Tuesday, June 19, 2007

hola como estas? estoy, muy bien

random musings today:

Today Im slightly busy at work so no time for a cohesive statement on whats going on just some random stuff:

1. Is it ever OK to use your cellphone and carry on a conversation in the bathroom of your office buidling while you are taking a Nixon? No, I didnt think so. WTF!

2. Mary's version of "you may be a redneck if your idea of a fun saturday night is a 6 pack and a bug zapper:" Standing in my kitchen window during torrential downpours watching the idiots in their cars trying to drive through the HUGE DEEP standing water that always backs up at the corner when it rains a lot. Nothing says fun for me than seeing Minivans and low slung cars get stuck in water.

3. Ryan, you must rent Battle Royale. Loved it.

4. I am dissatisfied with summer TV. They dont show reruns anymore, just horrible reality shows and crap. Man I miss TV.

5. Heard about an old friend today, appears he is just the same as he used to be, comforting to know that nothing ever changes.

6. Two times in the past month two different people have commented that my house doenst have a theme to its decorating skematic. I guess I wasnt aware you were supposed to have a unifing theme in your house. I said to the 2nd person who mentioned this fact that my theme is "middle class despair, sprinkled with desperation, seasoned with "not a high priority of mine" and finished off with a red wine vinegrette of "and where will this money magically appear to redectorate my home with a theme?" I guess i view the house in this way:

-we dont plan on being in our house much more than 10 years

-we have 3 kids who are all under 4 years old. why get new carpet, repaint, new furnature etc...when the kids will (most likely) piss, shit, puke, draw on, track dirt over, place dirty cheerio + juice hand prints all over evrything which will necessitate replacing again. might as well wait till they pass this stage and then figure it all out.

-most of my furnishings are hand me downs. The couches upstairs, from my mom, the table upstairs, my mother in law, furnature downstairs, mother in law, computer room book shelves from my dad, my desk, old MPS desk my dad rescued (most certainly if the house was buring down and I had to save 1 item of furn my desk would be it) the bed dale bought new, but its crap, our bedroom furnature was MY furnature I got when I was 5, owens crib was rummaged, the girls dressers and all other dressers were rescued from my grandmothers house, i have my grandmothers dining room table and chairs and her china cabinet... So pretty much all our stuff is a hodgepodge of items and nothing matches. Do I care? well lets be reasonable, in a perfect world where i could spend money with impunity I would buy stuff that all matches and is nice and new and comfy, now in the real world where Im tossing out 25k a year to daycare, fuck new furnature, the old shit will have to do....

-as for decorating in a unified theme, i just dont have the time or the effort to paint everything matchy matchy and go all crate and barrel/IKEA on your ass.

-mostly I put stuff in the house that I love and that makes me happy. The things I love the most in the house are (as I said) my dad's old MPS desk circa at least 1930-1940. Its scratched, its old, its solid oak and it is LOVED. I love the wierd ass block painting circa1978ish that my dad bought at a NHS student art sale. Some high school kid painted it. Its brilliant.. I also love my wall table that Bryce bought us for our wedding present, its dark wood and just cute as hell and doesnt match anything else in the whole house.

7. we need a new bed. This one squeeks if you even roll over or if you sneeze. Im annoyed.

8. Children of Men really sucks as a film. I was beyond uninterested and pretty much stopped watching, went to Wikipedia and found out how it ended, said "oh that sucks." and went back to my LOTR audiobook.
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