Monday, June 11, 2007

well we almost killed 2 outta ...

Weekend recap: So after almost drowning one kid (and the more I think about my aunt and uncle's f-ing neighbor's fence thing the more upset I get), having one kid walk away from the house down the street (which makes me more and more panic'd the more I think about it) and after Dale explaining his nightmare to me from Saturday night (in which all three of the kids and Dale were in some high rise building with metal girders and stuff and Owen and Malinda fell down a 10 foot drop and Malinda wasnt moving....) I have decided that having kids will kill you, if you manage not to kill your kids first by having them fall into pools and wander down the street. Yesterday we decided to tempt fate again by taking the kids with Grandma to the pool. Grandma bought those swimsuits that are all floating devices (waterwing type things inside the suit) and Malinda pretty much jumped in and took off...she was swimming all over the pool, and chatting with the neighbors and making friends...Mya didnt want to be alone and Owen wanted to be held....We put everyone in the suits after a time and even owen was swimming without us holding him (although he had the suit + wings and a noodle) which was pretty fun. I got a bit sunburned on my shoulders but it doesnt hurt.
Owen had a hard morning yesterday...he likes to demand breakfast when we wake up and when he gets breakfast he likes to throw a tantrum and cry for no reason over what he has. Yesterday he did his thing and Dale gave up and took him downstairs to cuddle while I stayed up with the girls. Well about 30 min later he pukes all over Dale's shirt and felt much better. Nothing like a kid puking on you to start your day. He then fell asleep about 2 hours later (10ish?) and slept for about 3 hours.
This week is actually pretty busy for me. Tonight I pick up Market Day and watch a bit of baseball @ West. I need to hit the gym tomorrow (usually I go today). I have a client recon for 2 days at work today and tomorrow. There are 4 baseball games this week and I think we may go to 2 of them. Friday night its open night at the zoo till 8pm so I think we are going to picnic out with the kids there.
Ryan seems to be lucking out in Montana with (at last count) 4 bear sightings and numerous other flora and fauna...I hope he gets home OK with no delays and sends me many pictures.

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