Monday, May 30, 2005









OWEN LIKES SOCCER! Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 28, 2005

mya at the park Posted by Hello

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a full to bursting sandbox Posted by Hello

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dale mya, malinda, alex, and maja doing the playdate thing Posted by Hello

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Mya and malinda in my $10.00 rummage sale sandbox-whoo hoo 2 Posted by Hello

sea lion show at the zoo Posted by Hello

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My grandma, my mom and my son at my brothers college graduation. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


hard week, My MIL had to work late so we had the girls last night, and my mom is golfing tonight so we have the girls again....which makes it hard to clean like we usually do and harder since we cant sleep in till 5:30 in the morning, so I feel kind of draggy. Its not a big big deal though. Girls happy to see Toni Balogna today! (dale taught her that) they fought over who got to wear the elmo bib overalls today (malinda won) and Mya is mad for having to settle for Minnie Mouse.

Tonight, running to the hardware store quick quick to get weed killer fertilizer after work then feeding the girls )grilled cheese)
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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Monday Is Crap.

Yoga was good. I have an equipose (im guessing on the spelling) which is just "your" could do it till the cows come home with no problem. So we did a pose yesterday and thats my thing I guess. Last night the girls were mad that they had to go to bed and cried for about 30 min or so...Tonight they arent going to Tonis, so I'm pretty sure they will be mad at me for that.....

Going to WW after work for a 30 min and then running over to grab the girls.

erin and I are planning a Lane Bryant/Outlet mall trip early next month!
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Monday, May 23, 2005

waste of zipper!

I am wearing a pair of pants that has and I kid you not, a 1 and 3/4 inch zipper...what is the point of even having a zipper if its this freaking small?
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Weeekend Update....

So Thursday-Rummage NIght in the rain. Friday, went to Dr.with Owen for his ears, they are fine and look great! Girls went out to lunch with Dale at Brueggers while I took care of Owen. They can now say "bagel" and had fun eating with Dale. We may have to do this again. Friday afternoon I think we went outside and played around, Toni dropped off the kitchen sets, sandbox and her old outdoor patio set, score! Saturday AM we had our playdate with Gage, The Pechanach Twins, Keira, and our kids...went well, only a bit of sand was thrown and only a few tears shed over sharing....Gage (and Owen) got some of Alex's old clothes from Erin...saturday afternoon we went to Horeb for playtime and the park (while nice for little kids) was very dirty, filled with rude bigger kids and their slacker parents (one of whom I believe was either drunk or stoned) we stayed for a bit, and then went to grandmas for a bit...The kids ate a good dinner on the new table and went to bed.

Sunday was busy. We had family pictures sunday am...everyone did good except Mya who was pretty scared and didnt want to smile. Had McDonalds at the mall and got 2 pair of free underware from VS-whoo hoo! We then changed clothes and went to the Reynolds Good Bye Party-very windy but lots of kids to play with and toys to play with...Saw and chatted with Dustin and Erin and the Trumpy kids, and the Keira grandparents (and Kristies mom visits here for the new kid pictures, hi Mrs., Trumpy!)-apparantly we are now anathama to the LC so screw them all and poop on your heads collectively.

We will miss them, but I'm sure since the whole family is here we will see them soon. I need to stop over and pick up the elmo forks and the playground sand (thanks Jeff).

Sunday night since the kids were outside for 3 hours they crashed when we got home. I updated my I-pod, did some wash and chores, made dinner for tonight (slow cooker stew) took a shower and bemoaned not hitting the gym since last week, I feel like a slovenly fatty.

