Tuesday, May 01, 2007

borat? a bit boring

So today I watched Borat at work. I have to say I dont really see what the big deal is about the movie? I mean, some parts were funny (the rodeo) but other parts were unbeliveable..I couldnt believe there were people that stupid that didnt think something odd was going on...I watched the "Extras" that didnt make it in the film....not really that funny either...oh well...

In Police Blotter news: Ryan informed me a certain madman was arrested today at work for threatening to kill another coworker...Its like Melrose Place at BAC...instead of their being one gay guy amonst all the straights, Ryan is the straight guy amongst all the gays. Its unreal what goes on at his job...Why can't my work be as interesting as his? Good luck to Gamma as she has her exams this week....I believe that means Ryan will be not busy this week....

Also kudos go out to Dale...The company that bought his former company had him up in Neenah for a day on Friday and basically sent back an email to the current company that they wanted to hire him outright...Its good to be wanted.

I start my Lovenox today and for 3 days I have to give myself shots 2x a day..(not fun)...plus then on Thursday I go get my biopsy (more not fun) and then have to go get bloodwork that morning, then come in way way late to work (not fun X2)...bah, if my boss wasnt on vacation I would just take the whole day off.
This week we have our presale rummage in my mother in laws subdivision...This is the mother of all rummages as its like 30 families, they are all rich, and they sell their stuff very very cheeply. should be good.