Thursday, November 28, 2002


Last day in Texas. Got up, watched football, went to Joanne's house for Thanksgiving. They have a great tradition of signing the tablecloth at dinners and then Joanne embroiders the signatures! So cool. Flying tomorrow, I am so excited to be going home even though I have had a wonderful time!

Day Before Thanksgiving:

Today Dan and I kept it on the DL. Dan worked this AM, Dylan and I played computer games and chilled. Dan, Lizzie and I went to "Quicksands" for lunch (different),went to Berings for coffee and hammers, then the three of us went to the Spurs vs. Nuggets (a slaughter). Visted Dylan at Stonewerks (packed with a good rock-a-billy band) and went home for more AOE 2. Off to bed and to read my new Enders Game Book (thanks Dan!).

Finished American Psyco last night. That is one twisted ass book~

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Today Dylan and I went to Austin, TX to walk around 6th street. We went and saw an installation at an Art Museum, saw the capital building (taller than DC by 1 foot) and ate buffalo wings at BW3 (thirty cent tues...). It was fucking rainy and cold 45 degrees so we stayed in, ate pizza from Romes and are wating the Spurs/Nuggets game. Dylan is playing GTA-Vice City and Alice. We also played Chez Geek. Tomorrow more Spurs vs Nuggets at the SBC center.

Monday, November 25, 2002

Birthday dinner, went and ate sushi, not as good as Nobu (thanks Craig, Mitch, Conrad and Matt) but tasty. Had Dairy Queen. Watching football.
Going to Austin tomorrow!
Today we chilled out at home. I woke up at 10am after sleeping 12 hours. Dylan and I went and ate mexican for breakfast at 1:30pm and then we played Space Munchkin and read books. Went out and bought a new video and playstation game for Dylan and have been chilling at home ever since.

Tonight we go out to dinner with everyone (either Sushi or Italian) for my birthday and tomorrow Dylan and I drive to Austin to see the clocktower and the campus.

I am pretty much ready to go home, I miss my cat.

Sunday, November 24, 2002


Went to a play with Art and Paula this afternoon called "Last Train to Nabloc" which was good. Even better because I had breakfast with the actors and the director. I plan on watching football tonight. Jeff is winning by 5 points Fuck Fuck Fuck

Day 4 or 5 in Texas. Today I woke up around 10:30am. Dylan worked till like 3:30 last night and he woke up shortly after that. Dan brought home breakfast tacos (a purely southwest-y thing) and I had a sausage one.

A breakfast taco (for those not in the know) is basically a gordita bread thing with eggs and meat and I think maybe some onion? All wrapped up and eaten with hot sauce. It was tasty.

Dylan and I then decided to go to Sea World as Fiesta Texas (which is Great America only in Texas) was closed for the season. (even though it was 75 degrees today?!) The 410 highway was moving as fast as the cars in the REM “Everybody Hurts” video (which is to say not at all) so it took us like 600 hours to get there.

We saw three shows, a Dolphin/Manatee/Diving Humans show (rad), a Sea Lion/Walrus/Otter show (very rad), and (of course) the Shamu The Killer Whale (read: Asshole of the Ocean) show.

Dylan was picked beforehand to be the volunteer in the show and he actually got this || close to the whale (I have this on video) and he got SOAKED!! It was very cool. We also went on the 2 roller coasters there, very cool.

Then we went home, had dinner (which Dylan made-yum) and then decided to go out for Saturday night.

We first went to Broadway Bar (nice, had a bunch of leather chairs and a big screen) played darts with Jason and Lesley (Dylans coworkers), got some free Schmirnoff Swag and then decided to hit the Riverwalk and go to Howl at the Moon which is a rowdy Piano Bar Howl at the Moon

This place was nuts, NVTS Nuts. Dylan and co. closed the place and we went home. Dylan and I stayed up till like 4:30am talking about um, stuff. It was also my birthday at midnight so Dylan bought me a shot.

Today I had brunch with Art, Paula and three actor friends of theirs. I am going to a play with Art and Paula that the actors are in this afternoon. Happy Birthday to me, more later.