We have tickets to Noahs Ark in 2 weeks (free corporate event, free lunch etc..) so I invited Robin and Jason, hope they can come.
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Thursday night I went to my MIL rummage pre-sale, made out like a bandito! I got a Step 2 Wagon (green) for $10.00, (it retails for $70.)) a Fisher Price HUGE Kitchen set for $20.00 and a Little Tykes Table for $15.00, I had to borrow Toni's SUV to pick it all up! I also got a solid Oak rocker for the girls for $5.00. Then Friday Toni found a sandbox (huge) for $10.00 and a Little Tykes Fridge for $7.00 full of fake food etc.. I hit a few sales on Saturday and got a snowsuit for Malinda for $2.00, a PILE of clothes from a lady down the street for $10.00, plus a Little People Train set for the kids ($2.00). The kids went yakko Bonkers over all the new toys. I think I also got a few puzzles for 10 cents each (they are really cute) and a little Tykes dump truck. It was a great haul weekend for rummage sale-ing.
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Monday, May 16, 2005


Just to clarify for readers out there about Grandma and Grandpa taking the girls and it "sucking" from my post below about the weekend! This sucked for Erin's kids as they wanted to play with Minda (I guess no one loves Mya but then again one of them is a Maja-Mya so they are confused....i digress) and they werent there. For ME this didnt suck at all as dealing with the rummage and Owen and the cold was almost as much as I could handle...I just felt bad for Erin's twins as she told them they could play with my girls all day.

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some days

Do you ever have a day where you think you would be better off if you had no contact with anyone you ever knew because its all just way too draining on your psyche to deal with anyone? I'm having one of those days where I think I would be better off if I lived on an island with no contact with the outside world, except maybe for Dale and The Kids. I'm getting headaches trying to navigate through the people I know and their "damage" (which is the only word I can't think of to describe what I mean). I don't feel I can get into detial about why I'm having a desert island moment (because someone or another out there will have some sort of "are you talking about ME" hissy fit, which will cause even more headaches) but needless to say I'm sure it is all a combination of stress and having my desk look like a bomb went off over the weekend.

Speaking of stress I have had a headache for about 3 weeks, it never goes away, my teeth ache my head hurts so badly and my dr says its all sinus related, but that he's seen me look much much worse? WTF
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Long Weekend!

Our rummage sale on friday went great, although it was crazy cold and rainy in the afternoon...I think I made around 120+$ and got rid of a TON of stuff! Erin did really well too! The kids went with Dale's parents all day which sucked as Alex and Maja wanted to play with them ( I didnt know my MIL was going to just take them vs stay out for awhile...) Friday night we had our Twins meeting, that went OK...

Saturday was my brothers graduation which I didnt even get to see as they do THE WHOLE SCHOOL at one ceremony (vs madisons like 87 different ones) so after sitting for 2 1/2 hrs we had to leave to get home....I didnt even see my brother do the walk. I did see Kristies sister (yea! Kathy) and the intern at Dale's company.

Saturday we cleaned up the rummage (made another 10 bucks that day) and played outside.

Sunday we dropped owen at my moms and took the girls to the zoo to see the birds and monkeys, we went to lunch at Murfs and went home. I watched: The Phantom of the Opera (and for you drama nerds, I thought the leading soprano's voice was a little "thin" compared to Sarah Brightman's) and "The LIfe Aquatic with Steve Zizzou" (i love wes anderson). I also have Blade Trinity this week to watch.

This week is the preview rummage at Toni's neighborhood (Thurs), Owen's f/u appt on Friday in Oconomowoc, our playdate on Saturday AM (hope that gage, the Pechanach twins, Lisa's Twins?, Keira, and the Ryder girls) can make it. Sunday is pictures at Pennys and Jeff's Goodbye party (remember to bring their housewarming/farewell gift {on your bookcase downstairs mary}).
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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Owen is OK.

I have a new email address, if you click on the link below you are welcome to email me here. I had almost 400 spam in 2 days on my dias account and I will start to phase it out by the end of the month.

As for Owen he did OK with his tubes, he was OK about not eating but about 7:30 he was cranky and i snuggled him till his surgery started. The Dr. said the fluid was so thick it was like glue, yuck. She sd that this means its a resistant bacterial infection...Owen and I then went to Bruggers once he was released, I had a bagel and bought a dozen, then we went home, took a nap, I went to the Dr. myself, Got drugs from the dr., went over to Tonis with my crabby Twins. Went home...cleaned out Garage for rummage sale this friday....Watched Lemony Snicket's "A series of unfortunate Events." which was way better than the books which I have not really enjoyed.

Tonight Erin and I are setting up for our Rummage tomorrow....I hope to be organized enough to watch ER tonight.
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Wednesday, May 11, 2005