Friday, April 30, 2004

Had a fun night last night, girls at grandmas-went to the store, dale mowed our crazy overgrown lawn. Did all our laundry (ugh!) and organized my closet and our linen closet. I have been going crazy trying to clean out junk from my house (so I can get the junk from the basement of my parents house (double ugh). New hair cut got many complements!
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Thursday, April 29, 2004

The thing I have to get used to at my new company is that being called into the boss/owners office for a quick minute is not a bad thing. From working at a big company I have learned that when you are called in your bosses office it means you will get yelled at. Here, I got called in this AM for my boss (aka the president/owner of the company) to sit down with me for a sec to tell me how glad he is that they hired me and found me and how great its been to have me here etc...

Shit like that is nice. I'm so used to being beaten down and yelled at at the big company that I'm always nervous when someone calls me into their office. So its nice to have not to be freaked when your boss wants to chat with you for a quick second. :)

and then I got hollared at yesterday for leaving at 3:30 to get a I guess it all evens out! Mail me!

Got my hair cut VERY short last night. Its now chin length and has blonde and bright crazy red highlights-kudos to Jen on the terriffic job....also congrats on the new pug puppy (which I got to cuddle with as I got snipped) Shelby!!
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Monday, April 26, 2004

Also forgot to mention, If Laura stops and checks in I mailed you a Organic Style Magazine and also a easter picture of the girls (that I put your old address on and got returned....)
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Spent a weekend in Door County, WI (sans kiddies) with my company. Dale and I drove to washington island (took a 30 min ferry ride) and drove around for a while (nothing was open yet!) We went a climbed a huge lookout tower and then took the ferry back.

We had a great dinner at C&C Supper Club with my boss Kristin, her husband Ken, and my future boss (as he will take over the company from his dad) Mike and his wife Kiera-it was fun! On Saturday night after dinner we went swimming in the 24 hour indoor pool! Sunday we had brunch with Mike and Kiera and Larry and Gail (larry currently owns the company! We drove back home, stopped at the outlet mall in Oshkosh (bought some summer outfits for the girls) and picked the kids up....Spent yesterday watching "Master and Commander, far side of the world" *(my rating-ih, just OK) and turned in early (after pounding out 2 loads of laundry and an hour or so of FF X2.)

This week I am getting a foot and a half of my hair cut off, colored we have MW tomorrow night. see ya!
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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Check out Laura's webpage to see pictures of the girls uploaded to her site!!
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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Been crazy busy! Had a fun easter...took girls to the park for swing time on Goodfriday, they had fun being pushed on the swings by a couple of baby crazy 5 year olds. Minda likes to give everyone kisses and gets mad when she cant give kisses to her favorite teachers at day care.

Dale and I are looking forward to our vacation in door county next week. :)

Happy late birthday wishes to Mark Schanen and thanks to Renee for the kick ass CD's and Tee shirt!
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Monday, April 05, 2004

have been really busy the past few weeks....have been swimming with the girls every thursday night, they seem to like it quite alot....have been doing some spring cleaning around the house...the siding is now up, and dale and his dad put on our storm door saturday....I now have a door for the cat to look out of!

We have about 10 pounds of junk from the siding and dead leaves to rake up (like i will have time to do that!) sometime this week.....

got a Cd care package from Renee (thank you hon!) with the new ani cd and 2 mix cd's (very very good music) and a tee shirt from a band called "mary"

We dont have any big easter plans, maybe going to dales moms house for ham and fun with robin.....we have to do easter pictures this saturday, so i have that stressfilled puke/cry fest to look forward to.

if you want to see how big the girls are getting heres a link to some pictures! Enjoy! Mail me!