Saturday, November 23, 2002

day 4 in texas? I am losing track. Today was a wierd day. I slept till 11 am because I didnt go to sleep till 4am, too many cups of joe and pepsis at the bar and too much munchkin. Today Dan and Dylan and I went to pick up Dan's check from Burlington (which look like 30 min, what the fuck?) then went to the bank then went to IHOP (whoo hoo) for breakfast )(ate some odd mexican egg and steak thing, which sucked..but we had a hot waitress named Joi...) then we went to Burlington (just Dan and I) so I could buy clothes with his 20% off discount...Got some nice shite..

We then went to some gaming store so dan could buy Space Munchkin Check out Steve Jackson Gamesand some other game....Went back to Casa de Peden to play it, cool as hell. We then went with Paula to the new SBC center in San Antonio SPURSto watch the Spurs beat the Grizzlies. Had super great seats (Thanks to Univision 41 and Paula!)

After the game Dan and I went to see Dylan where he works Stonewerks caffe and Bar ate some Nachos and Mozz sticks, drank a nice Gray Goose and it was all compped (thanks Dylan and his boss!) went home and here I am.

Dylan gets off at 3am, we might go to either Austin or Fiesta Texas tomorrow. No idea which. I am off to bed, Love you dale.

Friday, November 22, 2002

Today is technically day three in texas as it is 3:14am. Dylan and Dan and I are playing "Munchkin" endless games of that...

I woke up at 10 am today and had salad for breakfast and talked with Art about The Alamo and his play and their cool house. Dylan did not come home last night as his girlfriend shipped (flew?) out for some place in Europe today (err yesterday)

Today Dan and I went out to lunch with his mom Paula and dad, Art. We went to Metropolitan (psudo french) outside in a shopping area in what used to be a Quary. I had Pumpkin soup (laura would have loved it! and this samich thingy which I picked at. We also saw the San Antonio Univision station where Paula works. We drove in an area of the city with these HUGE old houses (very New Orleans feel, one had a TOWER dale!) and then we went shopping in a artist area next to the Alamo. I bought a picture and talked with a potter about her craft. Saw the business cat, it looked like Zazi. Then we went to the Alamo. The Alamo is one big room, you cant take pictures inside, you cant wear your hat, you cant touch the walls. There is no basement of the Alamo.

Then we walked along the Riverwalk and into a Mall. It was a mall and it was loud.

That brings us up to 4 pm when my feet hurt and I got crabby and we walked back to the car. Went home-rested-played AOE 2. Met Tim, Tim is cool. Ate pizza, pizza is good.

Tonight went to a bar in a mall (much like La Tigre) listened to a bunch of people play Irish music, then Dan's friend Vanessa (her dad is the Mexican Consulate to the USA and she is from Equidor (she has Diplomatic plates which allow her to run over old ladies with impunity) and her friends Josh and someone else showed up. I ripped on them all night and they didnt get it, very sad.

Came back here at like i dunno, midnight and played endless games of Munchkin which I must buy. It is now like 3:30am and so I should sleep. No plans as yet for tomorrow.

Thursday, November 21, 2002

Day two in Texas! yesterday I flew in and was late coming out of Atlanta (no big suprise) and Dylan picked me up. Dylan DROVE me back to his house but first we visited Dan at work and I bough shoes on his discount (cool sketchers only 12 bucks!) They have a beautiful house with a pool (which is normal cause everyone here has a pool!) We went to dinner theatre last night and saw Arts play, "Twigs" where he played an abusive ex-Army husband. It was very well done! Then Dylan, his date Amy, Dan and I went out to a bar called "swig" on the riverwalk had a glass of port (fontanseca bin no 27 no less!) then we walked past the Alamo at night (we couldnt get near it, guarded and all) I slept until 10am today and it doesnt appear Dylan came home last night! Dan is at class. As soon as I get on cable modem will upload pictures from last night!

Monday, November 18, 2002

This is the world's best webpage for sports, seriously!

Steve Czaben

I spend many a lunch hour at work reading this!

