Saturday, July 31, 2004

Took the girls to the car dealership this Am to get our cars oil changes etc...Then we went swimming in the backyard-malinda kept trying to drink the pool-My parents came over and they had fun watching the girls swim. We had a way long nap this afternoon and then took the girls to Riverfest for a few hours. Saw my parents (volunteering for the band selling soda) had a snow cone and mom and dad ate corn on the cob and cheeseburgers. Took a walk around and enjoyed the nice weather. Sent the girls to bed around 7pm and spent the night cleaning up the computer room, logging books, getting rummage sale stuff together. Sunday Dustin is coming over!
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Friday, July 30, 2004

ALTOIDS MAKES LIQUORICE FLAVORED ALTOIDS-WHEEEEE! I ran into a guy I went to Middle School with at the gas station this morning. I havent seen him in like 12 years, that was very odd. It was even odder that he recognized me....Watched disc 2 of Freaks and Geeks last night, played Sequence with Dale and we both spent 30 min scrapping wallpaper in the bathroom. I fucking hate the wallpaper.

We may hang out with Damon and family this weekend, I'm not quite sure...We may also take the girls to riverfest, of that I am also not quite sure.
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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Watched Disc 1 of "FREAKS AND GEEKS" last night. Why the hell didnt i watch it when it was on TV? What a totally excellent show! (made even better by the yummy Linda Cardellini and James Franco) Took girls up to West for dinner with my parents and the marching band-they ate oranges and baked potatoes.

May get together with Damon and his Jen and his daughter Brooke at some point in the next month-that should be cool. This weekend we have oil changes on Saturday morning and Im pretty sure thats it...
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Tuesday, July 27, 2004


The girls are celebrating their 1st birthday at my folks house (3018 walden cir in waukesha) on August 22, 2004 at 2pm. Everyone is invited to come eat grilled out pork products and cake. No gifts are required (the girls have enough stuff alread) but come and bring your kids and yourselves! Let me know if you would like to attend and I'll make sure we throw a brat on the barbie for you!!

On a somber note: Fuck you Ricky Williams and smacka yo head Bucko for picking him over my man, Priest Holmes. Screw up my keeper league will you-pothead.
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Monday, July 26, 2004

I had a long weekend filled with not a whole lot. On friday we took the girls swimming in the backyard and it was way cold....The girls are teething in a mean way so we had Mya having this screaming pain filled fit which neither Tylenol or Tooth gunk could fix. Saturday more of the same, painfilled kids. Sunday went to the Waukesha County Fair for a Fraternal Twins contest (they lost) and we looked at the animals, Mya got to pet a bunny which she liked. There was much screaming yesterday as their teeth suck. We went to Toys R Us (which was a hit) and bought some teethy things and some letters (you'd have to see it to get it). Mya spent a good hour screaming in Dale's arms before she gave up.

Good news is we rented "chris rock bring the pain" damn funny, watched Miracle (pretty good, but I dont like hockey) and Oceans 11 (which we own on DVD and gets better every time). All the women in the house have these horrible cold/coughs and we are all snoring and keeping daddy up at night. bah! Happy Monday
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Friday, July 23, 2004

I watched Bubba Ho-tep last night. It is a Bruce Campbell film where he is Elvis and Ossie Davis is JFK and they live in a retirement home in texas and have to kill a Mummy. It was seriously fucked up.

Tonight we are watching Miracle and visiting my brother who had Knee surgery yesterday (torn mininskus or whatever you spell it). Its gonna be another 90 degree 100% humidity day-Joy. At least I can watch the ginormus spider outside my window have a field day killing a bug.
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Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Also ran a junkyard battle for Mechwarrior, was fun-the baby threw up all over the MW mat, that was lovely.

Spent last night after MW rereading a Laurell K Hamilton book (book 6 of 13...) Im rereading the whole set this week, I should be done by Sunday, Im cracking through a book a day.....We are moving a VCR stand and a couch tonight so my house is starting to look like less of a disaster zone.

