Thursday, June 30, 2005


So work this week has been nice, it took me about 6 hours to do my mail, work through the 11 bankruptcy notices I had and generally catch up. The temp we have working here (and i use working lightly) is leaving Friday to go play GI Joe in Iraq so Mark (my collection partner in crime) is pulling out his hair trying to do everything!

We have a busy couple of weekends. This friday is Dr. Appt/oil change day and I may take the kids swimming, friday afternoon or saturday am.....I also have some cute ass pictures from last weekend at my Uncle's 50th bday, i should post them for Kristie's mom :)

Also my CREATIVE MEMORIES party has been rescheduled to JULY 27TH @ 6:30 pm. You are all invited and as before we will have Taco Pie Dip, Yum. Happy 4th of July. Shannon, what are you guys up to Saturday??
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Monday, June 27, 2005


im back at work. leg is feeling better, house is clean(er) than when i was not at home, kids are fine (except for Owen who has strep and roseola and Malinda who has a cold and is teething and Mya who bites everyone)....

I am going to Yoga tonight, last class this session and I will be letting my teacher know her Chiropractor almost killed me (not kidding here) and if she sees someone with a blue or purple extremity she should call a fucking ambulance.

I did get a hell of a lot of cross stitch done in the hospital, read 6 books, watched way too much TV (and yet not enough of dr phil!).

Tomorrow out of the office for a conference. :) Congrats to J&K on the new house in KY!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

long story 3

I get wheeled in to the U/s area, skip about 50 people in the waiting room (many dirty looks) and get in to get checked. I am screaming in pain and the U/S tech does my scan (they couldnt drug me till after i talked to the dr.) and the dr. comes in and says " you are in critical condition with a massive DVT (deep vain thrombosis) or blood clot." "If we do not operate NOW you will either 1. lose your leg 2. have a clot break off and hit your lungs and you die or 3. be paralyzed "Im all, great, whatever just make it stop hurting." They dope me up GOOD (thanks to that nurse, i have no idea what her name was but she has 12 yr old twin boys) and send me for the 1st of 5 catheterizatioins to the back of my left leg.

I was in the ICU for 3 days (and i guess i made many doped up calls to people, if i called you im sorry...dylan thought this was funny as hell..and congrats on 80 days sober) and in the medical floor for the remaining 4 days. I have to take blood thinners for 8 months, wear special nylons during the day to improve circulation, i walk funny (but better daily) and I can NEVER ever take hormone birth control again as that may have been why i clotted in the 1st place.

So, Im off work till next week, i almost died, my house is a disaster area and my kids missed me. How the hell is YOUR day?
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long story part 2

false alarm, owen asleep...anyways....about 9:40 i take off my jammies to get into shorts and my leg is BLUE. BLUE. For some reason I drive to Wales (10 min or so) in pain with said BLUE legto the chiro. she sees me, does an adjustment and tells me and I quote "well you must just have something pinched there, go home and ice that and come back and see me at 4pm today."

I call Dale at 10:30 from the dr's changing room and say "get home now. now." I have NO idea how i made it home as I could barely walk, stay concious. By now my leg is turning from BLUE to PURPLE and has swollen to about 2x the size of my other (right) leg. I made it home and got in the house (no idea again)

and spent the next 30-40 min literally screaming in pain in our bed.

about 30 sec before dale walked in I moved to the couch and then dale found me doubled over and screaming. Labor was painless compared to this. seriously.

Dale asked me "do you want to see your dr or go to the ER?" I said "dr." because I knew he could grease the wheels at the hospital (and he did)

Dr called the hospital and said I needed an U/S right away and called the surgeons on line. Made it from his office (by goodwill in waukesha) to the ER in 2 min and was in and out of conciousness in the car....
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Long story part 1

Ok. So for the past month or so I was having wierd low back pain, leg pain etc...I had this idea, I will go to a chyropractor as if i go to my dr. he will just give me drugs....reasonable idea i guess. So im doing the adjustment thing, its not working and 2 weeks ago? saturday I end up in the ER, I get valium and vicodin and get sent home.

Sunday AM (which is really Monday am) at 1am i get up and I am in PAIN, so I go fall asleep on the couch. I dont go to work monday and I really HURT, so I call the chiropractor and my dr. I have a 10:15 with the back dr and a 11:30 with my dr. more later
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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

not dead

Im not at the hospital and not at home, bouncing around between moms and in laws, i can be reached via email, back to work next week with large recap of me.
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Friday, June 17, 2005

almost became a pirate

As you may or may not know Ive beenin the hospital since monday with a massive blood clot in my left leg and apparantly I almost lost the leg (thus the pirate quip above). I am working on walking now, and if you would like to know how having a massive blood clot feels, I would rather go through labor again, for a month straight than feel this kind of pain again. I had a purple leg that was swollen to 3 times its regular size, i had 4 or 5 (dont ask me i was doped to the gills) cathetrizations to break up the clots, I have PIC line surgically implanted in my right arm, i threw up my cream of wheat this morning, i threw out the PT, got some pants from hot nurse rachel (last nights hot blonde nurse was wendy), and dragged my ass down 2 floors to the NICU computer room. im not dying yet, no idea when i will be home. send flowers.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Shannon, call the cell phone.

