Sunday, September 21, 2008

the wonder of myspace you reconnect with people who you were sure that:
1. you would never speak to again
2. would never speak to you again
3. you would never see again
4. you thought they died

reconnected with an old friend tonight, very strange in a 2 sort of way. Time and distance I suppose are enough to cover up old tracks.

hey to you old friend, hope we talk again.

it's wierd. there are people who I miss from my life not so much for the hanging out and assorted other crap, but because I had wonderful back and forth letters/emails/talks with them for so long that once they stopped I had a Shel Silverstein sized missing piece taken out of my life.

You can try to reshape new people into those pieces and it kind of works, but at the end of the day, no matter how awesome those new pieces are, can't help but miss the old ones.....For me personally I have had 3 missing pieces who loss I always felt beyond shit about.

1 person I have talked to, and apologized to (even though I didnt think it was really my fault, but after 5 years of thinking about it, I didnt see the harm in doing so) and will most likely not speak to again

1 person expects to see me someday in an airport

1 person i just emailed back 10 min ago

and after rereading that I must have gone back in time to my old journals because it all sounds so very emo and 11th grade going to post this and go check my back for a flannel shirt and backpack and see if i have a lot of black eyeliner on....

fucking packers. and fucking romo for not throwing that TD to T.O. Baby needs some more points this week since she sat TJ Houshmanzada on the bench.
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