I'm hoping we can take the girls for a swim in the new pool we got this weekend....i dont want to dump them in hose water and see how that works....
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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Thanks to crimsonrage for this lovely poem about the worst director (and ex husband of geena davis) ever:

Renny Harlin Oh my gawd Oh my darlin' What a clod! His awful turds Will get a reaction What Hussein did to Kurds He does to action His apparent stupidity It has no equal He stripped the validity Of the first Die Hard sequel Instead of action scenes That were tough and had a brain We get fakey blue screens Of John flying out of a plane It's all so frickin lame Our hopes Harlin shatters The cast looks so ashamed Even Carl from Family Matters But lo! That wasn't it We weren't left alone For Harlin made more sh!t This time with Sly Stallone. The movie's called Cliffhanger It co-starred Michael Rooker It's like a herpes-laden wanger After screwing a she-male hooker The many special effects Are supposed to be a WOW! But you'll only reflect About the chin on John Lithgow Next came Cutthroat Island A movie I did not see For I'd rather go to Thailand And have a guy chop off my wee. It was a huge bomb The public got it right But when you thought he was gone Came The Long Kiss Goodnight. Does anyone else here think That it was a monumental crime That despite its awful stink This was the best selling script of all time? What did Shane Black write That made people so giddy "She's says a joke and they fight Man I'm so damn witty!" And if you thought "Hark! Renny couldn't be more gay!" See his film with the shark That starred LL COOl J. It's like a turd-topped waffle With a side of toilet scum The shark effects were awful Worse than that ad for Trident gum Harlin is the pits He'll never be forgiven For turning out more sh!t This time called Driven He's made so much dung He's such a f-cking dope That he should be hung From his long hair, instead of rope.

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So anyways, last two nights my mom has come over to take the girls to the park to play after dinner. This has been nice because 1: I get a break and 2: They get super tired and sleep as soon as we put them down. They came over last night to help me get rid of one of my futons (kick ass) so I can put a crib or something in the new babies room....Have I ever mentioned that ever since I left college I really hate the idea of the metal black futon. I have one more in the basement and I can not WAIT to get rid of it. My parents are giving us their old (read pretty much brand new) furnature. Which is great. I am giving Robin back her big overstuffed chair and I gave her the matching couch (so now she has the full set) which was originally her mom and dads old furnature. In fact, everything in my house is someones old furnature, what the hell? (except my bed, which sucks and dale bought and is not king sized and should be and i should stop bitching)

We watched "50 First dates" last night. It was cute, but since when did Adam Sandler turn into this sappy romantic comedy guy? As always the (as dale calls them) "3 guys" who are in all his movies were beyond funny as was Rob Schneider. Ive also watched two movies lately...The Deerhunter and October Sky which have led me to this conclusion, living in Pennsylvania really sucks, its dirty and everyone either mines or works with steel and is poor and mean....

We have Starsky and Hutch and Bubba Ho Tep coming today from Netflix, of course since tonight is Mechwarrior Night we wont get to watch till tomorrow.

I get my early american chrononauts today....hey MD i got a 2001 promo card from Loony you have that one? Its The Jade Statue of tirade.....

anyways....keeping busy around the house, we have about 10, 000 weeds to pull, plus a deck to clean off (which I plan on hosing off tonight) so the girls can use their new swimmy pool....Oh yes the a/c had abroken wire or some shit in the walls and they fixed that, now my allergies are somewhat back to normal.

I suck becase I still haven't seen Spiderman 2.
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Friday, July 16, 2004

So I have discovered that working in a small office really highlights the office cliques more so than in big business...heres what I'v e found so far you have your....:

LIFERS. The lifer is what it sounds, they are gonna work for this company till they die and have worked here for like 10 years. The lifers may be managers, or not; either way they all hang out together, go to lunches together to talk about all the newbies and smokers (see below), go to each others weddings, kids birthday parties, and 4th of July BBQ's. Its impossible to be in their little club unless you too work for the company for a billion years. Get on their bad side and work and you are fucked.

NEWBIES. People who just got hired. They are totally lost and alone since they don't know anyone enough to break into a new clique. They eat lunch by themselves and try pretty hard to fit in with some group or another....they spend their time waiting to stop being "the new guy."

