Sunday, December 30, 2007

taking stock

for non agressivly guilting me into reflecting on this year..

I dont know if i can do a month by month recap of 2007 like andrea, or be as verbose as my main man ryan, but here goes

In January Dale won the trip to the Colts vs. Bears superbowl in Miami Fl

Mya made the front page of the local paper (the freeman) and by front page I mean THE WHOLE page (over the folds)

February 2007 brought my five year wedding anniversary with Dale (02/02/02), we had always planned on doing Vegas (since we have never been), but we went to the superbowl instead...

I guess its the theme of the year for me "plans change."

That being said, I think the last 5 (almost 6 years) years of being Mrs. Dale Baumer have been more happy than they have been sad, and I am very thankful for Dale and for the kids his sperm has wroght. I am also sad that we don't get to see this guy as much as we want to. But once Owen potty trains himself, we are going to texas to have him meet his "fairy" godfather.

Feb also brought Dale and I to DC to watch Bryce get married for the 2nd time (also in Feb (again)) to a MUCH better lady, Carla.

bryce is my oldest friend. we rarely talk, we rarely see each other, but when we do meet up we are like peas and carrots again and its like no time has passed. Plus dale and I had our first visit to DC. DC is pretty cool, cold, but cool

Spring was kind of a blur, I'm sorry that I can't think of much that happened (to me anyways) I know I had some long phone calls with people down in Atlanta and at least one memorable dinner with this lady:
in which i totally forgot to pay and then was really embarassed afterwards. But I think I made it up to her by buying at the Chancery (home of the best Bloody Me's ever. mmmmm bloody me's.....) Somehow I am the queen of being friends with my friends Ex's....Vanessa (ex of Matt and now our son's godmother, Renee LONG ago Ex of Mark, she was in our wedding, and Andrea Ex of Ryan who is my best friend and I like her pretty much too)....

Summer brought a visit from this guy

no wait, thats not ryan, those are turkeys, my bad!

here he is, Ryan or as I like to call him in my brain when I think of him: my brother by another mother as I am his sister by another mister, my long lost twin, yin to my yang, best friend, soul mate (in a totally non sexualized way) and all around good guy (when he is not an asshole) and the best toy my kids could have (or jokingly , the mostly mexican version of "The Toy") Mr. Bear:

Please come visit soon, my couch and or floor is always open for you.

Summer also brought gifts from Mike in Japan

it took us up to Door County for a yearly family reunion and the girls turned 4 (holy crap, 4...)

we went to endless (and winning even!) Brewers games
and fairs (sometimes with ryan, sometimes not)

and then something interesting happened.
I got bangs!

no i'm kidding (well i did get bangs, but its not really interesting)

I lost my job. It was shocking, but not unexpected since I really hated working there from day one (actually from 45 minutes on day one), but I did have some good things happen there, I met my best friend, I have met other good friends (sally sue, carrie, nate, 'MoTom) and my experiences there (and the experience) helped me land my new job @ smith barney. This may be the best job I have had in years (since GE). I missed corporate (big) america.

Dale also got a new job (we started our new ones on the same day) and he loves it and they love him. I think my job loves me...I have nice bosses, a window, a big big desk and benefits to kill for (*please dont kill me)

this fall also my cousin matt married Kate. The girls were flower girls

they spent most of the night before throwing up or pooping all over the hotel room. I don't think ive ever spent a more miserable 24 hours. but kate is beautiful and wonderful and I am happy she is in our family!

the girls are too (even if they love paul more)
(you cant tell it here, but I'm exausted, stressed, about to collapse from exaustion and overwhelmed)

the girls did well, didnt puke on kate and had fun after the ceremony

fall passed into winter and winter in wisconsin means this crap

38 inches and counting of this crap.

i turned 31. dale turned 33.
dale's grandmother ginny passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. she was 85, lived at her own home alone till the moment she died and was a wonderful and giving person. we are now down to one grandparent left...thankfully it seems grandma dorothy is doing OK....

then we moved to the end of the line..
december means christmas and christmas means family

it also means (and ryan I think your gift is lost in the mail...freaking post office)
my son.

owen turns 3 tomrorow. this time 3 years ago I was mentally committing myself to getting this baby out of me in time for my tax deduction.....Owen was born at 12:17am on 12-31-04. I am nothing, if not, committed to getting what I want when I want it.

I'm thankful for all the friends I have, all the old friends I now have reconnected with, and the family.

I have no goals or resolutions for 2008, I hope the coming year passes safely and quietly. The girls start school, I hope owen potty trains, I want to visit ATL and DAL.

I hope your new years eve is wonderful and fun. I'll be at chuck e cheese celebrating and eating pizza.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

its been a week of highs and lows
highs christmas
lows christmas
highs, talking to dan and dylan on the phone (i love you guys)
lows, thinking about people i USED to be friends with
highs, kiera and her grandparents and uncle came to dinner tonight, pizza and tackling grampy bob
lows, taking my car to the shop for 400.00 worth of work which turned into 2500.00 and i cant have my car till monday night so we are homebound this weekend.
highs: new books
lows, owen has a black eye from mya or grampy bob, i dunno which
lows: robins cat (s?) pooped and peed in her bed while on vacation and so she had to replace her mattress
which isnt a low for me, but at least someone else had a crappy thing happen to them so i know at least its not me.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

thanks kate!

this is one of the pics from kate's wedding in oct...
the girls look awesome
thanks kate love!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

please, can’t we NOT have Darwin-ism? since darwinism doesnt exist (as our lovely misguided uber christian bible literalists would have us believe) could you please help me understand the Spears family (drunk dad Jaime, useless waste of space mom Lynn, beyond dispicable daughter Britney and now knocked up by her 19 year old boyfriend, 16 year old JaimieLynn Spears) would not have ever been in existance because those parents (the aforementioned Jaimie and Lynn). please dear creationist friends, this is what thou hath wroght. STUPID PEOPLE CAN (and do) BREED. which i guess is OK since they are breeding a plethora of stupid children (see britney the train wreck and JaimieLynn the 16 year old douche that doesnt have the sense god gave a rock to have her rapist (by law) boyfriend wrap his prick and get herself the depoprovera shot) and its OK since she is rich and decided not to have an abortion (which seriously, if that was my family history i would think seriously about bringing a child into that hot mess...wait, i'd fucking have used birth control in the first place)

ah darwin, you bastard, proving that stupid people can evolve and breed because there is no predators above us to eat the fucking retarded white trash like the entire spears family. where are the t-rex's when you need them.

i'm irritated, i'm crampy, i'd like to kick a wall

on the plus side i think dale got me jewelery for christmas. i like shiny sparkies.
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Sunday, December 16, 2007

i hate christmas

at the rate we are going ill be done with christmas sometime in february. my parents dont want to do christmas if we open gifts with the kids on that same day, my sister in law is a nurse who works 12 hr shifts and its hard to do christmas where she wouldnt be working that night (and I dont want her to NOT sleep just to open gifts!) i have 3 christmas parties to attend, 4 relative parties to attend and i just am so done with it already.

and my husband doesnt know what to get me because i want "everything' so unless a miracle happens, i wont get anything for myself that i dont buy myself .

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Thursday, December 13, 2007