Friday, December 28, 2007

its been a week of highs and lows
highs christmas
lows christmas
highs, talking to dan and dylan on the phone (i love you guys)
lows, thinking about people i USED to be friends with
highs, kiera and her grandparents and uncle came to dinner tonight, pizza and tackling grampy bob
lows, taking my car to the shop for 400.00 worth of work which turned into 2500.00 and i cant have my car till monday night so we are homebound this weekend.
highs: new books
lows, owen has a black eye from mya or grampy bob, i dunno which
lows: robins cat (s?) pooped and peed in her bed while on vacation and so she had to replace her mattress
which isnt a low for me, but at least someone else had a crappy thing happen to them so i know at least its not me.

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