Wednesday, June 27, 2007

irritated into the mean reds...

today i found i was infiately more irritated with fellow employees that perhaps i had a right to be.

maybe its because I'm sick, maybe its because its extra hot (87 at 10:30 am) i dunno...

I had a situation where someone (we shall refer to him as T) decided to do my job for me without letting me know, or asking my imput, just decided to make an arbitrary decision (which was wrong) and go on their merry way.

2 months later my client calls sort of upset....umm why did you do this? me? Ive never even seen this file before? oh, well you guys did XXXXX and therefore now you need to call person X, explain, get XXXX back and then send the XXXXX. okay?

me after hanging up email boss and T, yes since you decided to do what you did, you fucking fix it, not my f up.

You know most people dont even want to do their own jobs, but around here it KILLS me how many people want to do mine for me when they cant even get their job done. My job exists to make peoples lives easier around the firm, I guess everyone wants to make their lives harder by doing my job for me.

Also, "Ugly Betty" had some medical (very minor, random, outpatient-y stuff) done last week...had to stay out all week to recover (air quotes) and now this week is MILKING her (air quotes) recovery for all its worth. CantStopCarrie had this same thing done last year...went in on friday came back to work monday, said there is no way in hell that after 10 days she would have any your mama honey cause we are full out of giving a fuck here at my desk.


Watching at work this week, the DVD set of Firefly....what a good show, how sad Fox Canceled it too soon.... I also have The Little Foxes and The Illusionist...if I get to that point....

Listening, Im in the (slow) process of recreating the bext mix tape I ever owned. I am still searching for about 4 songs left to complete the track listing, the problem is that those 4 are EXTREMELY hard to locate 2 of which I doubt are even on CD... They arent on Itunes and not on of them it turns out was on a album from the morning guys at K-rock about 8 yrs ago, If I want that one song its like 7 bucks to buy the cd used on, which is more than i want to pay for one 1:43 song....

Reading: I just finished "It Aint All ABout the Cooking" by Paula Deen ('MoTom gave it to me, I think so I would cook him some southern food) which was OK..Im not big on Autobiographies...I finished a quickie book by Janet Evanovich and I have The Children of Hurin left to start.

Watching: TV this week, not much....summer TV is shit

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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message He Is Dead,
Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong.

The stars are not wanted now: put out every one;
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood.
For nothing now can ever come to any good.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


so this is my attempt to put a bit of positivity out in the universe for my main man conserv8...his divorce (should) be final tomorrow (sorry man, as lazlo said, im happy and sad for you) and he moves on's hoping that your week is good and all...did you see that grand slam? i mean didja see it? excellent, get out that broom baby it was a swwwwweeeep!
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

hola como estas? estoy, muy bien

random musings today:

Today Im slightly busy at work so no time for a cohesive statement on whats going on just some random stuff:

1. Is it ever OK to use your cellphone and carry on a conversation in the bathroom of your office buidling while you are taking a Nixon? No, I didnt think so. WTF!

2. Mary's version of "you may be a redneck if your idea of a fun saturday night is a 6 pack and a bug zapper:" Standing in my kitchen window during torrential downpours watching the idiots in their cars trying to drive through the HUGE DEEP standing water that always backs up at the corner when it rains a lot. Nothing says fun for me than seeing Minivans and low slung cars get stuck in water.

3. Ryan, you must rent Battle Royale. Loved it.

4. I am dissatisfied with summer TV. They dont show reruns anymore, just horrible reality shows and crap. Man I miss TV.

5. Heard about an old friend today, appears he is just the same as he used to be, comforting to know that nothing ever changes.

6. Two times in the past month two different people have commented that my house doenst have a theme to its decorating skematic. I guess I wasnt aware you were supposed to have a unifing theme in your house. I said to the 2nd person who mentioned this fact that my theme is "middle class despair, sprinkled with desperation, seasoned with "not a high priority of mine" and finished off with a red wine vinegrette of "and where will this money magically appear to redectorate my home with a theme?" I guess i view the house in this way:

-we dont plan on being in our house much more than 10 years

-we have 3 kids who are all under 4 years old. why get new carpet, repaint, new furnature etc...when the kids will (most likely) piss, shit, puke, draw on, track dirt over, place dirty cheerio + juice hand prints all over evrything which will necessitate replacing again. might as well wait till they pass this stage and then figure it all out.

