Wednesday, January 23, 2008

well now I need an new novel title

so I get a email outta the blue today...which nerfs my memoirs' title all to hell

I heard you want to write a memoir about me? Mary Baumer or as I know
you May Poytinger. Well if you didn't guess it is Wayne Treep. What is
really funny is my wife knows you pretty well too, Rachel Treep
(Whitstone)? How have you been? I have been real busy but doing well...I
am currently a police officer for the City Of West Allis PD, for some
time now....I saw your blog (too funny :) ) about Bryan Roddy as
well. He married my cousin about a year ago and haven't talked to him
since, I believe he lives with her in Pleasant Prairie. Who are you
currently in touch with, if any, from elementary school?

I am making this short to hear back from you so I know I have the right
email address.

Talk to you later,


"Never give up, Never stop trying!"

so hi to Wayne Treep, guy I went to elementary school with and havent seen in at least 15 years, if not more...Hi HI HI!

I think Im gonna have to call my memoir "what the hell ever happened to Kurt Williamson" now.
Mail me!