Saturday, October 13, 2007

magic man and other random goodness

so im up in wausau and after a middling dinner (lukewarm smashed potatoes, lukewarm stuffing, lukewarm green beans almondine and totally revolting over cooked over warmed roast beef) we had a magician, and because i happened to yawn as he was walking around i got picked as a volunteer....which was funny, i suppose. Im really tired right now so I am not staying for his trivia show. its about 9pm. I did make the mistake today of going to the walmart (i needed shoes) and i forgot the #1 rule of northern wisconsin, do not go to walmart on the weekends. Walmart was full of FREAKY DEEKY PEOPLE!

I think I may just screw the rest of the night and go to bed, I have 3 books, HBO and a huge bed with pillows all to myself.

I have an early start tomorrow as well so I figure why not just go rest vs sitting on uncomfortable chairs for the next 2 hours and pretending to dance?

Pictures forthcoming...

ps, I also got elected as 1st VP of the state organization. Neat.
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