Monday, March 17, 2008

i am not irish

1. I'm not irish...

that being said, I invariably get into an arguement wherever I am on St. Patrick's Day. The discussion goes like this:

"Why aren't you wearing Green?"
"I'm not Irish."
"But everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day!" (even though he was neither Irish, or a Saint, or named Patrick)
"No, they aren't. Is everyone Black on Martin Luther King Jr. Day?"

so wear pink today or black or anything but green. I don't drink, I don't drink Green beer, and I am NOT irish.

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

grindhouse part one

so tonight dale and i watched Planet Terror part I of grindhouse....Im not really a fan of zombie/horror movies myself but this was pretty freaking awesome.

josh brolin, killed me...
that hot blonde doctor, killed me
rose mcgowan, super hot and funny....
the ending, hilarious.
exploding body parts, all good..
quentin tarantino getting his? check.

i can say that i now have high expectations for death proof tomorrow night...

and the preview for machete....priceless, i want that coming to a theare near me soon.

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

my weekend

this has been a long, but fun weekend..
owen now seems to be turning the corner since he has had his antibiotics for the past two days (flavored grape bubblegum thanks to the wizards at walgreens)
he doesnt want to take the medicine but his lack of fever and generally better temperment has shown the meds work.

saturday we went to country springs hotel and waterpark (grandma bought the tickets, thanks mum) and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprized. I actually want to go back and I actually want to go back WITHOUT the kids. They have 3 large waterslides (two with tubes, one without) a small lazy river, a HUGE ass kids area for the pre 5 year old set and a big pool area for the kids who want to pretend to swim and play basketball. They also have a awesome indoor/outdoor hottub and let me tell you sitting in the hottub when its like 40 outside rocks the Fucking house. I coulda sat in there all day. No problem.

We stayed about 3 hours or so, ate a bit of lunch and took the kids home...we all took a nap, washed the swimclothes and headed back to the waterpark (another nice feature, you can come and go as you like) for an hour and a half or so...left got some wendys fed the kids and they went to bed.

i spent last night recovering from waterloggedness and watching scrubs season 6 on dvd....scrubs is such a great show.

today was a no plans no needs sort of sunday...we went to oconomowoc to the pick n save (the one that gives away samples) got some groceries (all i needed was milk and yogurt and ended up with a 140.00 worth of stuff...damn shopping)

owen passed out in the car and so he missed lunch...i took off for an hour of ME time which was returning stuff to Kohls, returning a book to B&N and grabbing a starbucks. I have a fun and exciting existance.

the rest of today plan is to do laundry (a never ending job), make get well cards for uncle jason (sprained foot playing soccer) and having dinner (i'm feeling pasta).
tonight after the kids go to bed I may have to clean the library (my books are getting everywhere and I cant FIND anything) and finishing scrubs season 6 disc 3.

I've also realized this week Ryan and I are like ships in the night, we have become voice mail message buddies one of these days kid we should actually connect on the phone!

here is the slider of the pictures from my disasterous trip to chicago (the one where the lady walked in front of the train and got herself killed) and the waterpark

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