Thursday, October 23, 2008

catch ya up

i have a cold. it is a horrible cold and i feel like i havent written much lately. I am at dunn brothers now and fortified with a large skim white choc. mocha i will try to catch you all up...

this week has been the slowest week for "stuff" in the last month (stuff being defined as outside work and school stuff that i have to schedule, do, run around for etc...) Thankfully I can breathe at the end of the day instead of wondering what/where i have to go.

this weekend is busy. i have two birthday parties, one playdate, and i really should clean up the house and finish painting my hallway. we shall see how this cold takes me down.

work has been a bit busy, nothing special, nothing interesting. at least i have wonderful bosses who rock. it could be worse. I just celebrated my 1 yr anniversary with the company last month.

whatcha reading/watching/listening to?:

reading: Lost by gregory mcguire and the fellowship of the ring by JRR Tolkien.
watching: pushing daisies (last night), ugly betty and the office (tonight), xfiles season 3 disc 3 & dont mess with the zohan (friday nite i think)
listening to: a lot of ben harper/ben harper and the innocent criminals, billy joel, and I am listening to eclipse on my ipod (3rd book in the twilight series)
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