Tuesday, December 18, 2007

please, can’t we NOT have Darwin-ism? since darwinism doesnt exist (as our lovely misguided uber christian bible literalists would have us believe) could you please help me understand the Spears family (drunk dad Jaime, useless waste of space mom Lynn, beyond dispicable daughter Britney and now knocked up by her 19 year old boyfriend, 16 year old JaimieLynn Spears) would not have ever been in existance because those parents (the aforementioned Jaimie and Lynn). please dear creationist friends, this is what thou hath wroght. STUPID PEOPLE CAN (and do) BREED. which i guess is OK since they are breeding a plethora of stupid children (see britney the train wreck and JaimieLynn the 16 year old douche that doesnt have the sense god gave a rock to have her rapist (by law) boyfriend wrap his prick and get herself the depoprovera shot) and its OK since she is rich and decided not to have an abortion (which seriously, if that was my family history i would think seriously about bringing a child into that hot mess...wait, i'd fucking have used birth control in the first place)

ah darwin, you bastard, proving that stupid people can evolve and breed because there is no predators above us to eat the fucking retarded white trash like the entire spears family. where are the t-rex's when you need them.

i'm irritated, i'm crampy, i'd like to kick a wall

on the plus side i think dale got me jewelery for christmas. i like shiny sparkies.
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