Wednesday, October 31, 2007

this is from dale

I forgot to tell you about my talk with Mya and Malinda last night. I told them that I was building a new computer and that they would be able to use my old one. They asked if I would put their games on it and I said yes. Then Mya asked if I would put "daddy's" games on it. She said she wanted to play the bunny game (Candy Mountain Massacre). I told them that they didn't want to shoot bunnies, and their answer threw me for a loop. What they told me was something along the lines that it's ok to shoot some bunnies to make sure that the rest of the bunnies have enough food.
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Monday, October 29, 2007

my day

After picking up Owen from daycare we hit the dr, he's OK and no ear infections...we went home and he napped for an hour...I did some mail, reading newsweek and scrap'd a bit, this afternoon he wasnt throwing up and we went to the store to get some milk....stopped at the library, and my book on hold was missing (wasted trip) and got the girls. My mom made her magic beans before they left for Hawaii so that was dinner. Tonight is Chuck and Heroes, I may also watch a bit of the Packer game (but prob. not since I'm done with my fantasy team and I won, I beat Ben BIG TIME!).

My Knee is still swollen and I can't take anything for it, which sucks a big one.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

my long weekend 2

which actually started out OK... Thursday the girls and I drove down to Lake Geneva (with the sun in our eyes the whole way) I bought the kids Chicken Nugget Kids meals to eat on the way with apples (this will be important later) and all is well. We check into the hotel, watch some TV, get dressed for the rehersal:

and proceed to practice. The girls do very well. I have no complaints.

After the rehersal, we go to Gordy's in Lake Geneva for the rehersal and pasta (this will also be important later) and some cheesecake....

At about 9:30 the girls have had it and we leave for the hotel, my parents in tow as well.... My mom helps me get the girls in bed (they are mostly unconcious) and I read till about 11. I have some trouble getting to sleep, but I'm good till about 1:30am. Mya gets up and she can't sleep and her tummy hurts. So now I have her in bed with me and I am holding her tummy...till about 3:30 am when I hear Malinda get up. Malinda proceeds to puke up her pizza apples and mcdonalds all over the hotel room floor. I'm running around to the bathroom with her and she also now has the runs and she is puking in the ice bucket. After about 10 min of this, she gets back into bed and I'm trying to clean up everything with towels.

Then about 15 min later, she pukes on the floor again..repeat process above, this goes on for about an hour. I finally get her back to bed and get back with Mya when about 5:30am, Mya wakes up and she has the runs all over...and Malinda is puking up water.

Most of the day Friday, which was to be spent swimming, and shopping in Lake Geneva is spent by the girls doing this:

and me trying to stay awake on the bed to run people to the potty to poop or puke or just generally cry. Thankfully they took a break from that for about 45 min so I could run with them to walgreens for kids Pepto and tylenol.

Dale finally got in about 1 and we then got ready for the wedding.

Malinda puked a bit in the car on the way there, but not on her self. We took some shots outside

and did the wedding. I let the girls walk down the aisle, then wisked them to the back and everything seemed to go well.. Malinda only puked once in the parking lot and Mya only had bad poops once in the church. Hoo-freaking-ray.

The dinner was at the Grand Geneva golf course and the girls had fun dancing all during dinner while I chatted with my older cousins, Mike, Paul, and Mark and my brother and Mike's Girlfriend whose name I forget. We quit the reception about 9 and the girls had an uneventful night. I slept like the dead, considering the night before I had maybe 2 hours of sleep, this didnt surprise me.

Yesterday was good, no puking no pooping. Took a 3 hour nap when I got home with Owen and accomplished nothing other than dishes around the house.

Today I think we need to rake as the leaves are coming down.

I am exausted, although from this pic I look OK

welcome to the family Kate. I'm glad no one puked on or near you during the wedding.

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my long weekend

pictures from the of today my profile picture is my new cousin-in-law Kate Anderson and Malinda.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So I have to (well I don’t have to, but its strongly suggested that I do so) take a test (a 6 hour test) to get my Series 7 license which will allow me to buy and sell and trade things for our clients. It will make me a registered associate, I think I get a raise, I get my own business cards and stuff, whatever. I got the books (which is this HUGE set of two generous binders) to start reading this stuff before I go through this 15 week class to learn this crap, which will then allow me to take this crash course for a week (40 hours straight of cramming) which then allows me to take this 6 hour test. The book is pretty OK until I get to chapter 5 which is calculating yields on bonds and essentially requires me to remember equations and apply them to bond selling and buying situations. I AM SCREWED. #1 because I can't apply anything with equations, I can't remember equations, and I know on that part I am doomed to fail, and fail miserably. I suck at math, which is the understatement of the year. I think my track record of failing algebra and having to retake it the year after and barly passing that time before Geometry and Algebra II preceeded to kick my ass was proof enough of my failure as a mathmetician.

