Wednesday, June 06, 2007

el dying

I think it is possible that I am dying...

Its that one day out of my month where I am very sure I am slowly dying to death and nothing anyone could say or do or feed me (like the tempting offer of custard today) can make it all better. Usually I hope my one day of slow death can come on like a Sunday or Saturday but when it's hump day and a slow hump day at that, it can make was is usually an unbearable day become totally intolerable. What really sucks about my life is that my dear old lover, Advil and his little gay friend, Ibrprofin are totally verbotten for me for life (They mess with my blood chemistry too much) so I am left with either Vicodin or the useless counterpart of Tylenol for pain relief. I would shoot you in the head if that meant that I would be able to go home, get in bed, lay down and sleep for the next 12 hours.

Yesterday I finished the book I bought earlier that day. It was so good....I can not imagine how I will wait until next year for the next book in the series. Thankfully her next book (in a different series) comes out in October so at least I have that to look forward to. The nice part about my new book is I was able to finish it by 10pm so I don't think that 6 hours to read a 300+ page book was so bad...

So in other non dying related news, today I had to head over to the Target to grab something for Dale (which they didnt have). However they did have a bonanza of $1.00 items and 2 for $5.00 items that were unreal. I ended up buying about the next 6 months worth of birthday presents and christmas presents for about $20.00 & i got 3 pairs of cute socks for 2.50. You cant even get that shit at walmart that cheep. I did also notice that they now sell Kiehl's @ Target but they do not have the moisterizer that I use (sodium PCA oil free) which means I may have to cave and buy it online.

Tonight its dinner at Moe's as a fund-raiser for the club...mmmm Nacho's.

Usa today headline:

Under picture of Brittney, Lyndsey, and Paris

Young Hollywood: What has gotten into them?
Answer: Drugs and Booze and K-Fed's spoodle.

And there's your article. Does not need to be much longer than that.
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