Tuesday, November 06, 2007


so today my boss (or one of them anyway i have 4) Kevin said "are you and dale packer fans?" I said yes. he said I have tickets for the packer/rams game in st louis on dec 16th, my buddy is so pissed at the team that he is giving away his season tickets, they are yours if you want them. so im all like, st louis is about 6 hours away...sure why not....so im all happy and up and i make a hotel reservation, only to find out that neither one of my parents can watch the kids saturday night and my inlaws cant either...so i am scrambling to see if my sister in law or my brother could watch some of the kids that weekend. or if anyone out there that i know and trust and has kids is willing to watch mine saturday night there is much good things in it for you...if not im gonna drive myself down and make conserv8 drive up and we'll go, or ill take carrie
fuck, i hate when things dont go how i plan.

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