Sunday, October 28, 2007

my long weekend 2

which actually started out OK... Thursday the girls and I drove down to Lake Geneva (with the sun in our eyes the whole way) I bought the kids Chicken Nugget Kids meals to eat on the way with apples (this will be important later) and all is well. We check into the hotel, watch some TV, get dressed for the rehersal:

and proceed to practice. The girls do very well. I have no complaints.

After the rehersal, we go to Gordy's in Lake Geneva for the rehersal and pasta (this will also be important later) and some cheesecake....

At about 9:30 the girls have had it and we leave for the hotel, my parents in tow as well.... My mom helps me get the girls in bed (they are mostly unconcious) and I read till about 11. I have some trouble getting to sleep, but I'm good till about 1:30am. Mya gets up and she can't sleep and her tummy hurts. So now I have her in bed with me and I am holding her tummy...till about 3:30 am when I hear Malinda get up. Malinda proceeds to puke up her pizza apples and mcdonalds all over the hotel room floor. I'm running around to the bathroom with her and she also now has the runs and she is puking in the ice bucket. After about 10 min of this, she gets back into bed and I'm trying to clean up everything with towels.

Then about 15 min later, she pukes on the floor again..repeat process above, this goes on for about an hour. I finally get her back to bed and get back with Mya when about 5:30am, Mya wakes up and she has the runs all over...and Malinda is puking up water.

Most of the day Friday, which was to be spent swimming, and shopping in Lake Geneva is spent by the girls doing this:

and me trying to stay awake on the bed to run people to the potty to poop or puke or just generally cry. Thankfully they took a break from that for about 45 min so I could run with them to walgreens for kids Pepto and tylenol.

Dale finally got in about 1 and we then got ready for the wedding.

Malinda puked a bit in the car on the way there, but not on her self. We took some shots outside

and did the wedding. I let the girls walk down the aisle, then wisked them to the back and everything seemed to go well.. Malinda only puked once in the parking lot and Mya only had bad poops once in the church. Hoo-freaking-ray.

The dinner was at the Grand Geneva golf course and the girls had fun dancing all during dinner while I chatted with my older cousins, Mike, Paul, and Mark and my brother and Mike's Girlfriend whose name I forget. We quit the reception about 9 and the girls had an uneventful night. I slept like the dead, considering the night before I had maybe 2 hours of sleep, this didnt surprise me.

Yesterday was good, no puking no pooping. Took a 3 hour nap when I got home with Owen and accomplished nothing other than dishes around the house.

Today I think we need to rake as the leaves are coming down.

I am exausted, although from this pic I look OK

welcome to the family Kate. I'm glad no one puked on or near you during the wedding.

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