-most of my furnishings are hand me downs. The couches upstairs, from my mom, the table upstairs, my mother in law, furnature downstairs, mother in law, computer room book shelves from my dad, my desk, old MPS desk my dad rescued (most certainly if the house was buring down and I had to save 1 item of furn my desk would be it) the bed dale bought new, but its crap, our bedroom furnature was MY furnature I got when I was 5, owens crib was rummaged, the girls dressers and all other dressers were rescued from my grandmothers house, i have my grandmothers dining room table and chairs and her china cabinet... So pretty much all our stuff is a hodgepodge of items and nothing matches. Do I care? well lets be reasonable, in a perfect world where i could spend money with impunity I would buy stuff that all matches and is nice and new and comfy, now in the real world where Im tossing out 25k a year to daycare, fuck new furnature, the old shit will have to do....

-as for decorating in a unified theme, i just dont have the time or the effort to paint everything matchy matchy and go all crate and barrel/IKEA on your ass.

-mostly I put stuff in the house that I love and that makes me happy. The things I love the most in the house are (as I said) my dad's old MPS desk circa at least 1930-1940. Its scratched, its old, its solid oak and it is LOVED. I love the wierd ass block painting circa1978ish that my dad bought at a NHS student art sale. Some high school kid painted it. Its brilliant.. I also love my wall table that Bryce bought us for our wedding present, its dark wood and just cute as hell and doesnt match anything else in the whole house.

7. we need a new bed. This one squeeks if you even roll over or if you sneeze. Im annoyed.

8. Children of Men really sucks as a film. I was beyond uninterested and pretty much stopped watching, went to Wikipedia and found out how it ended, said "oh that sucks." and went back to my LOTR audiobook.
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Monday, June 11, 2007


Sheep passing my car

well we almost killed 2 outta ...

Weekend recap: So after almost drowning one kid (and the more I think about my aunt and uncle's f-ing neighbor's fence thing the more upset I get), having one kid walk away from the house down the street (which makes me more and more panic'd the more I think about it) and after Dale explaining his nightmare to me from Saturday night (in which all three of the kids and Dale were in some high rise building with metal girders and stuff and Owen and Malinda fell down a 10 foot drop and Malinda wasnt moving....) I have decided that having kids will kill you, if you manage not to kill your kids first by having them fall into pools and wander down the street. Yesterday we decided to tempt fate again by taking the kids with Grandma to the pool. Grandma bought those swimsuits that are all floating devices (waterwing type things inside the suit) and Malinda pretty much jumped in and took off...she was swimming all over the pool, and chatting with the neighbors and making friends...Mya didnt want to be alone and Owen wanted to be held....We put everyone in the suits after a time and even owen was swimming without us holding him (although he had the suit + wings and a noodle) which was pretty fun. I got a bit sunburned on my shoulders but it doesnt hurt.
Owen had a hard morning yesterday...he likes to demand breakfast when we wake up and when he gets breakfast he likes to throw a tantrum and cry for no reason over what he has. Yesterday he did his thing and Dale gave up and took him downstairs to cuddle while I stayed up with the girls. Well about 30 min later he pukes all over Dale's shirt and felt much better. Nothing like a kid puking on you to start your day. He then fell asleep about 2 hours later (10ish?) and slept for about 3 hours.
This week is actually pretty busy for me. Tonight I pick up Market Day and watch a bit of baseball @ West. I need to hit the gym tomorrow (usually I go today). I have a client recon for 2 days at work today and tomorrow. There are 4 baseball games this week and I think we may go to 2 of them. Friday night its open night at the zoo till 8pm so I think we are going to picnic out with the kids there.
Ryan seems to be lucking out in Montana with (at last count) 4 bear sightings and numerous other flora and fauna...I hope he gets home OK with no delays and sends me many pictures.

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Friday, June 08, 2007

only ryan

In Montanta news, Congrats to my own personal John Muir, Conserv8 who saw a Grizzly Bear (and got some shots off), a Moose (and got some shots off) and a flock o' mountainy sheep (or goats I forget) and a Ptarmigan this morning on his hike. So go man go! This is great for him because (with exception of the bird) this comprised his list of things he wanted to see on his trip so it appears that all the rain and wind were worthwile! Pictures should be posted on his page when he returns from the land of the glaciers....

update, call from ryan about 3:30 to inform me he was THIS CLOSE to being mauled by a bear...holy christ! he actually had to use his bear spray! for the love of god ryan, dont get mauled by a bear....

also i dyed my hair today, we took family pictures at church:

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

el dying

I think it is possible that I am dying...

