Thursday, November 01, 2007

there arent enough swear words today I am woken up by my mostly naked husband yelling for me to get in Owen's room where we greet the day with a bed full of puke and poop....nice chunky puke and nice runny green poop. all over bed, blankets, animals, sheets, pillows and most importantly, my son. he is now home with me.
I cant go into work till after 10am since Toni cant get here before then. I am now at home with Owen (who looks OK and is eating a cracker while watching Disney channel, but is very pale) who at least (unlike his stripped down bedroom) smells good since I had to HOSE him off in the tub this morning (to remove the nice puke/poop). Why does this shit always happen when my parents go on vacation and I have no backup system in place? Is the universe against me? Seriously there are not enough swear words to describe my frustration at this week I have had 7 days of kids pooping and barfing on me or in my general vacinity.
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