Saturday, October 04, 2008

we wont get fooled again!

the brewers slugged one out and we are on to game 4...way to go guys. i couldnt watch the game, i watched "forgetting sarah marshall." i cant remember seeing that much male full frontal nudity since the last time i had to watch wasnt a bad movie, russel brand is pretty awesome...the outtakes with russell brand and with paul rudd were money.

dale has some sort of mysterious cold/virus/thing which means he is as useless to me as tits on a bull...thankfully MIL took the kids today and i was able to clean the house, dust the ceiling fans (joy and fun and sneezing) and head to ben franklin in oconomowoc...i needed some linen and dmc floss and mill hill beads/ yes this means i finished a cross stitch and am starting another one. had to place special order for more linnen and hand dyed threads lucky me.

tomorrow is the pumpkin farm, depending on dale feeling up to it...its in ixonia and is a great farm.

thats about it...good luck to the west band as they head up north for the weekend...

my cat is having sex with a cardboard box and im going to go pour water on her....

night all

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