Thursday, January 17, 2008

103 in the cold and blowing stuff up

today i get a panic call from daycare at 3pm saying that daycare was evacuated as the boiler blew up and the kids were now all back in the center but the doors are all open and the kids are sitting in coats and blankets and can i come get owen...sure i can...i call my dad arrange the "you come get my car + my kid, ill take your car to work" i go get owen, who is in a ball on the floor with his blanket and he is scared, crying, and very very hot...too hot for a cold building with winter coat and blanket....i tell my dad owen is scared (which he was) and maybe sick and rush back to work for an hour....

call my dad and owen is very lethargic and hot, asks me to come over with tylenol and soy milk and diapers, i rush home, throw on clothes for dinner (I was supposed to go to Mr Bs) grab stuff and get to my dads...

find owen on the couch, burning up and just crying very quietly and saying over and over "im sick, im sick, im sick."

i dose him with tylenol and my mom gets home, tells me to cancel dinner plans and take owen home, which i do..

his temp (or as he calls it "my butt 'wemperwure'") was 103.3...he is now lethargic on the floor, hot, drinking apple juice, eating 3 oyster crackers and watching darby and poohs xmas movie

i had uninspiried pizza for dinner (not steak and wine) and I am already exhausted knowing this will be a long night

parenting is hell.
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