Friday, June 01, 2007

i should just work from home as a envelope stuffer.

i am so angry right now i could pop

So after yesterdays "little miss i'm so filled with self importance i could pop" episode with my ipod

little miss i order the staples came over and tried to start something today with me...she pages me on my phone, i pick up, she tells me i have a call from a client so i hang up the phone, pick up my call and go on my merry way....this is what i do every time, this is what i did the 3 times this morning when the back up girl sarah tells me i have a call....

about 2 min after i hang up, im sitting at my desk, working on a project and she comes over behind me...

"why did you hang up on me?"

me: "to pick up my call?"

"well (bunch of mummbledogook about how she hears beeps etc...if i do whatever) and i heard (whatever she hears...)"

me: "listen if you have a problem why don't you go take it up with Kurt?"

her "im not going to I dont appreciate that you hang up on me by slamming the phone down like this?" (grabs my phone and slams down the receiver)

me: "please don't touch my phone."

her (and here is the hilarious set up for her comment which is coming up) "oooohh" and sort of touches my phone all over like she is giving it cooties or licking the last cookie in the box so i can't eat it.

as she walks away she loudly says "you need to grow up Mary, you are just mad because I caught you doing something you shouldnt have been doing yesterday, JUST GROW UP!"

then (kurt informs me later) as she walked away she said "why would i tell her fucking supervisor anything he doesnt do a goddamn thing anyways..."

Now of course by this point im so angry my hands are shaking.

but are you kidding me? you yell at me to grow up right after I

1: didnt give in to your delusions

2: didnt fight back with you and tried to deflect the situation

3: you cootied my phone like a 2 year old

4: stomped off in a huff like my 2 year old

I email Kurt:

If Laura ever comes over to me again and speaks to me in that tone of voice or touches anything on my desk in that manner I will NOT be able to keep my temper in check.

I DO NOT deserve to have anyone in this office speak to me in this way.

we have a few closed door chats (whereby he tells me I am 100% right etc...) and he goes down to chat with Scott Israel and blah blah...

the final closed door chat was that he wants me to, if this happens again, to remember the golden rule and don't let my anger get the best of me and not say anything....which caused me to blow up and say "but i didnt fucking do anything? i asked her to take it up with you!! and I treated her just like i wanted to be treated when she called?!?!?!?!"

kurts trying to calm me down and i say "so whats going to happen now?"

kurt says that they (sr partners) realize that by putting their heads in the sand nothing is being resolved, and trying to resolve things one on one hasnt helped so they are going to try to resolve it on a group level...and then if that doesnt work get more agressive on a individual level..

i start screaming about teflon...i said laura has worked here for 10 fucking years and treats everyone like is "resolving things on a group level" going to do anything?

so i just have to sit tight and let the process work itself out...

this is so much bullshit...basically I have to sit here and be kicked like a dog, so other people can treat me like shit, so they can get away with treating me like shit, so upper management knows I am being treated like shit, so we can try to "work things out later."

this is so not helpful.

i miss the days when my receptionist was shannon and she was nice and normal and sane...
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