Monday, March 14, 2005

Busy arse weekend!! Saturday we took the kids to the Jelly Belly Factory in Pleasant Prairie, WI. The kids saw the Easter Bunny, ate some candy and went to Culvers for lunch. The kids had a good time and werent too scared of the Easter Bunny, Mya sat on my lap and Malinda sat on the bunny's lap! A good time was had by all (and I got a BUKO cheep Jelly Beans!)

Sunday was the Baptism, Owen did great, no crying-My brother stood in for Dylan as godfather. We had a nice party afterwards, I will post pictures as soon as possible!

Random Musings: #1: What the FUCK is up with people going on shooting rampages in the last week! The shooting in brookfield was at the hotel right by The mall for pete's sake (note to all, he was a GE employee, what does that tell you?) #2: I got the dirt on the person at GE who was going to hire me to be a collector, I guess SHE got fired for integ. reasons. She took a kickback from an outside collection agency and had the funds directed to her. SO against the rules. I guess between my ex-boss who was "politely asked to leave" and her I feel very very vindicated that what goes around, comes around. #3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GAGE MESSICK (note to Gage's mommy, something should be on your doorstep today for him!) #4 Get well soon Kristie Reynolds (Keira's mommy got Keira's disease-bah!) #5 Thanks to the Reynolds for the Windows 2000 disc, I can now use my BRAND NEW IPOD MINI-WHOOO HOO! #6 Yoga tonight! #7...Shannon, want to workout together this week Wed or Friday? I can show you how to use the Eliptical Machine, it burns the most calories in the least amount of time (vs the treatmill or bike!)
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