Its that one day out of my month where I am very sure I am slowly dying to death and nothing anyone could say or do or feed me (like the tempting offer of custard today) can make it all better. Usually I hope my one day of slow death can come on like a Sunday or Saturday but when it's hump day and a slow hump day at that, it can make was is usually an unbearable day become totally intolerable. What really sucks about my life is that my dear old lover, Advil and his little gay friend, Ibrprofin are totally verbotten for me for life (They mess with my blood chemistry too much) so I am left with either Vicodin or the useless counterpart of Tylenol for pain relief. I would shoot you in the head if that meant that I would be able to go home, get in bed, lay down and sleep for the next 12 hours.

Yesterday I finished the book I bought earlier that day. It was so good....I can not imagine how I will wait until next year for the next book in the series. Thankfully her next book (in a different series) comes out in October so at least I have that to look forward to. The nice part about my new book is I was able to finish it by 10pm so I don't think that 6 hours to read a 300+ page book was so bad...

So in other non dying related news, today I had to head over to the Target to grab something for Dale (which they didnt have). However they did have a bonanza of $1.00 items and 2 for $5.00 items that were unreal. I ended up buying about the next 6 months worth of birthday presents and christmas presents for about $20.00 & i got 3 pairs of cute socks for 2.50. You cant even get that shit at walmart that cheep. I did also notice that they now sell Kiehl's @ Target but they do not have the moisterizer that I use (sodium PCA oil free) which means I may have to cave and buy it online.

Tonight its dinner at Moe's as a fund-raiser for the club...mmmm Nacho's.

Usa today headline:

Under picture of Brittney, Lyndsey, and Paris

Young Hollywood: What has gotten into them?
Answer: Drugs and Booze and K-Fed's spoodle.

And there's your article. Does not need to be much longer than that.
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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

multi media day

movie reviews for the week:

COVER GIRL: STARRING RITA HAYWORTH AND GENE KELLY- its pretty much one of my top 5 favorites behind All about Eve....Gets better with every viewing...I love those old Hollywood musicals. They rock the house. I 1st saw this movie in 1995 in a small movie Theatre in Minneapolis called Uptown Movie Theatre. It shows ANY movie you could request on its one screen. I have seen Gone With The Wind there, All About Eve, Star Wars (epi 4) etc....

EPIC MOVIE: The parody film of Pirates of the Carribean, Harry Potter, Chronic (what!?)als of Narnia, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and DaVinci code. Much like the other parody films this one is pretty funny and the casting of Crispin Glover doing his best Johnny Depp doing Willy Wonka and whoever they found to do Capt' Jack "Swallows" was dead on....It was pretty funny, about what you would expect...I wouldnt have paid money to see it in the theatre, but I was all good with it from Netflix.

FARCE OF THE PENGUINS-STARING BOB SAGET AND PRETTY MUCH EVERY OTHER COMEDIAN YOU CAN THINK OF (+ Samuel L Jackson)-If you have ever seen March of The Penguins and then you see this you will laugh your ass off. Basically they take stock footage and I think footage from MOTP and do hilarious voice overs. I was having trouble NOT laughing out loud at work. Its def. a must rent...if you don't mind dirty dirty Bob Saget humor!

HALF-NELSON-Now this got really terrific reviews (and stars perennial hottie Ryan Gosling) and Oscar nods. Me? I really wasn't all that impressed, in fact I kinda had to force myself to finish the movie I was kind of bored. I can see why Ryan Gosling was nominated, I mean he was really good as a smack addict (i mean, not ever knowing one, I would believe he was addicted to crack...) but other than that, I wasnt all that impressed.

THE HOLIDAY-a meet-cute movie with Cameron Diaz (who will never be as hot as she was in The Mask) and Kate Winslet (and Jude Law)....who decide to switch houses (and countries) for 2 weeks over christmas to escape their shitty love lives and who find true love in 2 weeks blah blah. It got terrible reviews, I actually like the parts with Winslet and really hated the parts with Diaz (maybe i just dislike her)...I would say it wasnt as good as IN HER SHOES (which i totally liked) but it was a pretty good chick flick.