Plus this stuff is so boring, page after page about yields and par values and SEC rules that makes me wonder why ANYONE in their right mind would want to be a Finance person. What causes me to despair is the fact that everyone in my position who has had to take the test says "yes, you really don’t ever use any of this information in your daily job, and you don’t need to know any of the stuff you have to know cause our system just does it all for you." well !&^%$*^@)!!!!!!!!!!!! And that I know I am investing a huge chunk of time reading and trying to remember all this crap and if I fail this 6 hour test, then I have to take it again 30 days later, and then again 6 months later and by that time its very unlikely I will pass this test.

And I am a horrible test taker.
And I got myself an english degree cause its easy to read the book and spit back bullshit on an essay for 10 pages discussing how Huck Finn and Jim really had a homoerotic relationship on that raft and that its obvious to see that by Twain's use of alliteraion on page 168. I didn’t have to take many "remember this crap or you will fail miserably" kind of classes. I ran very very fast away from physics, and math, and science unless necessary.

Plus Ive been out of school for like 8 years. I lost that test taking, memory craming with facts and figures brainset. I think its impossible to pick that zone back up again. By the time I finish reading something its totally gone outta my brain replaced by "did we remember to take the kids mittens to school" and "what time is ballet on Friday."

I have mom oatmeal for brains and this totally totally sucks and is a horrible waste of my time, the time I could be spending looking out the window at the family of wild turkeys plotting their takeover of the business park with the Canada Geese.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i hate ryan’s job the owner of the clinic should rot in hell for telling the employees not to wash hands after using the bathroom.
the owner should rot for taking the coffee away
owners of pets who want to kill their dogs for licking a stranger who is now suing the owner for the dog licking and dont want to let the clinic take the dog should rot in hell

the job is killing my brother by another mothers' soul.

ryan, do yourself a favor, find a safer and less stressful job, perhaphs lebanon, or iraq, or north korea. i bet people in those places at least get coffee at their jobs.

fucking lousy job you have. come work with me. we'd have fun and i'd have a friend at work.

condolences go out to Kathy (my boss) and her family. Her sister Gretchen (age 62) died last night in her sleep after a long illness.
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

no good days are ever 100% good.

today horrible. my computer sucked, my phone at work, broke, my entering new accounts process, slow, annoying, didnt work, so i gave it up...had low level headache all day, only bright spots? shannon giving me 3 huge piles of clothes for gage (note to self, gage gets excellent xmas present this year), talking to ryan (and they fired you why?) and eating breakfast with carrie (girrrl!)
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Saturday, October 13, 2007

magic man and other random goodness

so im up in wausau and after a middling dinner (lukewarm smashed potatoes, lukewarm stuffing, lukewarm green beans almondine and totally revolting over cooked over warmed roast beef) we had a magician, and because i happened to yawn as he was walking around i got picked as a volunteer....which was funny, i suppose. Im really tired right now so I am not staying for his trivia show. its about 9pm. I did make the mistake today of going to the walmart (i needed shoes) and i forgot the #1 rule of northern wisconsin, do not go to walmart on the weekends. Walmart was full of FREAKY DEEKY PEOPLE!

I think I may just screw the rest of the night and go to bed, I have 3 books, HBO and a huge bed with pillows all to myself.

I have an early start tomorrow as well so I figure why not just go rest vs sitting on uncomfortable chairs for the next 2 hours and pretending to dance?

Pictures forthcoming...

ps, I also got elected as 1st VP of the state organization. Neat.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


i have a cold. i am a coughy sneezy wheezy mess. i could be having hot monkey sex with my husband at night, instead i am making love to my kleenex box and vicks rub..which upon further review seems like its got to be somebody's fetish somewhere....

its also cold here more summer byebye..most of the leaves around here are turned and blown off the trees (except for our backyard which will, in a manner of weeks turn into leaf hell)

this weekend Im heading up to Wausau for twins convention. nothing says fun like the north woods and being sick...and riding for hours in a car with a pal.....yippie!

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Saturday, October 06, 2007