Wednesday, March 23, 2005

YEA! Good news! laura is coming for a visit! Shes up in Mpls for a conference the end of april and will make a drive down here! Oddly enough we both have to be in Beloit that Saturday, so maybe we can carpool down???? Thats very rad.

Congrats to Kristie who has a new job (which pays less, is far away, and works her more, but it pays more than not being employed at all!)

I am in massive pain today from the "cold turkey" ending of breastfeeding. The lactation nazis said I can pump "a little" to releve pressure, thats not really working...Ive got my breast cold packs here at work in the freezer, so Ill take a break later and sit with those on, I'm taking DayQuill and Benedryl as they both have active ingredients to "dry up" your milk, I guess?

Today I am cold at work as people here keep turning on the AC so its like 69 degrees in here and its like 40 degrees outside, which means, yes of course we should turn on the AC... arg.Mail me!