Book review for the week:

I am reading:

The Yiddish Policmen's Union by Michael Chabon-Its one of those books where there are a lot of words per page (its the only way i can describe it) and it reads slower than I normally read, I think it may be one of those books that takes me a month or so to finish. Its about a Jewish Detective in Sitka, Alaska. The author won the Pulitzer for his last novel so he ain't half bad as a writer.

The Harlequin-Laurell K Hamilton-Hooray I just bought this today!

Undead & ???-Hooray I just bought this too!


I am listening to:

The unabridged version of "The Lord of the Rings." I am on book one....Bilbo just left the ring to Frodo and oh no...what shall he do!?

Amy god, best song ever! Did you hear her live on MTV Movie awards? Killed me, she just killed me.

Im also listening to alot of Elliott Smith (this is normal) and Green Day's charity video for Working Class Hero (proceeds towards Darfur charities...) which is actually not a bad cover....

I also have enjoyed playing the Chicago soundtrack at top volume and singing along...Rene Zelweiger is in my range so thats always fun....


Man the summer TV blows chunks. I hate reality TV shows, nobody shows re-runs anymore....I ended up watching House last night (rerun) and my DVD box set of Northern Exposure-Season 6. I guess I will read alot this summer!
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Monday, June 04, 2007

Friday, June 01, 2007

i should just work from home as a envelope stuffer.

i am so angry right now i could pop

So after yesterdays "little miss i'm so filled with self importance i could pop" episode with my ipod

little miss i order the staples came over and tried to start something today with me...she pages me on my phone, i pick up, she tells me i have a call from a client so i hang up the phone, pick up my call and go on my merry way....this is what i do every time, this is what i did the 3 times this morning when the back up girl sarah tells me i have a call....

about 2 min after i hang up, im sitting at my desk, working on a project and she comes over behind me...

"why did you hang up on me?"

me: "to pick up my call?"

"well (bunch of mummbledogook about how she hears beeps etc...if i do whatever) and i heard (whatever she hears...)"

me: "listen if you have a problem why don't you go take it up with Kurt?"

her "im not going to I dont appreciate that you hang up on me by slamming the phone down like this?" (grabs my phone and slams down the receiver)

me: "please don't touch my phone."

her (and here is the hilarious set up for her comment which is coming up) "oooohh" and sort of touches my phone all over like she is giving it cooties or licking the last cookie in the box so i can't eat it.

as she walks away she loudly says "you need to grow up Mary, you are just mad because I caught you doing something you shouldnt have been doing yesterday, JUST GROW UP!"

then (kurt informs me later) as she walked away she said "why would i tell her fucking supervisor anything he doesnt do a goddamn thing anyways..."

Now of course by this point im so angry my hands are shaking.

but are you kidding me? you yell at me to grow up right after I

1: didnt give in to your delusions

2: didnt fight back with you and tried to deflect the situation

3: you cootied my phone like a 2 year old

4: stomped off in a huff like my 2 year old

I email Kurt:

If Laura ever comes over to me again and speaks to me in that tone of voice or touches anything on my desk in that manner I will NOT be able to keep my temper in check.

I DO NOT deserve to have anyone in this office speak to me in this way.

we have a few closed door chats (whereby he tells me I am 100% right etc...) and he goes down to chat with Scott Israel and blah blah...

the final closed door chat was that he wants me to, if this happens again, to remember the golden rule and don't let my anger get the best of me and not say anything....which caused me to blow up and say "but i didnt fucking do anything? i asked her to take it up with you!! and I treated her just like i wanted to be treated when she called?!?!?!?!"

kurts trying to calm me down and i say "so whats going to happen now?"

kurt says that they (sr partners) realize that by putting their heads in the sand nothing is being resolved, and trying to resolve things one on one hasnt helped so they are going to try to resolve it on a group level...and then if that doesnt work get more agressive on a individual level..

i start screaming about teflon...i said laura has worked here for 10 fucking years and treats everyone like is "resolving things on a group level" going to do anything?

so i just have to sit tight and let the process work itself out...

this is so much bullshit...basically I have to sit here and be kicked like a dog, so other people can treat me like shit, so they can get away with treating me like shit, so upper management knows I am being treated like shit, so we can try to "work things out later."

this is so not helpful.

i miss the days when my receptionist was shannon and she was nice and normal and sane...
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