Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So I have to (well I don’t have to, but its strongly suggested that I do so) take a test (a 6 hour test) to get my Series 7 license which will allow me to buy and sell and trade things for our clients. It will make me a registered associate, I think I get a raise, I get my own business cards and stuff, whatever. I got the books (which is this HUGE set of two generous binders) to start reading this stuff before I go through this 15 week class to learn this crap, which will then allow me to take this crash course for a week (40 hours straight of cramming) which then allows me to take this 6 hour test. The book is pretty OK until I get to chapter 5 which is calculating yields on bonds and essentially requires me to remember equations and apply them to bond selling and buying situations. I AM SCREWED. #1 because I can't apply anything with equations, I can't remember equations, and I know on that part I am doomed to fail, and fail miserably. I suck at math, which is the understatement of the year. I think my track record of failing algebra and having to retake it the year after and barly passing that time before Geometry and Algebra II preceeded to kick my ass was proof enough of my failure as a mathmetician.

Plus this stuff is so boring, page after page about yields and par values and SEC rules that makes me wonder why ANYONE in their right mind would want to be a Finance person. What causes me to despair is the fact that everyone in my position who has had to take the test says "yes, you really don’t ever use any of this information in your daily job, and you don’t need to know any of the stuff you have to know cause our system just does it all for you." well !&^%$*^@)!!!!!!!!!!!! And that I know I am investing a huge chunk of time reading and trying to remember all this crap and if I fail this 6 hour test, then I have to take it again 30 days later, and then again 6 months later and by that time its very unlikely I will pass this test.

And I am a horrible test taker.
And I got myself an english degree cause its easy to read the book and spit back bullshit on an essay for 10 pages discussing how Huck Finn and Jim really had a homoerotic relationship on that raft and that its obvious to see that by Twain's use of alliteraion on page 168. I didn’t have to take many "remember this crap or you will fail miserably" kind of classes. I ran very very fast away from physics, and math, and science unless necessary.

Plus Ive been out of school for like 8 years. I lost that test taking, memory craming with facts and figures brainset. I think its impossible to pick that zone back up again. By the time I finish reading something its totally gone outta my brain replaced by "did we remember to take the kids mittens to school" and "what time is ballet on Friday."

I have mom oatmeal for brains and this totally totally sucks and is a horrible waste of my time, the time I could be spending looking out the window at the family of wild turkeys plotting their takeover of the business park with the Canada Geese.

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