Friday, October 31, 2008

weird + random=whatever so today i had lunch with an old friend (and together we decided to be pals again and in secret friends here) and we caught up with "people we used to know." found out a group of people who are firmly in the "used to know" camp are no longer friends with my husband because he married me.

nice. stay classy guys.
after my lunch (which was excellent by the way...I recommend stir crazy in brookfield) i called dale and apologized..."hey im sorry we havent spoken to these people in 4 years....and its all my fault."

my husband "that's ok...they all kind of suck anyways...i havent missed anything."

yea dale.

so upon reflecting on those people we used to know...we know way cooler people now..besides my ryan (mr bear to the kids), we have awesome neighbors (chris and dave and their 2 kids), i have a lot of women in my twins club who i like...shannon, my owen clothes hook up (and who needs to call me pronto!)
i work with awesome my lunch date jena (who always pays and won't let of these days I am buying her lunch!!!) and my coworker Mike (who kicks ass)...why should i be sad that I don't speak to people stuck in the same rut they have been in for the past 15 years? as damon said "its not that they arent grown up, its just that they are not growing" (or something profound like that...i dunno, we both had wine at lunch) what would i do with them today? get drunk at some bar and play video games? i think not...i would rather hang out with people who don't suck.

people who don't suck...that's who I like.

I like talking to the people i talk to from high school, some more now than i ever did in the 90s...i miss a few people i met in college...some more than others...i like to believe i miss a certain person more than i think i actually do...(especially after hearing what he's up to now...)

meh....anyways, i am full on s'mores (thanks chris and dave) and i have 800 lbs of candy upstairs (mini butterfinger and ind. skittles packages call to me, and i will resist the call)

night all friends, happy Samhain and Halloween folks.
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