Sunday, November 17, 2002

Hello world! Busy ass weekend! Didnt get to see Goran :( because Dale and I had a date night saturday (since Ill be gone for 2 weeks) watched The Lord of The Rings special edition very cool, made an Apple Pie (with ice cream-Yummy!) Today we gamed at jeffs, Mark is no longer blind but we are stuck in an alternate dimension (terrific).

Many congrats go out to Matt as he is getting married to Pat. No more news other than I lost at Fantasy Football.

Friday, November 15, 2002

Busy weekend ahead of me: Tonight I go to see Harry Potter! Harry Potter I am going to the4:30 show right after work. Yippie! Then I think I'll head home, do some cleaning and packing for TEXAS!! (T minus 4 days!) maybe eat dinner...Tomorrow is the Goran Show at Shank HallGoran Show and Im planning on going to see him, its only $10.00 so please come on down!

Sunday is gaming at Jeff's where luck willing Jeff will throw another Green Dragon at us (cause you know we love those!) -**mary

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

I am sitting in my hotel room in Pontiac, MI drinking tea and listening to Norah Jones. The detroit airport is fucking huge, they have trains in the airport zipping around over your head (will try to get a picture of that when I leave tomorrow) I had dinner (steak-mmm beef) in the hotel restaurant (impressive wine list, had to restrain myself from ordering a $165.00 bottle of Stags Leap {If Craig was here we would have had that bottle I tell you}) and went back to the room to find that Buffy had been preempted by fucking Redwings Hockey (fucking Michigan), I went up to the Concierge Floor (swanky) gazed at the "Honor Bar" which has more alcohol than is right, grabbed some free tea and cheeze and this little finger cookie thingy with raspberry Jelly in it....

I watched some of "The Professional" on the plane ride here. That is one of Dale's Holy Trinity of movies. Good plane fare.

Only 8 days till TEXAS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!, so excited I could freak! Here I come Dylan and Dan!

Court hearing tomorrow early, then another car ride back to the airport, hop the plane, get into Milw before rush hour and go home. OH! The OT that i will clock this week!!

I am off to Detroit for work. "Shoot someone and tell them you're from detroit."-Wally Pleasant

Sunday, November 10, 2002

Here is my snap of the xmas tree

Friday, November 08, 2002

I am trying to figure alt. ways to post pictures (so they dont take up so much space.)
Here is a link to the webpage i set up to view pictrues, if it works you should see the elusive boo-berry
Morning, happy Friday!

I'm planning on having some "me" time this Friday night. Dale is going down to play Robots at Napoleon's and Mary plans on doing the following:
1.Returning overdue movies to blockbuster (paying fine)

2. Going to see Sweet Home Alabama

3. Going to Target to buy a Christmas Tree (or if all else fails going to Walmart to buy said tree)

4. Putting up said tree

5. Keeping cat away from the aforementioned tree

6. Finishing Robin's Xmas Present

7. Cleaning stuff (like kitchen and toilets and floors and dusting)

My one best buddy is away from work today which will make the day LONGGGG and painful. Fridays at work are always LONGGG and painful since no one else in the business world seems to want to do anything either.

More Later


Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Just back from having a nice lunch with my dad at Applebeas (which I hate but he loves their oriental chicken salad). He picked me up in his vette which just got waxed. They plan on waxing it again this weekend. My dad is a nut. Its freezing outside so I came in from the cold to go back to work and listen to Norah Jones on my laptop. This is an excellent CD. Seriously. If you have the means I highly recommend picking one up.
Back at work, mailbox not as full as I would have thought for being out for a whole day. Eating my bagel and waiting to start work. Have lunch with my dad today, which is like the 500th free lunch of the year (if you count work and work and lunches with dad and work) which means I am sick of eating out. How I long for Chef Boy R Dee out of the can, a nice homemade Peanut Butter and Jelly, with possibly crackers on the side, or mmmm leftover and reheated whatever I had for dinner last night.

These endless lunches out are killing me, food is no longer tasty and delish when I go out, its simply a chore. And that is sad.

on the good side I get to see my dad for the first time in like 3 weeks, thats always a bonus mouse.