Shannon, call Mary on her cell phone. She doesn't have your number.
The cell # is

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Thursday, June 09, 2005


I'm all pissy and bitchy because my hip really freaking hurts. I have no idea what the little "pop and push" the dr did to me on tuesday did, but I can barely get out of my chair and I walk like an 80 year old man..its horrible....I am going in tonight for another adjustment and I am going to discuss how this can possibly be helping or is this a "worse before it gets better" sort of thing. If the answer is "you should feel excellent" screw this chiropractor thingy and hello my normal Dr. which I prob. should have done in the 1st place.-bah
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My Crappy Hip

Have an adjustment appointment tonight. The last 2 nights I have barely been able to sit on the couch i hurt so badly. This better be fixed in a week or so or I'm giving up and going to a real doctor. Today kids are at my moms, yesterday they went swimming with Grandma and Grandpa, whoo hoo they had fun.
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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My Visit to The Chiropractor

Generally I think all chiropractors are quacks since they aren't "real" doctors. But after Yoga Monday I talked to Trish to convinced me to go see her "dr" Amy Kolman. Amy took an x-ray of my back and found out a few things

1. My spine curves in a "C" shape to the right, your spine should be straigh up and down

2. One of my legs is longer than the other (this I already knew)

3. My hips are a mess (this is why I went to see her), your hips should look like your hands. If you take your hands hold them out in front of you and put your thumbs touching and hands (fingers) splayed out and then curved down like you are holding a basketball that should be your hips. My left hip instead of being like it should be is "up" and out which I guess is making my right side way over compensate for my left being a mess.

I had her adjust my hip which was her basically pushing it back where it should be (sort of didnt hurt, but sort of was uncomfortable) and telling me that I should hit the Gym (which I was planning on doing) and walk on the treadmill (no Yoga or lifting for a few days) with LONGer strides to sort of "teach" my hip to go back where it should be.

I also have a compression of my L5 (The last "joint" of your spine right before your tailbone, but its not really that bad and should fix itself if I can fix my hips.

I signed up for the summer challenge at Westwood (and Shannon, so should you, its a good way to keep motivated and win crap from Westwood!) and did my walking....after about 15 min on the treadmill, i thought I was going to die. My whole left side was a mess. I then just did some stretching on the ball to try and make my back fell better (not working!)

Went home and collapsed on an ice pack for 30 min, made dinner (pizza), more ice packing.

Scrapbooked for 30 min or so, cleaned the kitchen with Dale, more ice packingness, read a book, watched a bit of TV, fed Owen and went to bed.

Today no Westwood as I have to go shopping, Tomorrow another adjustment appt., will hit westwood....

Friday, no big plans, my Twins meeting is at 6:30, Saturday, no idea, may hit the mall quick with Erin, Sunday is our trip to the outlet mall.
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Monday, June 06, 2005

Noah's Ark

We took the kids and Erin's family and kids to Noah's Ark. It rained for 3 minutes once we got our bands, but was sunny and about 78 degrees or so all day. Only like 2/5 of the park was open since they are building that new ride to compete with Great America, so we couldnt hit the 3 GREAT kiddie areas, but the 2 we could hit the kids went crazy over! We took them into a pool or 2, which was fine but REALLY cold. The girls liked the fountains that shot water in the air the best. We also ended the day with a ride on the Adventure River. Kids slept most of the way home, I have a slight tan (bah), and we ate McDonalds for lunch.

Owen was very good at Toni's, he helped weed the yard and watch The Memorial on TV. Last night he must have used up the goodboy charm because he cried most of the night (very odd for him, he DOES not cry) and he didnt want to sleep. I think he was awake from 1am till 5am talking to TIgger and Pooh on the basinet....
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Friday, June 03, 2005


Mya pooped in the potty at daycare, they said she seemed shocked that she did that. I guess on the 13th they are splitting the girls up, Mya in the "older toddler" room and Malinda in her same room. They said this will be for the summer and then when they turn 2, they will move them to the 2 year old room. They said Mya chatted a blue streak yesterday in the big girls room! Good for you!

Last night they had a picnik with grandma at my brothers baseball game. I guess after inning 12, they called it a tie at 7 to 7.

Today: At work (as is Erin) and we both feel we should be in jammies watching Dora or the Wiggles or something. Tonight, either Baseball at Frame Park or St. John's Festival. Tomorrow, dinner at the in-laws, they are watching Owen, Sunday, Noah's Ark with Erin's family.
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Thursday, June 02, 2005


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Mya's Headaches

We went to the doctor last night to check on why Mya is having headaches. She doenst have hypertension (her blood pressure is like 80/40), eyes look fine, etc... We have to keep a headache log for 30 days and if it stays the same or worsens we will go get her a head CT at childrens.....It could be a version of Viral Meningitis which is causing it. We scored 6 cans of free formula for owen, yippie!

Tonight is cleaning night (a bit) and also Laundry. My nerve thing is slightly better, now its just like pins and needles on my whole left side from waist to foot and I just took my last Aleve.
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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

very freaking busy

Quick rundown, yes we had a nice memorial day weekend. I have a scorching case of sciatica in my left leg/ass cheek, it sucks. Congrats to Jeff and Kristie on selling their house for asking price to the 1st person who viewed it, yea for you!

Mya going to the Dr. today to discuss her headaches :), this weekend The Pechanach Twins and The Baumer Twins going to Noah's Ark on Sunday for fun in the water! Working Friday this week!
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