Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i hate ryan’s job the owner of the clinic should rot in hell for telling the employees not to wash hands after using the bathroom.
the owner should rot for taking the coffee away
owners of pets who want to kill their dogs for licking a stranger who is now suing the owner for the dog licking and dont want to let the clinic take the dog should rot in hell

the job is killing my brother by another mothers' soul.

ryan, do yourself a favor, find a safer and less stressful job, perhaphs lebanon, or iraq, or north korea. i bet people in those places at least get coffee at their jobs.

fucking lousy job you have. come work with me. we'd have fun and i'd have a friend at work.

condolences go out to Kathy (my boss) and her family. Her sister Gretchen (age 62) died last night in her sleep after a long illness.
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