Back to the grind!

Monday, November 04, 2002

Ok gang, here goes, my first attempt at posting a picture to the blog. If this works you should see Zazi, our cat.
I plan on posting pictures as often as I can (and as often as space allows) to share them. With my digital camera its too tempting to take 1000s of pictures.

any pictures you would want to see? Email me!
Mail me!

Sunday, November 03, 2002

Halftime during the big Sunday D&D thingy....I lost my fantasy game :( but it is to mikey so thats ok, plus my big gun, Priest Holmes is out this week so its all good. In the middle to killing Drow somewhere in some cave somewhere north of Shadowdale. The boys are eating Jimmys Grotto (ponza's) and I had a sammich so I guess I get to sit down in Jeff's basement while every ones eats.
Happy Weekend everybody!

This has been a busy one for the Baumer Family. We had dinner out on Friday Night with Mark @ Oakland Tratoria (very yummy bread) after MechWarrior (Dale took 3rd, Mark took 1st), had dinner out last night (and lunch too! WTF?) with Mark S and Mikey at "The Pub" in Oconomowoc (very tasty steak) and today we are heading over to Jeff and Kristy's house to RP and eat pizza (maybe)?

I am trying to get over this cold I seemed to have picked up (again) and also working on making a Rooster in Cross Stitch for *someone* for christmas...

Yesterday Dale and I did some clothes shopping for Dale. He got a bunch of new sweaters and pants and shirts and underwears. I also got new underwears. I would have gotten new pants but the line at Lane Bryant was fucking stupid. I stood in it for 25 min, 7 people in front of me and 10 behind and it didnt move once. I didnt need those pants that bad.


Friday, November 01, 2002

Lunchtime again back to the bottom 50 of the Top 100:

51. I like honey in my tea.

52. I dont vote Republican

53. I have never been to New Hampshire

54. I can name all the states in the USA in alphabetical order

55. I am easily frustrated when stuff does'nt work

56. I do not like Microwave popcorn

57. I am in 1st place in both my fantasy football leagues this year (knock wood).

58. I shut my finger in my dad's car door in the 4th grade and passed out from the blood loss

59. I love throwing bowls and pots on the wheel, ceramics is my thing.

60. I can center 5 lbs of clay to make a pot (a pretty big deal!)

61. I have a friend who is running in the NYC Marathon on Sunday-Go Craig!

62. I hate microwave popcorn

63. I have a lousy shortterm memory.

64. My favorite Tom Hanks movie is "Joe vs. The Volcano

65.My work has paid to send me on Trips to New York City and Pitsburgh, PA. They will also have to pay to send me to Florida, Philly and Michigan later this year!

66. I have testified in court.

67. I have only gotten one speeding ticket in my life.

68. I do not own a garlic press (much as I need one!)

69. I have a mailing list for my favorite band "The Gufs" which has over 10,000 people on it.

70. My favorite Iron Chef is Chen Kenichi

71. I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them Sam I am.

72. My dad knows how to braid hair & cook!

73. My family lives next door to an ex-governor of Wisconsin

74. I know Ron Dayne personally, he once bought (ie: got for free) me a pair of birkenstocks.

75. I am always sick

only 25 more to go whoo hoo!

Morning Morning time, its time to rise and shine so get your sleepy head out of your dirty bed.

Today will suck at work. Today is report day. I hate report day. Report day always provides me with at least one headache and 4-5 papercuts. last night dale and I went out to dinner with my in-laws to the Water Street Brewery in Delefield, WI Waterstreetbrewery Usually I enjoy eating there (they have fab homemade rootbeer) last night my meal was just, blah. It was a blackened chicken taco salad and for some reason, it just wasnt appitizing. I'm glad we ordered the 'bloomin' onion as an appitizer.

I think I am not enjoying the eating out thing because I eat out so much that all the menu items just kind of look the same and seem to blend into one another....

Today is "treat day" at work and the treats arent here yet..Hunger calls I need to go scrounge up breakfast.