog. They are going to the Jack FM format which is "all crap, all the time." Last night there was polka music, sinead O'Connor and KC and JoJo. I guess I am going to listen to my I-Pod more.

I have a new pet peeve that I didnt realize I had. People and directions. I have had 2 experiences in the past 2 weeks which are driving me over the edge.

I had a Yoga thing and Trish put her HOME address on the email, not her studio address, so I am driving all over Oconomowoc with NO gas trying to find her studio, the google directions are bad since they just changed a bunch of street names in Oconomowoc, finally I get to the address on my email and her husband is watering the lawn and said "yeah, she is at the studio, downtown Ocon." arg.

So I am rushing to the studio, I have no gas and I am totally NOT in the mood for Yoga.

Then last night I am meeting Tammi (before Yoga arg) and she said "lets meet at the PDQ on 164." Ok I said. So I think this is the PDQ by the old PDQ in waukesha, which is on 59!!! So I drive there and I'm like "well this is 59, maybe there is a PDQ on 164 in Big Bend or something?

So once again I'm driving to God knows where with No GAS. I stop for Gas and somehow manage to NOT pay with my CC so I'm about to drive away, when the guy comes out and said "you didnt pay!"

I'm totally flustered and embarrassed, I'm also late and pissed off.

So I have gas and I drive back to the PDQ thinking MAYBE she is there and she is. I'm like "Tammy, this isnt 164, this is 59." "Well" she says, " I use the backroads to get here, I thought this was 164."

I am seriously stressed and mad that I had to waste time, spend 1.89 a gallon for gas when the PDQ had it 20 cents cheeper, and I'm once again going to be late for YOGA.

So, please, if you are giving directions, or telling someone to meet you somewhere, please get it right before I lose my mind.
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Monday, August 15, 2005


Well the worst has happened, my I-Pod Mini Battery is going THUNK! and dying. Good news is its free to repair because its under warranty, bad news is I have no idea how long it will take to repair :(.

I'm all sad because it only has like a 2 hour charge, vs the 8 hrs i deserve! BAH!
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Friday I decided Not to drive to Glendale for the job interview I had. I called and said with the gas prices @ close to $3.00 a gallon it wouldn’t be worth it to drive to Glendale for work daily, plus, that would add an hour to my commute.

So we ended up running errands with the kids, we took a car wash, we went to McDonald’s for lunch (cheeseburgers), and we took Owen to the Dr. (ear infection, got antibiotics and free formula-Dr Biebel kicks ass).

After Dale came home, I popped out and went to Walmart ($123.00 spent when all I needed was some diaper genie refills!)

Saturday was picture day in the AM at Penny’s (Mya got freaked out so we only have one good picture of the girls together), in the early afternoon the kids went to Grandmas and we headed off to Madison to see Macbeth with Robin, Jason, and her friends Robyn and I am not sure what her husbands name was, I wanna say Dave, lets go with Dave; and also Gwen and her husband and son.

We cooked out before hand (yum) and the play was pretty good, it was opening night and the actors sometimes didn’t project well (especially when their backs were turned), but I had fun. We got home late and crashed.

Save the date as Robin is getting married Monday January 9th. I’m not going to Mexico and I assume Dale is going, but I haven’t gotten anything from her with regards to how we set that all up for him, I know Robin mentioned a travel agent but I am not sure.

Sunday was the Zoo, and then early to bed as we were cranky from lack of nap-age.

Have watched, Wimbledon, Kentucky Fried Movie, Bridget Jones 2, All The Presidents’ Men, and something else in the past week, I’m almost movie-d out.
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Thursday, August 11, 2005


I sent this to my blog from my cellphone, lets see if this magical invention works!

Owen @ Home

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Its supposed to rain today, blah!

Traffic last night sucked ass. The brewers game let out, and state fair traffic, and Marquette Interchange Traffic, made my ride home 1 hour and 20 minutes. It also didnt help that I ran down to the 3rd ward after work to give V $40.00 for her cellphone issue (she got fucked over by an ex-boyfriend who left her 4 months ago, and is now getting married to some other girl {sound familiar??}) so I went and loaned her some money till payday, my poor babygirlfriend! (you got good hair though, really good hair!)

Anyways, I've updated my HS blog with some new pictures of people I went to HS with you can check that out over at

Tonight we need to clean the house, its got that "hasnt been cleaned much this week" stanky smell.
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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Thankfully my friend Erin called me and we could vent about an issue that has been bothering us both! Thanks Erin!

I updated my new blog which is located at These are pictures from my HS reunion and also pictures of people from the class of 95. I plan on updating it accordingly.

Today I have training on our new system @ work, should be loads of fun.
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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

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