Friday, November 01, 2002

Morning Morning time, its time to rise and shine so get your sleepy head out of your dirty bed.

Today will suck at work. Today is report day. I hate report day. Report day always provides me with at least one headache and 4-5 papercuts. last night dale and I went out to dinner with my in-laws to the Water Street Brewery in Delefield, WI Waterstreetbrewery Usually I enjoy eating there (they have fab homemade rootbeer) last night my meal was just, blah. It was a blackened chicken taco salad and for some reason, it just wasnt appitizing. I'm glad we ordered the 'bloomin' onion as an appitizer.

I think I am not enjoying the eating out thing because I eat out so much that all the menu items just kind of look the same and seem to blend into one another....

Today is "treat day" at work and the treats arent here yet..Hunger calls I need to go scrounge up breakfast.