Tuesday, June 05, 2007

multi media day

movie reviews for the week:

COVER GIRL: STARRING RITA HAYWORTH AND GENE KELLY- its pretty much one of my top 5 favorites behind All about Eve....Gets better with every viewing...I love those old Hollywood musicals. They rock the house. I 1st saw this movie in 1995 in a small movie Theatre in Minneapolis called Uptown Movie Theatre. It shows ANY movie you could request on its one screen. I have seen Gone With The Wind there, All About Eve, Star Wars (epi 4) etc....

EPIC MOVIE: The parody film of Pirates of the Carribean, Harry Potter, Chronic (what!?)als of Narnia, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and DaVinci code. Much like the other parody films this one is pretty funny and the casting of Crispin Glover doing his best Johnny Depp doing Willy Wonka and whoever they found to do Capt' Jack "Swallows" was dead on....It was pretty funny, about what you would expect...I wouldnt have paid money to see it in the theatre, but I was all good with it from Netflix.

FARCE OF THE PENGUINS-STARING BOB SAGET AND PRETTY MUCH EVERY OTHER COMEDIAN YOU CAN THINK OF (+ Samuel L Jackson)-If you have ever seen March of The Penguins and then you see this you will laugh your ass off. Basically they take stock footage and I think footage from MOTP and do hilarious voice overs. I was having trouble NOT laughing out loud at work. Its def. a must rent...if you don't mind dirty dirty Bob Saget humor!

HALF-NELSON-Now this got really terrific reviews (and stars perennial hottie Ryan Gosling) and Oscar nods. Me? I really wasn't all that impressed, in fact I kinda had to force myself to finish the movie I was kind of bored. I can see why Ryan Gosling was nominated, I mean he was really good as a smack addict (i mean, not ever knowing one, I would believe he was addicted to crack...) but other than that, I wasnt all that impressed.

THE HOLIDAY-a meet-cute movie with Cameron Diaz (who will never be as hot as she was in The Mask) and Kate Winslet (and Jude Law)....who decide to switch houses (and countries) for 2 weeks over christmas to escape their shitty love lives and who find true love in 2 weeks blah blah. It got terrible reviews, I actually like the parts with Winslet and really hated the parts with Diaz (maybe i just dislike her)...I would say it wasnt as good as IN HER SHOES (which i totally liked) but it was a pretty good chick flick.

Book review for the week:

I am reading:

The Yiddish Policmen's Union by Michael Chabon-Its one of those books where there are a lot of words per page (its the only way i can describe it) and it reads slower than I normally read, I think it may be one of those books that takes me a month or so to finish. Its about a Jewish Detective in Sitka, Alaska. The author won the Pulitzer for his last novel so he ain't half bad as a writer.

The Harlequin-Laurell K Hamilton-Hooray I just bought this today!

Undead & ???-Hooray I just bought this too!


I am listening to:

The unabridged version of "The Lord of the Rings." I am on book one....Bilbo just left the ring to Frodo and oh no...what shall he do!?

Amy Winehouse---Rehab...my god, best song ever! Did you hear her live on MTV Movie awards? Killed me, she just killed me.

Im also listening to alot of Elliott Smith (this is normal) and Green Day's charity video for Working Class Hero (proceeds towards Darfur charities...) which is actually not a bad cover....

I also have enjoyed playing the Chicago soundtrack at top volume and singing along...Rene Zelweiger is in my range so thats always fun....


Man the summer TV blows chunks. I hate reality TV shows, nobody shows re-runs anymore....I ended up watching House last night (rerun) and my DVD box set of Northern Exposure-Season 6. I guess I will read alot this summer!
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