SMOKERS. Just what it sounds like. The bastards in the office who smoke and get to take extra breaks (which the non smokies dont get) to stand outside and chat....

ill break it down more when i have more time-work calls.
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We have an albino squirrel living in our neighborhood! We had one at my old house when I was a kid.....I saw it running around in the (creepy forclosed) neighbors yard on the way to daycare-neat.

The fucking A/C guy came last night, told me it was "just a tripped breaker" in the basement and left....guess what assmonkey, it wasnt a tripped breaker, the fucking A/C still doesnt work. I am not enjoying sleeping with all the windows open with 50 fans running. My goddamn allergies are at defcon 2. bastard is coming back this AM, he had better fix the fucking a/c.
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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Last night we made a trip to target. We have to somehow get 3 car seats in our car so we bought a very thin carseat last night to see if that plus baby carrier will work in the car. I do not want to buy a new car.

Also bought some bathtub stuff (slip free mat, pads for mom and dads knees and arms, funny toys) and two hats for the girls. Gave kids a bath, ate Subway for dinner and went to bed (hard to sleep without A/c and my allergies from having the house open are insane).

Watched Spy Kids 2 on DVD (yes, I like those movies, robert rodrigues is amazing) and expect to watch Spy Kids 3 and Boiler Room tonight (if netflix shows up).

Having a fish fry at flannerys with Muench tomorrow at lunch.
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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Had a good MW group last night, Scott is on a quest to play faction pure and every faction this month...I have a freaking cold, it sucks.

so our a/c is busted again, happened last year, blew a condenser or was 80 degrees when I got home, have to either get new a/c or fix the old one.
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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

My Million Dollar Idea:

What the world needs on the www is a page dedicated to NFL criminals.

What it would be is links to all current NFL teams and their rosters, then you would click on a name (lets say we click on Steve McNair) and you would be able to see his roster picture (you know him all smiley and whatnot) and his Mug shot. Jeff Garcia, DWI, Michael Irvin crack whores and drugs, an incredibly bad wardrobe

Then a list of his criminal offences, DWI, status of his case, date he was entered into the NFL Hall of Fame etc...

Then you have a "REWARDED WITH" tab, such as Ray Lewis, crime: got away with killing people, rewarded with: super bowl win and super bowl MVP

Then you could just go back through the years, FORMER NFL criminals (how many jags are in the hall of fame etc...

Then you could have that guy from the packers, the closet pooper, crime, shat in some girls closet in college, rewarded with lucrative contract for the Green Bay Packers.

I think it would be a brilliant webpage.
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Yea for Mya she has a new tooth in the front! She pushed through her top left tooth yesterday and it appears that another one is on its way (you can kinda see this "hole" thingy where the tooth should be.)

Yesterday was my 1st day taking the girls to daycare when they had their big girl seats. This was almost impossible to manage for me. Dale and I are working out a system where he can take the girls and pick them up and I can not have to get stressed out doing that....

There is a new candy from Nestle called dark chocolate mint (one of the mini's) MAN do they kick ass!

Ordered a new board game off ebay called Sequence....Robin and Jason showed it to us over the last weekend, pretty fun...I also bought the 2001 promo pack from Loony Labs with my Rabbit Points (long story)....PM to Matt Dull if he checks in, you should go check that out...a new artifact and 2 new (well ok old) mission cards.....

Today at lunch I am going to visit Lynne (my eyebrow lady) to get my brows done. She is by far the BEST brow lady I've ever been to. I also need to call Jen (our hairstylist) and book an appt for dale and I....

Tonight is MW a head to head thing, which means very low maintenance for me....I'm hoping my Early American Chrononauts will be in (I special ordered it last week!)...all is good on the baby front for those who are wondering!
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Monday, July 12, 2004

Ok I think I last posted on Wed? so alot seemed to have happened since then. I'll break it down for you: If you dont want to read the medical stuff skip to item #2

#1 I'm having some complications with the pregnancy (some bleeding/some bloody discharge). I had an ultrasound last week Thursday, the baby was (then) 15 weeks 2 days old (they measure bones date it) and my new due date is December 28, 2004. Lucky kid born around X-Mas.....The baby appeared to be fine, doing alot of moving (I cant feel that yet) and was sucking its thumb (very cute). I will try to take a picture of my u/s picture and post here so you can see the little bugger.

