Wednesday, January 23, 2008

well now I need an new novel title

so I get a email outta the blue today...which nerfs my memoirs' title all to hell

I heard you want to write a memoir about me? Mary Baumer or as I know
you May Poytinger. Well if you didn't guess it is Wayne Treep. What is
really funny is my wife knows you pretty well too, Rachel Treep
(Whitstone)? How have you been? I have been real busy but doing well...I
am currently a police officer for the City Of West Allis PD, for some
time now....I saw your blog (too funny :) ) about Bryan Roddy as
well. He married my cousin about a year ago and haven't talked to him
since, I believe he lives with her in Pleasant Prairie. Who are you
currently in touch with, if any, from elementary school?

I am making this short to hear back from you so I know I have the right
email address.

Talk to you later,


"Never give up, Never stop trying!"

so hi to Wayne Treep, guy I went to elementary school with and havent seen in at least 15 years, if not more...Hi HI HI!

I think Im gonna have to call my memoir "what the hell ever happened to Kurt Williamson" now.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


heath ledger?
wow, heard that heath ledger died today, possible overdose...that's a shocker...

i think the 1st movie i saw him in was "a knights tale" totally campy and bad but i loved it all the same.....

he wasnt half bad in brokeback mountain either...

he leaves behind is 2 year old kid...

pretty sad if ya ask me.

thanks for all the messages about owen, yep he's fine. we are trying for dinner this thursday vs last thursday, perhaps I shall get some much needed wine and steak and lovin this week.....or not, im sure someone will puke thursday, thats just the way it is...anyone who says parenting is fun is on drugs.

only 8 more months till the 1st day of school


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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008


im very sad. so i have been talking with Kara, who besides my cousin Paul (and actually prob. more than my cousin paul as i think he is only 21 or 22) has known me the longest out of all my friends on myspace (we went to kindergarden together and school up through 9th grade....) (oh except for jess but we dont talk) im glad she is on myspace and we have been playing the

"where are the people we went to elementary school with" game.

there are a few people who over the years I wonder where they are..
1. wayne treep, i was going to write a memior once and the title would be "where the hell is wayne treep?" wayne is a police officer in wisconsin..
2. bryan roddy, whereabouts-unknown.
3. tezra johnson...who was a girl who was picked on horribly when i was in school, had a very um interesting family life and basically was goth and emo before those things existed. I learned from kara that she died:


Tezra Foster

April 29, 1977 - Sept. 20, 2003

Tezra Je Ann Foster, 26, of Ogema, died as the result of an automobile accident in the town of Prentice on Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2003. She was born in Waukesha on April 29, 1977. She attended grade school in Waukesha and was a 1995 graduate of Tomahawk High School.

She was married to Troy Foster in the First Lutheran Church in Ogema on Aug. 1, 1998. She was employed by Norco Windows of Hawkins and tended bar at the Coach Tavern in Ogema. In her free time she enjoyed her family and friends and laughing with them, playing softball and bowling.

She is survived by her husband, Troy; one daughter, Tia Mary, and one son, Trey Alan, both living at home; her mother, Mary (Clem Jr.) Haring of Irma; her great-grandfather, Lawrence Paul Anzivino Sr. of Waukesha; and seven brothers and sisters, Dennis W. Ristau of Tomahawk, Joseph R. Ristau of Irma, Jerame L. Ristau of Irma, Keari Ann Webie of Tomahawk, Clem Haring III of Tomahawk and Gerry Haring and Forrest Haring, both of Merrill. She was preceded in death by her grandparents, Jerry and Ruth Johnson, and by one brother, Daniel Jay Ristau.

and then this


Erika Ann Mortensen

June 22, 1977 - May 26, 2007

Erika Ann Mortensen, 29, took her final journey home with the angels Saturday, May 26, 2007. She courageously battled a brain tumor for the last year and a half.

Erika was born June 22, 1977, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and was raised in Wisconsin. She was a 1995 graduate of Waukesha West High School. Since 2001, she lived in Colorado.

Erika is survived by her son, Julian; parents, Cynthia Snell of Divide, Colo., and Sveinung Mortensen of Norway; stepfather, Kirk Plush of Divide; stepbrother, Jonathan Plush of Ohio; and many aunts, uncles and cousins, both in the United States and Norway.

The family would like to thank Odyssey Health Care, Joyce and Greg Plush, Nichole Rolain of Wisconsin, Jessy Ellefson of Colorado Springs, Colo., and their many friends for their support and love.

In lieu of flowers, please contribute to Julian's college fund.

this really bums me out.
thats two people that I know of from my elementary school (erica mortensen being the other who also died very young and left behind a young son) who are already dead and not of the "their fault" (drugs drinking etc..) variety. tezra died of a car crash and erica died of a brain tumor. Tezra was 26, erica 29.

sorry for the downer post, between this and owens 104.4 fever last night (and subsequent 98.6 temp this am) I am in a pretty wretched state.

thanks for the mad lib ryan and ashley. it helped.
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

103 in the cold and blowing stuff up

today i get a panic call from daycare at 3pm saying that daycare was evacuated as the boiler blew up and the kids were now all back in the center but the doors are all open and the kids are sitting in coats and blankets and can i come get owen...sure i can...i call my dad arrange the "you come get my car + my kid, ill take your car to work" i go get owen, who is in a ball on the floor with his blanket and he is scared, crying, and very very hot...too hot for a cold building with winter coat and blanket....i tell my dad owen is scared (which he was) and maybe sick and rush back to work for an hour....

call my dad and owen is very lethargic and hot, asks me to come over with tylenol and soy milk and diapers, i rush home, throw on clothes for dinner (I was supposed to go to Mr Bs) grab stuff and get to my dads...

find owen on the couch, burning up and just crying very quietly and saying over and over "im sick, im sick, im sick."

i dose him with tylenol and my mom gets home, tells me to cancel dinner plans and take owen home, which i do..

his temp (or as he calls it "my butt 'wemperwure'") was 103.3...he is now lethargic on the floor, hot, drinking apple juice, eating 3 oyster crackers and watching darby and poohs xmas movie

i had uninspiried pizza for dinner (not steak and wine) and I am already exhausted knowing this will be a long night

parenting is hell.
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

very big

i have dale's old monitar and it is so huge my desk now feels small...i also have dale's old keyboard and mouse, the kids now have dale's old computer, dale has a new computer (the cost of which i have turned a blind eye towards) and i think i have nothing new in mine...

i got a manicure tonight, my nailpolish is called "aphrodite's little pink nighty." its pink. and my nails are hot.

sorry work is irritating for ryan. my work is slowwwwwwww. sloooowwwwww. im done with my work by 9am and spend the next 7 hours internet surfing, looking at my ipod and drinking tea

on a good note, we have a packed weekend...should be fun

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Saturday, January 05, 2008


Its pretty warm out today, everything is melting. dale is busy entering line ups on our ff site. i am busy letting my hair dry...the kids are watching bunnytown. today is run around the city and do crap day...library day...mum's house day...groc. store you know that fun fun married with kids life i have. tonite is my work xmas party which i organized @ ellen' nervous about it going OK...its an open bar though so, hooray!

last nite we went to the wave game....i cant say i really dislike indoor soccer. but i can say i prob. wont buy tickets again (we won 2 for free) the kids seemed bored, the seats were not comfy and i missed 1/2 the goals but we got some mini soccer balls so all is good
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