Saturday, November 24, 2007

whoo hoo it's my birf-day

i'm 31, yippie for me. dale got me a dinner by design gift certificate, i go on monday. yeah food! we went to see bee movie last night, it was pretty cute. we also ran into Jamon! which was nice. hi jamon! today, groc store and cooking!
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

happy birthda to me--saturday

happy birthday to me....saturday its the 1st anniversary of my 30th birthday on saturday. you are welcome to come over and share it with me at my house. i plan on cleaning the house and forcing dale to play board games with me..

one of my bosses is out of the office this week so its SLOW! That combined with the rainy grayness of the weather=sleepy mary.

not much else is going not doing black friday shopping, im done with my xmas shopping and ill be done with the christmas cards shortly

if ya want a christmas card and i dont have your address let me know what it is, im hand making them this year...

thanks for the card shannon!
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Sunday, November 11, 2007

sad day

Dale's grandma Ginny just passed away this afternoon suddenly. She was 85 and will be missed.
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


so today my boss (or one of them anyway i have 4) Kevin said "are you and dale packer fans?" I said yes. he said I have tickets for the packer/rams game in st louis on dec 16th, my buddy is so pissed at the team that he is giving away his season tickets, they are yours if you want them. so im all like, st louis is about 6 hours away...sure why im all happy and up and i make a hotel reservation, only to find out that neither one of my parents can watch the kids saturday night and my inlaws cant i am scrambling to see if my sister in law or my brother could watch some of the kids that weekend. or if anyone out there that i know and trust and has kids is willing to watch mine saturday night there is much good things in it for you...if not im gonna drive myself down and make conserv8 drive up and we'll go, or ill take carrie
fuck, i hate when things dont go how i plan.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

this crap has got to stop
friday morning owen wakes up covered in his own poop and puke again...back into the shower he goes, he does go to school since it was "farmer/cowboy" dress up day and he wants to go, ok no problem. He makes it the whole day at school, I pick him up get him home, change his diaper (he has mondo diaper rash) and dale gets home...."hey, lets go out and get a fish fry." (since the girls are at grandmas house for the night) so we go to the gasthaus and wait for like 25 min to sit down and Owen is all happy and eating pretzels and string cheese whatever. we sit down and our table is next to the guy playing acordion, which makes owen mental happy and he is clapping at every song and chatting with the acordion

mommy gets a grey goose and cranberry as she has had a hard week and we get our fish frys which are yummo and owen is eating the applesauce and having a blast. terrific.

at the tail end of the meal he wants to sit next to me, ok i move his chair over and he sits next to me. im about to finish off my drink and eat the last latke when he looks at me, says "mommy?" and proceeds to linda blair in exorcist projectile vomit all over himself, the table, my lap, my leg and my arm. he then starts to cry. so I am sitting there, covered in his puke and he is covered in puke and we grab our waitress who was very sweet about getting us a few wet soapy towels etc...dale wraps owen up in his coat and takes him to the bathroom.

I pay the waitress (and in all the confusion I take off one of my rings and leave it at the table....dale goes back in like 10 min later and the ring is gone, im sad but at least it was just a cheep-y art fair ring_ tip her like 25% for cleaning up puke and dale brings owen outside naked in his coat. we find some clothes in the car and get him dressed and go home for me to hose myself down in the shower and dump my clothes in the wash.

i slept on the floor in his room last night since he was making gaggy noises all night.

im totally spent.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

there arent enough swear words today I am woken up by my mostly naked husband yelling for me to get in Owen's room where we greet the day with a bed full of puke and poop....nice chunky puke and nice runny green poop. all over bed, blankets, animals, sheets, pillows and most importantly, my son. he is now home with me.
I cant go into work till after 10am since Toni cant get here before then. I am now at home with Owen (who looks OK and is eating a cracker while watching Disney channel, but is very pale) who at least (unlike his stripped down bedroom) smells good since I had to HOSE him off in the tub this morning (to remove the nice puke/poop). Why does this shit always happen when my parents go on vacation and I have no backup system in place? Is the universe against me? Seriously there are not enough swear words to describe my frustration at this week I have had 7 days of kids pooping and barfing on me or in my general vacinity.
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