I then ran into the obgyn cause, you arent supposed to fucking bleed while you are pregant...The dr checked my plumbing out and said everything looked fine...If I keep bleeding I will have to go on bedrest at 16 weeks. This will be a disaster, seriously a disaster. I had to rest all weekend and I only seem to have this bleedy problem in the AM and PM.

#2. I had my meeting on Thursday. It was an incredible waste of time. I did find out some things during it and we caught the other party in 2 outright lies (which they later admitted were lies or "forgot") There was a lot of things said that were stupid and the end of the day the mediator said "they have a lot of problems and a lot to think about." So I am feeling good about it I guess.....sad that we couldnt have done this before the fact....whatever fuck them eh?

#3. Went to door county for the weekend (baumer family reunion) with the kids. They now have their BIG GIRL car seats and are facing forward which they (and we) like. Malinda likes to stare out the car window and fall asleep. We had hours and hours of fun listening to Sesame Street on CD with the kids. We stayed at the Landmark, they gave us cribs and highchairs (nice) to use. We went out for food and spent time with Robin and Jason. On Sat. Dale's cousins husbands family has a house on lake MI (Jonesport) and we spent time at a cookout. We played many card games after the kids went to sleep.

Sunday we drove home and my mom took Malinda out for the day. I watched the end (disc 2) of Pearl Harbor (didnt suck as much as I thought) and took a nap. And thats the weekend.
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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I had no time to post over the weekend. On friday we grilled out Italians and ate outside while my parents played with the girls. My Raspberry bushes have gone insane and are threatening to take over the yard. We also need a new lawnmower as the $25.00 wondermower has died. I'm putting 'er out on the curb this Friday for the trashman.

Saturday crap what did we do? Oh yeah, we took the kids to their 1st July 4th parade in Waukesha. This is, of course, the lamest parade for anyone over the age of 5. The 4th parade is the "kids" parade, the highlight of which is about 500 kids who decorated their bikes (read red white blue streamers) get to ride and wave. My dad also marches with the Park Band. The only reason he marches is because everyone who marches in the parade gets free ice cream bars at the end.

We also got free bars since we were sitting with the Fleishmans (they bought our old house and always help hand out the ice cream so we always get ice cream.) The girls enjoyed listening to grandpa's band play (they did not enjoy the 45 year old guys on a float playing Matchbox 20 cover songs-neither did mommy). Mya was being held by Scott Fleishman (hes about oh I dunno 300+ lbs of Marine) and decided she liked him enough to fall asleep on.

We went to Mack's for 2-4-1 Cheezeburgers with my parents and then went home. I also think we hit Sams Club Sat Night.... All I know is for the past 3 days, Malinda doesnt want to sleep. She wakes up about an hour after we put her down and cries. She has been up till like 11 for the past 3 nights. She wakes up with these terrified screams.

Of course, last night (you know the night we can't sleep in the next AM) she slept like a baby (haha).

Sunday (Happy 4th) I felt like shit so I attempted to not move all day. I watched the Nathan's Hot Dog Contest on TV and puked watching that Japaneese guy eat 53 1/2 hot dogs in 12 min.

Monday we took the kids to Denny's for breakfast and had Goldfish Crackers and Mashed Potatoes off the kids menu-whoo hoo.

Dale and I also played innumerable games of Chrononauts and Pirates of the Spanish main over the weekend. (Thanks to Mall Dull for the 411 on Chrononauts, way way fun game). This week I have an Ultrasound for the baby on Thurs, Blood tests, mediation on Thursday afternoon and a meeting with my atty on Wed night. Fun and Joy.
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Thursday, July 01, 2004

I guess its been near perfect weather lately...mid 80s and breezy.....We have no real plans for this weekend, we may go to August's party at the lake on saturday, weather permitting...we are also going to game on Sunday (Mark permitting)...

Today has been a brilliant morning for morning sickness, remind me NOT to walk through that alley to work anymore. The sight of 3 dead birds plus the smell of unpicked up garbage made me have some fun walking and puking for the length of the alley-yuck and yech.
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