Wednesday, April 27, 2005


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Stuff To Tell the Girls in 13 years or so..NOTE TO SELF:

My daughter‹who is also 15‹has finally developed a social life. Nothing much is going on; she's still wearing her retainer, and she usually goes out with groups of kids instead of individual ones. But boys are looming on the horizon. Your question "What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were 15?" made me sit down and write my 10 Rules down for her and all the other girls out there. Here they are:

1) Sex is just like eating, breathing, peeing, or anything else your body does, except more fun.

2) If you're not having fun, stop.

3) Porn isn't reality, it's show business.

4) Its okay to enjoy sex with someone you're not in love with, but don't count on sex to make someone like you more.

5) Love isn't what you think.

6) Nobody's perfect.

7) Relax.

8) Drunk/stoned/impaired/coerced/unprotected sex is stupid.

9) If you do it in my bed, I will kill you.

10) If you do it without rubbers, I might not have to kill you. Oh. And...

11) Keep your hair off of your forehead‹you have such pretty eyes.

Your Loving Mom


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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Mya pushing around malinda Posted by Hello

Owen eating a flower Posted by Hello

Mya and her flowe Posted by Hello

Mya drawing at betty brinn (she can sit here for hours and draw!) Posted by Hello

owen and dad at Mcdonalds Posted by Hello

Owen and Grandma in the backyard Posted by Hello

Goofy Posted by Hello

Owen, all clean and shiney from his bath! Posted by Hello

Mom and owen watching Gilmore Girls (right before he puked all over my head) Posted by Hello

Look how high I can raise my head! Posted by Hello

Mom and Owen, watcing Carnival Season 1 on DVD. Posted by Hello

Hello! Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Let's see, Owen is pooping Magenta and Yellow due to the Omnicef he's taking. Malinda woke us all up at 4am because she peed through her jammies and pooped hours before and had a flaming diaper rash so she had to get cleaned up and sleep with us for like 35 min till Owen woke up at 4:35 wanting food. I just fell asleep at my desk waiting for the computer to turn on.

This Friday, Pictures with Owen at Picture People, Party @ Kristins 7pm, try to sleep.

I-Tunes of the day: God Only Knows-The Beach Boys, One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer-George Thorogood, Volcano-Damien Rice, & Leather by Tori Amos. :)

Looking forward to seeing all the kiddes at our playdate in a few weeks.!
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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


So I did some research into Al-Anon last night, quite fasinating (& sad) really. Its unreal how many people seem to be effected by alcohol and drug use. I'm one of those people (like Penn and Teller) who doesn'y believe that being an alcoholic is a disease. Being an alcoholic is a choice, cancer is a disease, you choose to drink no one chooses to get cancer (of course getting cancer from drinking/smoking is a different story altogether)

Have been doing some online research into what friends and family of people who are alcoholics can do to support/help their loved ones. May attend a meeting here in the next few weeks to get some more literature.

yesterday Ms. Rachel (owen's teacher, the girls old teacher, and the future Mrs. Dale Baumer should the current Mrs. Dale Baumer trot off this mortal coil) said that all Owen did all day was smile, he even smiled in his sleep! Very cute kid. Then he was a very evil child last night, Gilmore Girls has been a RR for the last 3 weeks and hes asleep by 6:30, this week, new Gilmore Girls=crabby Owen from 7-8pm....he knows its one of my few joys during the week-grrr.
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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


So I finally got in touch with Dylan. Art just had a couple a heart attacks and he (dylan) moved home to help out....Art has to quit smoking and drinking the ole caffene (id guess) so I'm pretty sure 2 of the 3 things that makes life worth living for Art are gone....Best wishes to King Arthur down in TX for a speedy recovery.

Dylan is back at home fighting his own demons (while helping out), so buck up Private and shake it day at a time kiddo....we love you....

Had a good lunch with Erin today, Steak Chilli.!
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yesterday I had my review at work. I'm happy with my raise and bonus schedule so thats good... I also get more responsibility at work with invoices and stuff, thats good. Yoga last night-very good, had fun. Dylan called and I guess he's back home again? I guess his car broke or something (i dunno I didnt get to talk to going to call today) he didnt want to get into it on the machine...

Merry Maids did an awesome job cleaning our house...its so clean i could eat off the floors and it smells nice. Its great to have everything dusted and shiney so we can mess it up again.

Tonight no plans other than Gilmore Girls at 7pm.
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Monday, April 18, 2005

New baby Pictures!

Sorry, I cant html the link here from will have to cut and paste...

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Sunny weekend...

Thursday night, I have no idea what we did...

Friday I had the Merry Maids over to give me an est to clean the house. They are coming today to clean 'er top to bottom, cost like 143.00...My plan is not not use them again if i dont have to, they are way way expensive (like 112/wk) but the 1st cleaning is a very detailed one, they are washing the woodwork, baseboards, vents etc...and moving all furnature and vacuming under it all. The house is so crazy I just gave up and want to get it 100% clean so I have a place to start from. Friday afternoon we moved the kids swingset outside and did some yardwork (getting up old leaves from the flower beds). The kids had fun out in the nice day/fresh air.

Friday night I fucked up and went to my boss' house for her Silpadia party, a week early! Ended up eating a late dinner there (thanks Ken and Kristin) and chatting till 9:30pm....I will be back this week friday! She also gave me the number for their cleaning lady who is like 70.00 every 2 weeks....

Saturday we did an oil change and dale needs new rear brakes and a new cable for his seat. Dale is pissed that they charged us for 30 min of labor when they didnt have the part and when they do get the part we get docked another 60 min of labor because they chose to not stock that part.

Sat. afternoon more outside time with the kids and Owen....

Watched: Wonderfalls Disc 2&3, Oceans 12, Ladder 49, Mr. 3000, Sideways, & some wiggles video for the kids. All good.

Sunday swimming at Westwood with the kids.

Today Yoga and signing up for more Yoga.
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